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Recent content by Berseker

  1. Berseker

    Finished ■□ Kanto Walktrough Videos/ Kanto Video Tutorial □■

    very good work :SquirtleSquad::CharYay::PikaLurk::PixiuKnife::GalladeDab::SnivyBad::RowletHeart:
  2. Berseker

    How to have fishing rods - Como tener las cañas de pescar!! <3

    (Click on the image to watch the video)
  3. Berseker

    The Boss - New Temporary Location

    Pokemon Revolution Online - The Boss - New Temporary Location (Click on the image to watch the video!)
  4. Berseker

    How to have money Fast

    (click on the image to watch the video)
  5. Berseker

    Easter Event 2018

    Gooo!!!!! : CharYay:: PikaLurk:: GalladeDab:: SquirtleSquad:
  6. Berseker

    boss kaguya design

    Well, I wanted my small contribution with the design of the boss of kaguya, I do not know if you like it, but I try to do my best, I hope you like it and comment on the publication so that more people of your opinion about the new design possible for the boss kaguya...
  7. Berseker

    Well, this is it for Shamac :)

    Good luck in your future projects... </3
  8. Berseker

    Halloween started!

    Wooooow :D good