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    Ms active

    Hello, I am ms active and I do not know if I have already finished due to the inconveniences that you are having, I would like to know if you are going to propose the time of the ms or that will increase with the lost hours. Thank you
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    Resolved I lost my pokemon?

    hello, as the game started I got a shiny cottonee and the game froze! I imagine that you can do something, since it is not my fault that the game works badly. I do not know how you act in these cases, but this is lost content I would like you to help me, thank you.
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    Silver Server Guild Valhalla

    The guild Valhalla recruits! (Spanish guild) If you are active in PRO and you do not have a guild or by any chance you want to change guilds, this is your guild. We are a guild that prioritizes the good atmosphere, companionship and above all, a good time between hunting and hunting. If...
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    Resolved Pinkan Island Quest

    Hello, in the mission of pinkan island the first time when I beat the team rocket and talk to the Rhyhorn and Giovanni left, but the 4 members of Team Rocket and Officer Jenny did not disappear. Reset the game but when I beat them the pokemon does not come out to talk to you and Giovanni appears...