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    [Shop] Rent a discord bot (Added 24 hours testphase)

    We, Team Plasma, want to rent the bot! We want to rent following features: ● Basic commands We are willing to pay 250K monthly for it! For one month.
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    Summer Event!

    Well, thanks for the new content and spawns.
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    goodbye pro

    Over the last year, I have had the pleasure to get to know you. I have been on and off of PRO for some time now, and I am sorry that we didn't talk as much as we should. I am glad Kakuna Rattata was a welcoming home for you. When NZ and I created the guild it was exactly for that, to create an...
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    Closed cuz bug on forum -.-!

    Re: BeZeeD's Shop <3 <r>I'll buy this for 150K, unless the lack of 'insta' means you want a bid, in that case, I start the bidding at 150K.<br/> <br/> <br/> <ALIGN align="center"><s></s><IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/HqpqAWT.png"><s></e></IMG><e></e></ALIGN></r>
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    Released my Empoleon

    It's good that you saved the ID, it makes it possible.
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    So, the pink pokemon are a tier rarer than their normal counterparts. Is this going by the 9 tier system that was mentioned in the rarity guide posted by Shane (or was it Red?) If so, I am supposed to encounter more pink commons than normal uncommons right? For example, Paras is common, so by...
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    After seeing this all go down in the last 6 hours, I have a few things to say. First, thank you for bringing us new content every now and then. I'm looking forward to getting a pink Parasect False Swiper. Second, I would really like to know the spawn rates of the pink Pokemon, mainly because...
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    Just like Vulcan is an area (and an event)... oh wait. I'm just asking this to see if this is indeed a permanent area.
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    Gonna remove the quoted content since it's getting so long. So, this island is going to be a permanent area? The requirements make much more sense if that is the case (since they are probably comparable to the Cerulean Cave questline, in a sense.)
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    Ok, so it's confirmed. That's a bit strange considering that bots spend an inordinate amount of time gaining hours. For example, during xmas, some accounts had 1000 hours in a week. I just hope there was some other sort of bot detectors, like captcha. EDIT: I would just like to thank you for...
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    Yeah same here. For example: main with 1200 hours and alt with 237 hours. So dex is probably out. If it's a 300 hour time req it's gonna be a bit bad.
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    New Island in sight! Pinkan Island!

    The problem with this is that it's causing misinformation. Most people on blue are saying that you need 300 hours in the game to get to Pinkan, which would be a bit sad for new players (and alts). I have done almost everything there is to do on this game on two accounts. Hoenn, bosses, PvP, you...
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    PRO for iPad

    You can install an unsigned game on iOS either through Jailbreak or Cydia Impactor, but this would require to develop the game for a completely new platform and it would not be available in the App Store. This has been said many time by devs, it will not happen.
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    magic bounce epic espeon (SOLD) / speedboost blaziken / moxie heracross on sale'

    Re: magic bounce epic espeon / speedboost blaziken / moxie heracross on sale' <t>1.1m on the Espeon.</t>
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    Blazings PvP Shop (21/1 Update h.a. pokes + Epic cloyster)

    Re: Blazings PvP Shop (updated 1/1 h.a. ninetales, dusknoir + more prices added) <t>I bid 1.7m on the Sableye.</t>