Ranked Ladder Short Season.

Hello PRO Community, hope yall are doing good :) After the merge took place we decided to start a new short season which will last up to May 1st. Please note that this will be only for this season, all other seasons will be normal. With this, all the PvP changes namely Blaziken and Dugtrio (Arena Trap) Bans will take effect from now and any use of said Pokemon in Ranked Ladder will be punished accordingly. Have a great day everyone and good luck!

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Contributor Role Rework

How to contribute as normal player Be a part of the community. The by far best way to contribute to PRO and help to make it more enjoyable is simply to play it. Promote the game by word-of-mouth in your circle of friends or over the internet. Being a user and advocate, helps spread the word about ou...

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Easter Event 2018

Good day to all of you Egg enthusiasts! Today I announce some great news to you! We opened up the peaceful Easter Plateau for you to discover through Vermilion City, now... This year, there have been quite some issues. In order to restore the peace around the area, you have to help the Egg Maniac ...

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PRO is an unique Pokemon game experience that will excite you!


With dynamic Pokemon all over the map, you have a wide selection of Pokemon to catch!


PRO features up to 4 regions and various unique custom maps created entirely by the PRO staff just for you!


The PRO staff is always working hard to bring you new events and rare Pokemon!


The PRO staff is always working on new maps, items, quests & more to bring you the best Pokemon MMORPG experience!


Our servers are active with a very friendly community. Catch and battle Pokemon to be the very best!


Customize your character with many PRO style items to make your character unique in your server!


PRO has Pokemon Battle with exclusive rewards! Climb the ladder for a chance at the highest prize.


PRO features an unique Pokemon Guild system, where you can create and invite your friends. Also a Guild Ladder for exclusive rewards for the top guilds!


PRO has been and will always be free to play! With no subscription fees or other costs, you're free to explore the world of Pokemon.

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Hello prospective trainer, and welcome to Pokémon Revolution Online (PRO)!

Shane founded PRO in September 2014. A project that aims to concretize the Pokémon MMO dream that many avid Pokémon fans have been hunting for, PRO is a free-to-play, fan-made, massively multiplayer online game that is predicated around the official Pokémon games.

The goal of PRO is to overlap a balance between the features of the main-series Pokémon games, and translating it well to an MMO environment. It strives to maintain the beloved features of the handheld games, while also making changes that are needed to acclimate to the continuity and player-interaction balance that is only healthy for an MMO environment.

PRO features its own unique custom maps and bosses, as well as maps from the original game.
You start your journey in Kanto and progressionally travel to newer regions (Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) in a linear system. Acquiring badges, capturing Pokemon, and last but not least battling E4!

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