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    [HALLOWEEN] Lost Item Megathread

    Username: UnscarreD Server: Silver Ty
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    Resolved whats this?

    sorry to open a thread about this but anyone can tell me what is this window that appeared in the bottom right corner of forum and how to interact with it?
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    Easter Event Feedback

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    Silver Server 20m giveaway winners

    Unscarred / Unscarredll
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    Easter Pokemon Contest

    - IGN: Unscarred - Discord name: UnscarreD#0576 - Pokemon name: Versus - Pokemon Typing: Electric - Dark - Pokemon description: The result of the collision between positive and negative charges of Plusle and Minun is Versus, the BlackOut Pokèmon, which gains the Dark type and the Anti-Matter...
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    Staff Guides How to level up fast

    try this to forget about sashes, sturdies or prio moves and lvl up nmw i use a Whimsicott [Jumpluff is the alternative] > Toxic (if u run leech seed first it doesnt work) > Leech Seed > / (Cotton Guard - dont do damage) > / (Cotton Guard - dont do damage) > Memento Select poke to lvl up and...
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    Silver Server Free Safari Problem

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    Dragon Ball Fans?

    ragequitted dblegends because i didnt get ss vegeta >:P
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    Cute Giveaway

    good test for my luck
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    the SleepChomp

    I tried to reduce it but this is the smallest I managed to do even if it's not really good im goin to post it in spriting corner but before i have to thank you for your suggestions :)
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    Rework Event: Battle UI

    Hi all fellow trainers! First of all I have to say that this is not exactly a NEW battle UI: its just a "rework" of our actual (beloved) battle UI with just the add ons u asked for the main reason is that it matches the theme of others UIs of the game, but also because im a nostalgic and i...
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    Resolved Got dc during Battle Tower :(

    ok ty no problem i will die saving up pve coins xD one day my son will be able to claim a prize :P
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    the SleepChomp

    there is no need for shiny version xD ...btw i think its too large to fit into a character's space :/
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    Resolved Got dc during Battle Tower :(

    i was battling room #6 when i got disconnected obviously i got rolled back to eumi pc :( anyone can verify that and eventually reward me with my 6 Pve coins? sorry for asking without screenshots but im struggling saving up on coins and battle tower has its painful cooldown and fee