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    Shiny t8 bold skarmory sturdy & shiny t9 lileep

    I can start it 7m, if you agree pm me in here. I am in gold.
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    Auction has ended.

    Do you acc coin capsule for offer? If yes, i offer 14cc/300k. So, 4,2m
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    can be close

    Can you reduce price for start? I can start it only 6m cash.
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    Re: WTS decent shiny TIMID SYNC natu <r><QUOTE author="aminnation" post_id="504023" time="1517678716" user_id="1691288"><s> </e></QUOTE> You say want stop collected of shiny, but you start offer now,, its just your startegy for sell poke,,</r>
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    Wts/Wtt Shiny Bisharp

    Lol,, its just experiment. I am not sure that true. If just experiment, xrevo must back to yellow. And btw xrevo have one year in red. Its long time for experiment. We know that someone maybe do scandal to staff for give lucky. As said prehax have shiny more. His shiny take to xrevo. We know...
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    Wts/Wtt Shiny Bisharp

    Show me ot of his shiny? Why you closed it? If i false, you can report me as faker,, The bisharp is on yellow first. The bisharp take to xrevo and he change of server with his all shiny and poke. I dont know how staff can acc ini red. Is it rule? Or he have businnes with staff. I don't agree...
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    Re: wts shiny torterra <t>If you really want stop, show all your shiny, dont just torterra. And sell in your shop</t>
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    Wts/Wtt Shiny Bisharp

    I mean shiny bisharp,, xrexo take it for 12m in yellow. I see it when someone sell in discord. Xrevo not still in yellow and i dont know how he can change of server,, Is rule on this game or he have nego to staff. I thiking no fair when xrevo can change of server and player another can not do...
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    Sold can be closed

    Please, show your traded,, :)
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    Sold can be closed

    Re: Wts shiny male ralts[reduced insta] <t>Ia it sold? When end time?</t>
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    Wts/Wtt Shiny Bisharp

    Its shiny poke from yellow, and someone buy to xrevo, if in yellow i can start it. :)