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  1. Enoch

    Wanted To Apologize.

    Hello everyone, Arkos/Enoch/Sieg/Macr7 here xD. I hope you are having a good time! Before I begin, please make sure you read the disclaimer below. :P So, I wanted to make this post since a year ago - shortly after I left Staff - but never found the time to do it. Since we are humans we are...
  2. Enoch

    Removal of alternative accounts rule in Ranked PvP (One Season Test)

    Hello fellow Pokemon trainers! Since the alternative accounts in ladder vote ended up with majority in favor of allowing it with a slight difference, we have decided to allow alternative accounts as a test for this season and we will give more info after its end. Only one account is allowed...
  3. Enoch

    Ranked Ladder Short Season.

    Hello PRO Community, hope yall are doing good :) After the merge took place we decided to start a new short season which will last up to May 1st. Please note that this will be only for this season, all other seasons will be normal. With this, all the PvP changes namely Blaziken and Dugtrio...