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  1. Fluffles

    cambio de nombre

    Hey there. Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, as stated in my prior response, the service thread for Name Changes is currently closed. Due to that, you can’t change your name as of now. You’ll have to wait until the Admins Open the topic in the future. This was the most recent topic for...
  2. Fluffles

    Hello everybody!

    Welcome to PRO! I hope you enjoy. (Btw, Fairy types are such adorable pokemon! And yes, they're my favorite.)
  3. Fluffles

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to PRO! Hope you enjoy.
  4. Fluffles

    Potentially returning player

    Hey there and welcome back! Regarding events, there's primarily the PRO Summer Tourney, which you can join! Other than that, there are some exclusive new areas like Eumi Island for the Manaphy Quest and Trainer's Valley for the Regirock/ice/steel quest! For more information on the new updates...
  5. Fluffles

    New Player Here!!

    Welcome to PRO! Hope you enjoy.
  6. Fluffles

    Finally Back to Pro After A long Hiatus!

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoy PRO! My favorite pokemon's Togepi, haha! (If it wasn't obvious enough already :p)
  7. Fluffles

    coming back when i get a new laptop

    Farewell, hope everything goes well!
  8. Fluffles

    Im back.

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoy PRO!
  9. Fluffles


    Welcome! I hope you enjoy PRO!
  10. Fluffles

    Need friends

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy PRO!
  11. Fluffles

    Returning player from 2017

    Welcome Back! I hope you enjoy!
  12. Fluffles

    You People alive? ;)

    Welcome Back
  13. Fluffles

    I'm New- Joining From Word of a Friend

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy PRO!
  14. Fluffles

    Coming back for the summer

    Welcome Back! I hope you enjoy!
  15. Fluffles

    All Servers Hi excuse me ! error in merger help!

    Hi there. I've gone over and answered your concern on this post. I have also merged all your threads together into this one response. Please refrain from making multiple threads on the same topic. Rather, please simply bump your thread every 24 hours if you haven't received a response by then...
  16. Fluffles

    Rename plss

    Hi there. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and for the delay. I've gone over and replied to your thread in the General Complaint Area, here. Please do note that PRO Staff are simply volunteers and act in their own time. However, please refrain from making several threads on the same topic...
  17. Fluffles

    News Board

    - May 20th, 2019 to May 26th, 2019 - Qeight - Brainstorming the idea of a player driven "PvP Council" within PRO The big disclaimer at the start of everything: This thread is not a confirmation of a PvP Council nor will there be an ETA if one comes. Thread is about brainstorming the idea and...
  18. Fluffles

    News Board

    - May 13th, 2019 to May 19th, 2019 - Red - Extended MS I extended the MS duration for 4 days to all active MS users. This is due to recent crashes. Enjoy . MagicGuard - Breezy Falls Some kids you may be familiar with have finally completed their takeover of Breezy Falls, aided by Adun and...
  19. Fluffles


    Hey, welcome to PRO! Hope you enjoy.
  20. Fluffles

    A New Journey

    Welcome to PRO! Enjoy.