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    Vote: Should be revert Gale Wings to gen6 till battle rework?

    While we're at it can we unban Shadow Tag and ban Gothitelle instead? It'll let new Pokemon enter the meta!
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    Vote: Should be revert Gale Wings to gen6 till battle rework?

    This is probably the dumbest suggestion to ever see the light of day. There's no nicer way to put it. Banning Chansey makes more sense. Banning Fearow, as was suggested in jest, makes more sense. With that out of the way: I. Economy Talonflame has been gutted for a long time. Randomly...
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    28th Ladder Tournament

    idkup idkup gold like 14 i think
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    PRO Awards 2019

    i blame iriz for making me do this PLAYER CATEGORY Smartest: GlogS Friendliest: iriztha Funniest: MEBzerg Coolest: Invar Comeback Player of the Year: Firling Most Talkative: Fairview Most Trustworthy: iriztha Most Helpful: Keita Most Missed: ShinyCelebi Most Influential: Smooge Most...
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    27th Ladder Tournament

    idkup idkup gold 20th
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    Gold Server Team Magma Recruiting

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    Ranked PvP Viability Rankings (Last updated 10-24-2019)

    Smeargle is lower than conventional suicide leads due to its extreme weakness to Taunt and inability to do anything besides set hazards. The highest ranked suicide leads, such as Excadrill, Garchomp, and Mamoswine, are all threatening Pokemon after setting their hazards and can continue to...
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    The beginning of an official PRO supported "PvP Council" [1. FAQ]

    I can only see two ways this ends... Council full of sycophants who agree with each other to the detriment of all other points of view, who work towards their idea of an optimal metagame (and probably personally benefit in the process) Council that can't agree on anything and serves as a...
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    Lending pvp team ( got ladder with it)

    wow what a brilliant and original idea
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    [BOTH SERVERS] UU Circuit November 2019

    The unofficial PRO Tournaments Discord is hosting another UU Circuit! Prizing is currently only available on Gold, but will open to Silver if we can find a method of distribution. Funding secured, now available on both servers! Join here: discord.gg/Z5U4pdc Rules and Information: - UU is...
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    Ranked PvP Viability Rankings (Last updated 10-24-2019)

    Changelog (10/24/19) (Big thanks to Jorogumo and sgt bianco for their input) changes A+ --- Azumarill: Adamant Excadrill: Jolly / Careful / Adamant Ferrothorn: Sassy / Relaxed Garchomp: Jolly Togekiss: Timid / Bold Volcarona: Timid / Bold A --- Gliscor: Jolly / Careful Heatran: TO A+ Timid /...
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    PvP - Turn timer discussion

    The turn timer is fine as it is. Calculating lines can take a while, and there is no reason to hand players who do not bother thinking an advantage over those that do. Frankly, 90 seconds isn't enough to play optimally on occasion, such as when you're stuck in a difficult spot because of...
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    PvP Season results, July 2019

    my main was at 432 but i didn't want to get banned :^)
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    PvP Season results, July 2019

    got robbed of 25th tbh :^)