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    [RED SERVER] Shiny Giveaway >.>

    hi, i in *W* the sharpedo looks nice
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    Softboiled and Unaware ability combined - Allow or Ban from ranked PvP?

    Re: Softboiled and Unaware ability combined - Ban from ranked PvP or not? <t>ban :v +1</t>
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    crossover manga

    Hi a present this vietnamese manga Worlds Connections it is not translated :D: the commentator :Crazy: enter at your own risk :u link: https://m.blogtruyen.com/c274346/worlds-connection-chuong-1-ket-noi-nhung-the-gioi
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    Sell Tauros nice ivs

    Tauros 150k
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    Sinnoh abandoned pokemon

    Hi, I bring some images of the abandoned pokemon in sinnoh D: I hope it helps If you get another pokemon post it here
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    hola alguien que es o abla español? para jugar

    Hola bienvenido :v en el chat "Other" en el juego todos hablan español, en el server red, no se en los demas suerte D:
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    Exclusive PRO Giveaway - Nintendo Switch

    I don't want win, i'm a pc games fan :Heart: I'm just going to share this so that there are more people in the game AND a more spanish GM :Frown:
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    Customisable Items Survey.

    I filled it, but i want more slots for the costumes and accesories and evs bracelets
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    Game no open

    thanks, i Download a bad version of the video card driver, but I already repair it, I can already play :Heart-eyes:
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    Game no open

    si ablo español, gracias por la ayuda al final fue que el driver de video estaba dañado y tenia que descargalo de nuevo desde la pagina de inter xD
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    Game no open

    Hi,i have a problem with the client i try to open que game but this message appears i take ss please help :v! and the log error
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    Christmas Pokemon

    Vulpix and ninetales and alola form :Heart:
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    Awesome Profile Pictures

    Photoshop :v and
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    My Shop

    only offer please. :Smile: the actions end in one day per pokemon