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  1. Giorgio25

    Farewell friends

    The sky’s the limit, you are right! I wish you the best in your life, you deserve it. You are one of the best people I’ve ever known, thank you for everything.
  2. Giorgio25

    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In-Game Name: Giorgio25 Discord Tag: Giorgio25#0728 Server: Silver How often do you use Discord? Daily What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord? I would like to see the ?eta command and the #counting channel back in the Discord!
  3. Giorgio25

    Goodbye Nerds

    Hey Salty, it has been a pleasure to work alongside with you these months. Best of luck with whatever you will do in the future, you are a great person and I’m sure you will achieve every goal you will set in your life. You will be missed, take care!
  4. Giorgio25

    PRO Award 2018

    PLAYER CATEGORY Smartest: PharaoMage Friendliest: TherionBloodeye Funniest: TerraXyZ Coolest: Fallen Comeback Player of the Year: PreHax Most Talkative: Jilano Most Trustworthy: PurpleMauth Most Helpful: Cames Most Missed: Lassij26 Most Influential: PharaoMage Most Intriguing: ShinyCelebi Most...
  5. Giorgio25

    Passing on the torch

    Hey Glogs, it was really a pleasure to work with you these past few months, you are truly and amazing person. I really wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, don't forget that Discord will always be your home and that you'll always have a place in this family. Take care and stay BAE!
  6. Giorgio25


    Hey Strat, I really enjoyed talking with you on Discord, setting Dyno to announce the events you were hosting and helping with the bomb event, thanks for everything you did for the community, you will definitely be missed. Take care and good luck with your future endeavours!
  7. Giorgio25

    giving away stuff

    Count me in xd
  8. Giorgio25

    Quitting / 5m giveaway [ENDED]

    Best of luck with everything! Hope to see you around on Discord.
  9. Giorgio25

    Fashion Show Contest!

    IGN: Giorgio25 Discord Tag: Giorgio25#0728 Server: Silver Cool Ugly Funny
  10. Giorgio25

    [Silver|Gold] Coin/Coin items giveaway #3

    Username: Giorgio25 Server: Silver