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    Resolved ms 30 days

    i have a ms for 30 days but this last week in every time that i could play the game is down for lost connection... i need some help with this plz !
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    how i can participate ?

    hw i can do to participate in bug cath event for volcarona wings i have catch an epic larvesta but i dont know ? plz need some help with this i have a screenshoot
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    Resolved my gligar cant evolved

    hi i grow mi gligar to lvl 100 and never evolved if someone can helps me to remove two lvls because i dont know that him evolves at nigth with razor fang . thanks
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    Error in trade

    hi my problem is that i have two accounts to evolve my pokes between eithers in my main account this i trade a onix to the other and when id like get it back the poke is block and i canot trade him again this onix is from hoenn and this account is in kanto .exist the possiblity to get him back...
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    Error of evolution ?

    Mi gligar tiene lvl 100 con la cuchilla de afeitar y no me puede ayudar alguien?
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    Error dig

    Haciendo dig me salio un fosil amber de aerodactyl . fui al centro pokemon a curarme y me saco el servidor cuando logeo devuelta no la tenia entre los items .