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  1. Leitah

    New Area in Johto + Item Recycler.

    Thanks for the ideas, I added the item count, maybe will try and add the exit button later when i get some time. I could, but this would need to be on an other NPC. Maybe someday.
  2. Leitah

    New Area in Johto + Item Recycler.

    Hey guys, I'm happy to release a new content update. This time, Johto got some love with a new area accessible from Mt. Mortar. With this new area, you'll be able to farm the three Kalos starters outside of any events. (You have to be Johto Champion to earn access) Also, with something more...
  3. Leitah

    Trainers Valley Revamped!

    After days of hard work, we're glad to announce that the Trainers Valley rework is finished! I just re-opened the area, so you're free to go and visit it. The revamp wasn't only a visual update, but also an actual content update, with new spawns and a whole new area. But no spoilers, we'll let...
  4. Leitah

    Stuck at main Quest in Dewford Town

    Hello. I looked into your problem, and I'm sorry but it seems like there's no bug at all. The guy outside of Rustboro's gyms is still waiting for you. I checked, he did not disappear. You need to talk to him before doing the rest of the quest. Sorry for the trouble, and don't forget to read the...
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    Scrolls bug in Veilstone gym

  6. Leitah

    Update Logs

    New move/tm tutors have been added : Trick Room (@Mossdeep space center), Infestation (@Route 212 South), Magic Coat (@Celestic Town), Skill Swap (@Resort Area).
  7. Leitah

    Update Logs

    Today's content changes : - Skrelp has been added to the Briny excavation site. - Vigoroth can now learn Slack Off at the Pre-evo move tutors. - The Celadon item buyer has changed a little, due to a little exploit where you could turn your PvE coins into PvP coins. Now, you can't re-sell mounts...
  8. Leitah

    Not able to make Latios Quest

    Hello, I looked into your variables and noticed that you haven't finished the quest for the Latias and Latios pokedex entries (even though you already have these in your pokedex). You can check the legendary megathread...
  9. Leitah

    Update Logs

    The excavation site on route 124 is now open for players with more than 6000 discoveries.
  10. Leitah

    Excavation sites revamped!

    Hey PRO people. I'm glad to announce the excavation sites in Hoenn have been revamped. And by "revamped" I mean, the spawns changed. I'll let you try them out :) A few other minor changes might still come in the future.... oh and yeah, also.... with this revamp I brought a little extra surprise...
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    I'll make sure to do the sevii remake as planned as soon as it's possible. Too bad to see you go
  12. Leitah

    Update Logs

    This morning, this lady arrived in the Floaroma Meadow's house. She will trade you one jar of honey per day if you bring her some berries.
  13. Leitah

    Honey Trees and Sweet Surprises.

    Hey guys, if you have been playing these past few days, you might've already noticed a few of those appearing around Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Today, I'm glad to announce that the Honey trees are ready and hopefully full of good surprises for you. To interact with a honey tree, you'll...
  14. Leitah

    Finished Sinnoh Underground

    Looks good to me, I think it's all there and correct, good job.
  15. Leitah

    A new adventure awaits underground.

    - THE SINNOH UNDERGROUND - Hey guys. Not too busy with Vulcan Island I hope? Because an other island that you may know better, called Sinnoh, also wants some love. Thus, I'm happy to announce that the Sinnoh Underground is now open! You can access it from Eterna City by talking to Stanley...