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  1. PROMasterFai

    Sold out

    B.O:800K Minimum Raise:100K Insta:2M Start At 2:33 GMT+5 Pm Here Or In-game To Bid End At 2:40 GMT+5
  2. PROMasterFai


    As You Read The Title I M Buying A Ralts Drifloon OR Evo Drifloon: Nature: Calm Ability: Unburden IV'S : Def/Sp.def/Ho Need To Be 20+ Ralts: Nature:Modest/timid Ability: Synchronize Godly bugdet pm
  3. PROMasterFai

    can be closedd

    Hello I Want To Buy Joker Outfit pm me in-game name PROMasterFai discord Faisal#1284
  4. PROMasterFai

    Can Be Closed

    Welcome TO THE SHOP Hello Everyone I am Here To Sell Some Chansey That i Have Caught In The Event These Aren't So Good But Useable For PvP & PvE They Are From Kanto So You Can Lend People For Elite 4 & Earn PokeDollars There Are Some ScreenShot Of Those Chansey 450K 500K Hp Physic 800K...
  5. PROMasterFai

    No More available (Closed)

    Welcome To My Shop Hello Everyone since u can read The Title We Are Doing People Stories For Amount There Are Different Amount For Every Reigon Region With NPC'S Amount Kanto With All NPC'S 400,000 Jhoto With All NPC'S 300,000 Hoenn With All NPC'S 350,000 Sinnoh With All NPC'S &...
  6. PROMasterFai

    Wtb Rare Candies Bulk Of Them & Wtb CC 390K each

    Hello Visitors as u read the title so I am willing to Buy Rare Candies 5K each My Bugdet For Rare Candies Are 1M I Also Wanted To Buy Coin Capsule @The Rate 390K each My Bugdet For That Is 2M Comment Below If U Have Something To Sell
  7. PROMasterFai

    Wtb Low Level Epic Pokemon Bugdet 1M

    Hello Boys/Girls Since U Can Read The Title As It Shown That I Am Looking For Epic Low Level Pokemon So Link Me Here OR In-game Or Discord Discord Tag:Faisal#1284 In-game Name:PROMasterFai OR TwoMinds But I Am Looking For Those Who Are In High Demand Like Currently Gengar On Top Of PvP...
  8. PROMasterFai


    Hello Welcome I Selling A Goodra Epic Here Screenshot Looking For Offer Best Offer For Me s 600K Max And 450K Min
  9. PROMasterFai

    Wtb Epic Low Level Iv 20+ With correct nature &

    Hello SiR/MaM welcome To This Page And I M Here To Buy Low Level Epic Pokemons My Bugdet Is high About 1M So PM Me If You Have Pokemon Low level I Will Make A Good Bid
  10. PROMasterFai

    Sold for 800K

    wts shuckle all iv 17+ except sp.atk but shuckle don't need sp.atk nature bold ability Sturdy looking for offer
  11. PROMasterFai

    Want to buy low level epic 600k bugdet

    hello boys/girls I am looking for low level epic poke fo a bugdet of 600k if the Pokemon is good I can manage more amount of money comment below the poke thanks(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
  12. PROMasterFai

    Wts Clefable Tank

    Hello Sir/Mam I am Selling A Clefable Tank With Max 31Defence,29Special Defence,27Hp.Bold In nature With Magic Guard Ability The Rest You Can See In Image.Looking For A Offer.
  13. PROMasterFai

    Sell tyranitar Sassy tank

    wts Tyranitar Tank PvP able offer