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    Controller plays on it's own

    Hi Stahlix I apologize you have experience this inconvenience. It is a known issue that console specific controllers tend to have one or multiple issues functioning alongside Pro. Unfortunately, at this current time there is no absolute fix, but as mentioned above, clearing cache and temp...
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    Bugged moves

    Hey Zeifier Did you use Roost at all during battle? As mentioned above; If a flying type Pokémon uses Roost it will lose it’s flying type until the end of the turn. This is an affect that was implemented during Generation IV and onward. This makes it susceptible to take damage from any and all...
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    Furret Frisk

    Hey Loathebest Furret can know Frisk, it is Furret’s hidden ability. You can check if your Furret has frisk by opening it’s details when clicking it in your party. As the above player said, finding a Mankey or any other pokemon that can learn Covet or Thief can prove more useful in stealing...
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    Halloween Event

    Loathebest The Halloween event Part 1 ends November 20th. The second part was the Darkrai event which has ended. If you have any further questions don’t be afraid to make a new topic! Yours Truly, Doax -Locked-
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    Question about Starter Pikachu

    Hi Aliwisp ! When you choose starter Pikachu you now open the door for the Ash’s Hat quest and to teach Pikachu surf. Any pikachu you catch can learn surf and it will not affect/effect your game by releasing or trading yours away. Additionally, to answer your last part, these are the only...
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    Controller Support

    Hey NLightsOGK ! Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. I see you solved it already though. For future reference there is some incompatibility with controllers, specifically Xbox controllers, as well as others. So if you ever come across the same secnario with a different brand be sure...
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    Hey gennosuke ! Are you a MAC user? If so this may be part of the issue. Try checking for OS updates to install the latest version, as this may be the issue as was with prior MAC updates. If you find this is not the case you can refer to the Issues Guide to try and solve said issue. As well if...
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    Can admins take away a level as a one time deal?

    GhostMaster As stated above by 6head, we can evolve a pokemon that has been denied it’s evolution due to an accidental scenario. If you make a post in there a staff will be able to provide you with help when available. If at anytime you need a situation resolved like this be sure to make a post...
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    When ends?

    As stated above from my peers, the Darkrai event ends today. As well, the Halloween event will end November 20th promptly, leaving room for the next event to take place. So in that regard you have considerable amount of time to complete the entire quest if needed. As well as complete the five...
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    Missing Money

    RBAZ As answered previously, losing a battle results in the loss of 5% of your total income. This was not changed, although it is possible with a disconnect that it does not save, resulting in your money staying in tact and the battle being saved as never happened. As this provides the...
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    farming pokemons?

    Karkamas Hey there! As stated above when hunting it follows the same procedure as the games. This meaning you cannot release pokemon through the party, you must be interacting with a PC at a Pokecenter in order to do so. As well, yes, logging out during an encounter will revert you back to...
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    Nikola boss

    Hey YNOSVT ! Can you do me a favor? I would request for you to locate one of the Cooldown Checkers in any region and choose Nikola. Screenshot the response to be sure the text states how many days you have left, or that you can rechallenge already which would be another issue. The CD checkers...
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    I need report bug, i am guild leader(Valalha), and i can't promote any user member

    Hey MATINOB Try this, it has been what is working with other players who experience the same issue. Follow the steps below and let me know if it’s successful. 1. Be removed from the guild as leader 2. Have a trustworthy member, as well as the agreement logged, promoted to guild leader. 3. Have...
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    Growing Ghosts; Drawing Event

    Here are the winners for the art contest! Congratulations to you all :) Red: yogic Carthos Smurfsmasher94 Blue: limzical belzebel umbreonngirl Yellow: dangarangs skyflair yajang310
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    Growing Ghosts; The Graveyard Conundrum

    These are the winners for the event! Thank you to all who participated and congratulations! We are aware a player was excluded from the list of their respective server due to error. The player in question will be contacted in regards to compensation shortly. Thank you all once again for...
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    Staff Guides ★ Legendary Megathread⎪Complete Quests and Seen Data

    Good luck you to you all and may RNG bless you :Angel:
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    Game Crash

    Hey Reyika ! My deepest apologies that you have developed these issues recently. In case you have not already; Attempt the download and use a separate program to unzip the compressed file than what you are using now. In example Using 7zip instead of WinRar. As well, deactivate your antivirus...
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    Game Background Music

    Animak Hey there! As mentioned previously. Always check your settings in tools to be sure music is enabled for the game. As well be sure if having issues to clear your cache. Remember to delete any previous clients when downloading a new one as this can create the issues you experienced. You...
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    Hey there Fabian0594, and welcome to the Community! We also have various ways to support you - you can check our Game Guides and the PRO Wiki or seek out Live Chat support via our Official Discord Server. Feel free to also check out our Facebook Page, Twitter, Youtube Channel, and Instagram...
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    Hey there.

    Welcome! :Shy: