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Staff Guides ★ Legendary Megathread⎪Complete Quests and Seen Data

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May 26, 2017
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Welcome to the Legendary Megathread !
This thread gathers all the guides and quests related to the Legendary Pokemon.

You may use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F if you're searching for a specific Legendary or use the index below.

Available Legendary

♦ Page 1 ♦

▪ Mew
▪Raikou Entei Suicune
▪Latios and Latias
▪Azelf Uxie and Mesprit

♦ Page 2 ♦

▪Registeel, Regice, Regirock

Available seen data only

♦ Page 1 ♦

▪︎ Articuno Moltres Zapdos
▪︎ Mewtwo
▪︎ Lugia and Ho-Oh
▪︎ Dialga Palkia Arceus

♦ Page 2 ♦

▪︎ Darkrai and Cresselia
Credits: 6head, CarlHo, ErickLysander, Fabion, Fadoka, Praxis, PreHax, Seibuza, Somes, Uaua2
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May 26, 2017
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▪︎ Requirements
▪︎ Articuno Moltres Zapdos
▪︎ Dragonite and Lance
▪︎ Defeat Mewtwo
▪︎ Get the Old Sea Map
▪︎ Go to Faraway Island

▪︎ Frequently Asked Questions


▹ Get 225h+ playtime
▹ Be Johto Champion
▹ 71 evolved Pokemon
▹ Get Dragon Medallion
▹ Get All Kanto Pokemon caught (except
need to be seen)


First of all you have to meet Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos.

Find Articuno in Seafoam B4F and defeat it !

Find Moltres in Victory Road Kanto 3F and defeat it !

Find Zapdos in Power Plant and defeat it !


Go to Blackthorn City in Johto and buy the Dragon Medallion for 200k.
(It requires to get 240 Pokemon own in your Pokedex.)

Go in front of the Cerulean Cave, and talk to the guard.

Now go back to Dragons Den B1F, defeat the Dragonite that block your way, and beat Lance.
In order to challenge him, you need to have a full team of level 100 Pokemon.

∙ Level 120 ∙


You have won the access to the Cerulean Cave.


You can now enter in Cerulean Cave ! Be careful there is a lot of powerful trainers.

Find Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave B1F and defeat it !


Go in Pallet Town and talk to Prof. Oak, let him take a look to your Pokedex.

It's now time to go to Celadon to take your Old Sea Map.
Enter in the building next to the Pokecenter and go on the Roof Top by taking the elevator.


Once you get the Old Sea Map, go back to Pallet Town.
Talk to Lapras between 12 p.m and 1 p.m Poketime and you'll get teleported to Faraway Island.
You're now ready to catch Mew ! Don't forget to be well prepared.


▶ Where or how can I check my caught/evolved data Pokemon ?
You can take a look to the bottom left corner of your Pokedex or talk to Prof. Oak in Pallet Town.

▶ How can I check my playtime ?
Have a look to your Trainer Card.

▶ What if I lose/crash while battling one of the Legendary Bird, or Mewtwo ?
No matter if you lose or win, you just have to face them at least once to get their seen data.

▶ Can I catch one of the Legendary Bird, or Mewtwo ?
No you can't. In a bright future you will perhaps get an opportunity to get one of the bird.

▶ I can't buy the Dragon Medallion, why ?
You probably missed one of the requirement or you don't have enough money.

▶ In Dragons Den B1F, it says me "This Dragonite won't budge ", what's happening ?
Same as above, you're missing a requirement.

▶ If I lose against that Dragonite, how long I have to wait to battle it again ?
24 hours.

▶ Lance don't want to challenge me, why ?
Be sure to talk first to the guard in front of the Cerulean Cave, in Kanto.
Be sure to get a full team level 100.

▶ If I lose against Lance, how long I have to wait to battle him again ?
No need to wait, you can retry right away.

▶ The guard in front of the Cerulean Cave don't let me enter in it, what's happening ?
Be sure to challenge Lance and win in order to get access to the Cerulean Cave.

▶ I can't get the Old Sea Map, what's happening ?
Go in Pallet Town and show your Pokedex to Prof. Oak.
If it still doesn't work, then a Pokemon is missing in your Kanto caught data.

▶ Lapras don't want to bring me to Faraway Island, what's happening ?
Be sure to get the Old Sea Map first in your Key Items bag and get 351h+ playtime.
It can only brings you to Faraway Island between

12 a.m & 1 p.m

Poketime, speak to it during this period of time.

▶ I caught Mew but it has a bad IV's and its nature is useless, can I release it and get another one ?
No, if you do this you're going to lose it forever.
However you can randomly reroll its IV's/nature by talking to Psychic Marina NPC located in Vermilion City for 150 PvP Coins or by using a Reroll Ticket.

▶ I killed my Mew by accident, what should I do now ?
In order to get another chance to fight Mew, you need first to beat Nikola boss in Unknown place.

Access to Trainers Valley & Unknown Place
Nikola Boss

© MecanoJilano⎪Walrosskastanie for the guides above.

I really hope this guide helped you !
Good luck for getting your Mew !

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May 30, 2017
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▹ The Complete Kanto Dex +

▹ The Complete Johto Dex except

▹ 121 Evolutions
▹275+ Hours
▹Johto Champion
Let's begin!

1. Catch a
and a

2. Prepare your (strongest) team.
3. Talk to the Guards blocking the entrance to gain access to the Ruins of Alph
4. Walk south and use surf to get to the other side.
5. Enter the house, show the spinarak to the NPC and answer his question. (Answer: 22)
6. Talk to Scientist Alexander in the basement and help him find the G.S Ball.

7. Go to Route 32 and pass through the Union Cave to get to the ruins.
8. Show the Rattata to the NPC and answer his question. (Answer: 72)
9. Go to the basement, take the G.S Ball and hand it to the Scientist.
10. Take your reward: Claw, Root, Helix or Dome Fossil.

Travel to Ecruteak city and talk to the Scientist at the Bell Tower Entrance.
1. Talk to Scientist Rey, enter the Bell Tower Basement and fight your way through.

2. Interact with the 3 Legendary Dogs and make them flee.
3. Head back to the Scientist to get the Legendary Dogs' seen data.

To get their seen data, you must travel to the following locations:
: Johto Safari Mountain Zone (You'll need Rock Smash to get to him)
: Tohjo Falls (You'll need Waterfall to get to him)
: Mt. Silver 3F.

4. Once you fought them and got their data, head back to the Scientist and report your findings.
5. Find your path to the Bell Tower Rooftop to get
's seen data.

Requirement: 6 Level 100 Pokemon
1. Travel to the Whirl Islands south west of Olivine City.

2. Defeat Boss Thor to get
's seen data
3. Congratz, now onto Part 4!

Requirement: Johto seen/Caught data (Celebi's seen data can be found in Ilex Forest near the shrine)
1. Go back to the Ruins of Alph and get the G.S Ball back from Scientist Alexander.

2. Travel to Ilex Forest and head over to the shrine.
3. Interact with the Shrine
4. Talk to Time Guardian Charles
4. Find the 10 Hidden Shards and report back to Time Guardian Charles.
5. Talk to Time Guardian Topan for your next challenge.
6. Follow the path but make sure to avoid the Time Guardians.
7. Once you reach Lake of Shine, talk to Time Guardian Long
8. Make your way to Celebi.
9. Catch Celebi.
10. Profit
I hope this guide helped you in catching your own Celebi.
Kind regards​
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Sep 13, 2017
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▪︎ Requirements
▪︎ Get the Bell
▪︎ Defeat the Guardian

▹Encounter the 3 Dogs in their respective locations
▹ Get 450h+ of playtime

Talk to Scientist Rey for one of the following Bells:
Zap Bell for Raikou
Lava Bell for Entei
Water Bell for Suicune

You can choose another Bell once if you wish to change your choice
To do so, talk to Assistant Davis at the Bell Tower Barrier Station 1F:


× Raikou Guardian
× Entei Guardian
× Suicune Guardian

Challenge your respective Legendary Guardian and defeat him.
You will have 16.67% chance for them to spawn the Legendary Dog corresponding to your Bell.
At the 3rd consecutive win, you can choose to spawn it with a 100% chance, instead of another win streak reward.
Once spawned, you can leave the area to fetch your Sync and Hunter Pokémons and come back to catch it!

- If you fail at catching it, you will have to defeat Boss Nikola to get another shot -

Location: Secret Base Alpha (Route 110)
- × - × - × -

More infos on Raikou's Guardian here


Location: Route 25 Cave
- × - × - × -

More infos on Entei's Guardian here


Location: Secluded Lake (Lake of Rage)
- × - × - × -

More infos on Suicune's Guardian here


Hope that helped, and good luck on your catch!


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Mar 30, 2017
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Anime Land


▪︎ Requirements
▪︎Start the quest
▪︎Three Regis, Rayquaza
▪︎ Latias, Latios
▪︎ Groudon, Kyogre
▪︎ Catch Jirachi

▹120h Hoenn Playtime
▹Hoenn Champion
▹All possible Kanto, Johto, Hoenn Pokemon caught (Including Mew and Celebi, seen data only for other legendaries)
▹210 Evolutions

First of all you will need to get Jirachi Dex Data from the starting House in Littleroot Town!

After that, you will need to get castform data to be able to start to quest, Go to Weather Institute 2nd floor and battle with the scientist.

Then go to your house in Littleroot Town and watch the news in the TV and now you can battle with Latias but first, we are going to do something, Go to Prof. Birch Lab and talk to him to unlock the moon!

Prof. Birch will also tell your Hoenn Progress if you talk with him!


Now we need to battle with the Three Regis & Rayquaza to get the seen data!


Route 105 (West Path)


Route 111 Desert


Route 120

Once You beat the Three Regis go to Sky Pillar and get to the roof to start the battle with Rayquaza!


Sky Pillar Roof

Its time to find Latias!, Latias and Latios have a lot of locations and its always random you will have to check every spot until you find it!

1. Starting Truck

2. Route 103 (on water)

3. New Mauville

4. Weather Institute 2F

5. Mt. Chimney

6. Meteor Falls B1F 2R

7. Mt.Pyre Exterior

8. Lilycove Department Roof

9. Abandoned Ship

10. Hoenn Safari Zone 2 House

Beat Latias and now go back to your home again and watch the news again, Now you can battle Latios!


1. Petalburg Maze (Follow the White way)

2. Devon Corporation 3F

3. Granite Cave 1F2

4. Route 124 Underwater

5. Route 123

6. Shoal Cave (low tide ice room)

7. Mossdeep Gym

8. Sky Pillar 5F

9. Victory Hoenn road(cave)

10. Route 134

We are almost in the last part of the Quest!, Once you beat Latias & Latios we need to get Groudon & Kyogre data seen from Maxie Boss & Archie Boss!


Go to Sootopolis City and heads up to Cave of Origin, There you will have to battle Maxie & Archie with LVL 100 Pokemon!
#Note: If you lose the battle against the boss you can still get the Data seen from Nikola boss in Unknown Place!



We are finally in the last part of the Quest!
Make sure to have everything needed and Go to Mossdeep City!

Now we need to go to Mossdeep Space Center and go to the Moon!
Don't forget your Synchronize pokemon!

Once in the Moon go to the Shiny Stone and be ready to Catch Jirachi!

You will be teleported to Wish room and Jirachi will be there!

Good luck with your Jirachi!
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May 14, 2017
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▹ Hoenn Champion
▹ Finished Jirachi Quest
▹ 300 Evolved Pokemon

Start in Littleroot town and talk to the reporters.

After you talked to the reporters go to the Player House Littleroot Town.

Talk to the TV, if you don't meet the requirements you get this message :

If you meet the requirements this message will appear:

You can chose either between Latias OR Latios, after you made your decision which one you want, go outside of the house.
Latias or Latios should be at the same place you found the reporters before, directly above your house.

Be prepared when you try to catch your Latios or Latias, the catchrate is really low!
A Master Ball is recommended. You can get one for 10 PvP coins in the PvP Shop!
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Jan 22, 2017
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  • 200 hours
  • Active MS to go to Sevii Island 2
  • 6 level 100 pokemon to fight the Super Mega Hyper Ultra Battlebot 2000 Extended Mode Edition 2.0 Remastered Director's Cut Boss and be victorious in your battle!


Fight the PC Boss! Defeating the Super Mega Hyper Ultra Battlebot 2000 Extended Mode Edition 2.0 Remastered Director's Cut Boss has a 25% chance for Phione to spawn after you defeat it!

The Super Mega Hyper Ultra Battlebot 2000 Extended Mode Edition 2.0 Remastered Director's Cut Boss' team is:
Mega Mewtwo X, Primal Groudon, XD001, Primal Kyogre, Mega Latios, and Mega Rayquaza.
You can find out the movesets, and other rewards this boss drops from this awesome Boss Guide!
After defeating the Boss, if Phione spawns for you, you will see it running around a table.
This is your chance to leave and go grab your sync! Then you can capture it after you come back!

Q: Is Phione allowed in ranked pvp?
A: Yes it is! It is below 600 bst and not on the List of Pokemon not to be used in ranked battle.
Q: Is it possible to get a shiny Phione :ChikoritaWTF:
A: Phione is shiny locked; meaning you cannot obtain a shiny one.
Q: Why do people have multiple Phione?
A: Phione has a 25% chance to spawn every time you fight the PC Boss, and it is intended that you can obtain multiple of them.
Good luck with your Phione!!! :Grin:
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▹ Get 150 hours in Sinnoh
▹ Be Sinnoh Champion
▹ Requires a level 60 or less Pokemon to start the quest(Only this Pokemon is allowed in your team)

Can be either a Synchronize Pokemon (recommended
) to catch
the level 99 Heatran (in this way
is disabled) or a Pokemon to beat the level 99 Heatran (recommended
To catch the level 30 Heatran (usage of
possible this way)


If you are Sinnoh Champion you can start from Survival Area by using the teleporter (you have access to the teleporter when you finished the Hoenn Teleport Quest).
If you don't have access to the teleporter you can use the boat from Snowpoint City to travel to the Fight Area
Arrived in Fight Area go North through Route 225 till you are in the Survival Area.
Go east of Survival Area to the end of Route 226, then North to hit Route 227.
(Just a note, make sure to clean the trainers all the way to Buck in Stark Mountain Entrace Pt, so you don't accidentally overlevel your Level 60 required Pokemon)

Go North through Route 227 till you arrive at Stark Mountain Exterior Pt.
Enter the cave to Stark Mountain Entrance Pt, here you can talk with Buck to start the Quest.
(Requires the level 60 Pokemon)
Go through the Stark Mountain Main Cavern Pt and defeat all NPCs, your level 60 Pokemon will gain exp and level with you.
(You can't use
Note : You can NOT go back to the pc after clearning all these NPCs. You will have to restart this all again.

Head to Stark mountain Heatran Pt, you will battle Commander Mars.

After you beat Commander Mars you can fight the level 99
, you can decide to catch it without
when you chose to do the quest with a Synchronize Pokemon or just beat it.
If you decided to beat it, you can talk to Buck, he will give you back all your
and also teleport you to the entrance of Stark Mountain.
You can go back to the Pokecenter, grab a synch Pokemon now and go back to Stark mountain Heatran Pt, where you challenge a level 30
now. On this Heatran you can use a Masterball to catch it.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to the guide about obtaining the seen data and how to catch one of the three Lake Trio legendaries; Uxie, Mesprit , and Azelf. You will need certain prerequisites which will be; Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Flash, and Cut. These are detrimental to completing the requisites for obtaining the seen data, which leads up to being able to catch one.

To start this quest you will need to talk to Dawn at Professor Rowan's Lab in Sandgem Town. She will mention if you have checked the news on the television lately. Return home after you have beaten the Elite Four of Sinnoh and speak to the television.

This prompts the first step in obtaining the seen data for; Dialga , Palkia , and Arceus. You will first need to find the three items respective to them. These are Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, and Dread Plate.

To obtain these items, you must do the following:
The first item we will be obtaining is the Adamant Orb. It will be on the North side of Eterna Forest Cave. This area can be accessed with Rock Climb, which can be found on Route 207. The entrance to the area (shown in the image below) that contains the Adamant Orb will be behind a tree and you can access the secret passage way to go up by using rock climb, then proceeding down the stairs. You will also need Rock Smash once in the cave.
Do note that this orb can be in one of three spots:

The second item we will be obtaining is the Dread Plate in the Old Chateau, which is on the upper North side of Eterna Forest. Once inside proceed upstairs to the middle door, then to the far west door once inside the next room. The Dread Plate will be in the Northeast corner of the room, where my Goodra sits in the picture provided. You will need cut to get into the Old Chateau.

The third and final item that we will need before being able to encounter these three will be to find Lustrous Orb. The way to this is by entering into Wayward Cave on Route 206. It will be located beneath the bike path within that route. It is located by venturing far east within the cave, then North to a dead end path where it will be in the lower west corner of the dead end path. You will need Rock Smash and Flash in the the Wayward Cave.
This orb can be in either of these two places:

After this is completed you will need to then interact with the two statues of Dialga and Palkia. The Dialga Statue is in Eterna City, and after interacting with it, Dialga will battle you. And the Palkia Statue is in Floroma town, after interacting with it, Palkia will battle you as well. Once these battles are finished, the Palkia statue will say "SPEAR PILLAR" You will then need to travel to the Spear Pillar on top of Mt. Coronet where you will find and battle Arceus.

You can also use this awesome map to help you get to the top of the Spear Pillar!

After you have defeated, or lost and obtained the Pokedex entries for, Dialga, Palkia and Arceus you can further on. This will require going to each Lake Trios respect lake and to the entrance of the caverns. Here there will be a ghost at each one. They will request the prerequisites before entering each cave. They will be as follows.

Azelf: Catch the requested Pokemon from Sinnoh with 120 IV's. They will be of three choices; Goldeen, Magikarp, or Psyduck.
Uxie: Catch a Sinnoh region Bidoof.

Mesprit: Catch a Sinnoh region Starly and raise it to max happiness (255)

Once you have obtained the seen data, you will then be able to catch one of the three Lake Trio legendaries. However, there is additional prerequisites for this as well. They will be; 500+ hours in game, 220 or more evolutions in your pokedex entries, as well as 75 or more Sinnoh native pokedex entries. The lake trio will be in the respective caves in their lakes that you found them for the seen data. To make your chosen Lake Guardian appear you need to speak to Dawn at Rowan's lab in Sandgem town, she will ask you which one you will be trying to catch and then that guardian will appear in it's lake.

Azelf- Located in Lake Valor Cavern
Uxie- Located in Lake Acuity Cavern
Mesprit- Located in Lake Verity Cavern

When attempting to catch one of them, there are a few suggestions. One would be to have a significant amount of one hundred or more Ultra Balls, or a Master Ball if you have one handy. As well to bring a pokemon to put a status condition on the legendary. For instance; Sleep Powder, Thunder Wave, or any move of this nature. Be sure the one you select is the one you want the most.
Good luck you to you all and may RNG bless you :Angel:
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  • Have 500+ hours
  • You need to have caught a pokemon with 140+ total IVs during the Bug Catching Contest!
For more information about the Bug Catching Contest and its mechanics, you can check out Noxious' Bug Catching Contest guide!

So after catching a Pokemon with 140+ ivs, after the contest ends talk to the contest judge. He will then teleport you too a special area where you can catch Genesect. You cannot leave this area at all, or you lose your chance. So I recommend taking a timid Kadabra/Alakazam sync that knows Thunder Wave to help you catch it. Or if you are like me and have a timid Mew, you can teach your Mew the moves False Swipe, and Thunder Wave to help you catch Genesect.
For catching Genesect, I recommend using a Master Ball to help make your capture easier. You can acquire one in the pvp shop for 10 Pvp Coins. Ultra balls work fine if you do not have a Master Ball.
After capturing your Genesect, use this NPC to exit and you will be teleported out of the area!

Is Genesect banned from ranked pvp?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I get a shiny Genesect?
A: Genesect is shiny locked; meaning you cannot obtain a shiny one.
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