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  1. Moonlite

    Dewgong mount

    Hi there, we're really glad you are excited for the new mounts! Sadly we have no ETA for the cosmetics but I know it'll be sooner rather than later, the server issues lately have really set the team back so once we all catch up, the mounts will be on the agenda! Have a lovey day.
  2. Moonlite

    Need friends

    I'll be your friend!!
  3. Moonlite

    PRO's Moderation Discussion

    I've seen this game and staff grow so much through out the years. The main thing that needs to change is the stigma that mods are bad people. They get a real bad stigma by the player base but tbh I can agree with some of them as I've seen some [heck]ey work during my few years here. I've seen...
  4. Moonlite

    How many Anime have you watched?

    87 different series. Usually Rated M, adult storylines, horror, psychological. My favourite Anime is Monster <3
  5. Moonlite

    Suggestions for sprites of future events.

    Really cool forms you came across! Typically our event sprites are to be related to events and seasons like Easter! Although we wouldn't use anyone elses art we do appreciate the suggestion. New forms coming soon for you all to enjoy!