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Dec 29, 2017
Welcome to SideLines "Cheap pokemon boss guide"
The purpose of this is to show how to beat bosses with pokemon that are very easy to find and level up. I have seen many boss guides that have become very helpful to me and other people, however finding these required pokemon, especially with my luck, had become a pain since I was spending hours on end looking for one Tier 9 just for a sync fail or terrible IVs, or for the guide to tell me something that should happen, and doesn't happen. So this is my guide on how I beat certain bosses with pokemon that are very easy to find.​

1). Disclaimer
2). Pokemon Guide
3). Leveling up pokemon guide

3). Particular Boss Strategies.

The pokemon used in this guide are for bossses only, some of these are banned in pvp. These pokemon, because of their availability might also limit want bosses can be done

Ive tried to work out every boss strat for each boss possible with these pokemon, and although cover a lot of ground, some bosses are outright impossible with this setup, so for this I apologize.
Pokemon Guide
1). Pelipper
This is the staple in this team, and by far will be the most used pokemon, this started off as a backup to when I followed other boss guides, and whenever they went wrong I ended up using pelipper and sweeping the boss, ever since this has pretty much done most bosses and is a very easy to get pokemon.

This pokemon as you probably know is very easy to find, It took me like 5 wingulls to catch a decent one.
I recommend running what playstyle you suite, I prefer offensive playstyles so I went with quiet nature, however bold, calm, modest are also viable options.
With EVs I went 252 DEF and 252 SPATK however with other natures switching SPATK and HP Is also a decent setup, or maybe only EV training DEF and SPDEF, however be careful, because you might not be as hard hitting. The moveset is pretty standard, Roost for healing, Stockpile is probably the most used move, as it is used for setting up, Hurricane for STAB move and Surf for STAB move.

2). Gliscor
Gliscor is one of our star players due to its typing and its access to Roost. As soon as I got this pokemon, I actually started to beat bosses, again this is required for the team and I will constantly repeat how useful its typing is.

This may seem as if it is difficult to find, but get a pokemon with headbutt, go to route 11, 27, 46 have an impish sync natu, and just headbutt all the trees, this was the first one I found out of 8, amd its IVs arent even that great however it still sweeps, honestly isn't hard to find, and if you fail to find one, it is only a days wait.
With gliscor impish is pretty much mandatory because swords dance when setting up covers the attack stat enough to be able to sweep. Left overs is again used just so we counteract the small amount of damage done to us, this could be enough to allow us to use a roost if we get to low. Earthquake destroys bosses and acrobatics is a very good stab move ( Wing attack is also very good but it is an egg move which requires beating naero). Anyway this is a golden player.

3). Clefable
Clefairy is what I like to call a multitool, this thing is honestly a truck, and hits like 4 of them, you probably know yourself how well this thing does due to its SPDEF and its move pool.

This took me the longest to find and unfortunately even though the IVs are good, I wont be able to use it in PvP so thats kind of a bummer, however I can destroy bosses with it.
This is a tier 2 pokemon in route 115 (the route above rustboro) so I caught two boxes of them and sifted through the good ones and bad ones. As you can tell leftovers is my favourite item and is very useful. The moveset is moonblast for attacking, calm mind and cosmic power for setting up, and soft-boiled for self healing. The only downside to Clefable is that it takes 12 turns to setup, this means its more likely for a crit to hit, and for Clefable to die, because crits in pro ignore setup moves, other than that this thing is a beast.

These pokemon although aren't in the required section, they are most likely necessary due to backups and sweeping with pokemon that might be more effective.
1). Seaking
This is very common in defeating bosses and you probably already know why we would use a seaking (THIS COPIES OTHER GUIDES IK)

Goldeen is tier 1 pretty much everywhere but Tohjo Falls it is the only thing you can find, bring a modest sync and an electric type to test if its hidden ability or not, I found it being much quicker and I ended up finding like 5 in half an hour, you also don't need good IVs at all, thats what the setup agility and lightning rod is for. This obviously baits out the oponent to use electric type moves just for it not to have an effect on us, and boost our SPATK so we end up sweeping. Signal beam is for coverage against grass types various other types, Surf for STAB, Agility to setup us and get us up to MK 6 speed, and icebeam for coverage, also it should be holding a nevermelt ice, which can be found on swinubs, to boost ice beam.

2). Yanmega
Yanmega is a very recommended sweeper to have on the team, as we will be using it to stall on bosses to max our speed, or just gradually outspeed things if we can't stall

Yanma is tier 3 in sinnoh safari area and tier 4 in route 35, however the best way to do it is headbutt on routes 3,15, 28 and 34 with a timid sync.
This pokemon because of speed boost becomes a sweeper, and is very recommended to have, and is very useful because of this feature for starting of and finishing.
The only problem with Yanmega is that it is frail. Run Bug Buzz for stab, Air slash for stab, aincient power for coverage against fire and psyhcic to get rid of posion types and ghost types, however you can switch psychic with what you wish, you can run roost if you want, however if you get hit you are most likely going to get K.O'd. This pokemon here is defintely a valuable sideline.

3). Alakazam
Alakazam is an OKAY alternative to yanmega as it gets good speed of the bat straight away however it is also extremely frail and a very big risk to whether you will outspeed or not.

Abra is tier 6 in most places which is higher than Yanma, it is also a lot more frail on the defensive side. I would run Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Energy Ball and psyhcic
this pokemon is really only my plan B when it comes to bosses, and more of a gamble to whether it will be effecient or not, I will rarely talk about this pokemon but none the less, if you have an Alakazam already I wouldnt worry about getting a Yanmega.

4). Azumarill
Azumarill can be very important if you have one, as it is quite easy to obtain and has access to very good setup moves

Marill ranges from tier 4 to tier 6, but mainly is around tier 5, so they might be a little harder to find, I would recommend sitting there with a adamant sync and grass type pokemon waiting for it to say it has Sap Sipper. Then you would want to run Surf for STAB, Play Rough for STAB, Defense Curl and Amnesia for setting up. This thing acts as a "bait pokemon" just like Seaking and lightning rod ability, it encourages bosses to use grass type moves on Azumarill, which only benefits us, I won't use azumarill often but when we do it's because its the only way.

These pokemon are a little harder to get but by chance if you already have them or are willing enough to put a little more time into getting them, they will definitely help out alot in this guide.

1). Honchkrow
This pokemon is an absolute knife in bosses because of its high attack stat, and very useful moveset.

Murkrow is tier 6 inside Old Chateau Dining Room in sinnoh's eterna forest, it took me around half an hour to get a h.a one, I sat in their with an adamant sync and a pokemon that has hypnosis, and tried on each murkrow a couple of times and if it fell asleep it means it didn't have insomnia, this means that it could have h.a.
I would run Sucker Punch, Assurance, Wing Attack and Brave Bird, (This is the pic before I got brave bird)
Honestly if you don't have this I wouldn't bother but it will make some bosses a lot easier, also the Battle Boss - This is necessary

2). Rotom-wash/heat
This pokemon is a static encounter at this point of making the video, you just need to have beaten sinnoh. Both these Rotoms are very good and can handle a lot of bosses on their own, however their moveset is very poor and I only mention this for a last resort pokemon.

The way to get this static encounter is here. The moveset recommended is Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Charge and the third is up to you (This is not the final moveset in the picture) Tbh Rotoms moveset doesn't allow for much freedom with bosses, if it were able to learn any moves that allow setup then it would be good, but other than that this thing is a last resort tank. I only recommend Wash and Heat versions because they get the best moves upon levelling up compared to the other rotoms.

3). Weavile
Weavile is a one hit pokemon where it is very rare that you will get more than one hit out on a pokemon before dying, we only use it for final hits as we have a pretty much guarantee outspeed with its very high speed.

Sneasel is tier 6 in mt. silver exterior, and it did not take me long to find, I would recommend a jolly sync, mine failed however and I didnt want to wast these IVs. A life orb is also recommended for this pokemon. So Moveset is Ice punch, Ice Shard, Low Kick or Brick break and knock off.
This pokemon is extremely frail so I only recommend it if we are super effective against it or for a final blow on a pokemon.

Tip to levelling up pokemon
Since a lot of these pokemon have pre-evolutions that are actually very bad e.g Wingull, Abra. So This is a method I use to speed up the process, it might take a while in the shot run, but in the long term it has saved me hours of levelling up.(THIS IS ONLY NECESSARY IF THE POKEMON IS BELOW LEVEL 50)
Remember do not evolve a pokemon until it is between lvl 95-100 unless needed, because it will take a lot more xp to level up

1). Obtain a level 40-50 false swiper

2). Make sure the pokemon you are levelling up has atleast one of these:
A. Priority move
B. Sturdy
C. Focus sash (If you have enough spare to do this)
D. Quick Claw

3). False swipe a pokemon in a high level area such as mt. silver, victory road, sendoff spring, cerulean cave, mirage island etc.

4). Keep using false swipe until the wild pokemon is one hp and the false swiper is dead

5.) Take the low level pokemon out and use a priority move, any move if it has sturdy or a focus sash or quick claw

6.) watch your pokemon jump multiple levels at a time

I remember one time doing this method on a pineco and it jumped from level 15 to level 37 in one move

The bosses are ranked in easiest to hardest, the hardest will be at the bottom of the region and the easiest will be at the top of the region( IN MY OPINION).

Recommended Team: Pelipper, Clefairy, 4 of your choice
Requirement/s: 1 level 100 pokemon

This is fairly simple, Start with clefairy and 6 * cosmic power first, then 6 * calm mind and sweep
Pelipper is there just as a backup although this can be done with just him, if you get hit by the nasty boss crits that ignore all setups, then switch to another pokemon and get to a pokemon that you can setup on again like rattata or yanmega, then redo the first step, if your using pelipper stockpile three times again and sweep
If you get unlucky with the crits don't worry about it you will get used to them, every boss is easy if crits didn't ignore the setup.
If your using pelipper, surf on shuckle, hurricane on ludicolo (This might not one shot and you might get ice-beamed, if so take it out with another pokemon and setup on rattata), surf rattata, hurricane yanmega, roserade and surf on bisharp. Roost when necessary.


Recommended Team: Gliscor, Pelipper
Requirement/s: 180 hours playtime, Johto Champion

This might seem a bit daunting however this is can be a walk in the park if you play it smart and slow.
First you must kill machamp whether it is with gliscor or another pokemon (Killing him with gliscor can be a bit of a pain if he always hits his dynamic punch), then mienshoa will always try to use bounce so swords dance three times and begin to sweep, acrobatic on mienshoa and conkeldurr, infernape can be a bit of a problem with its flare blitz, it might OHKO you if it manages to get a high roll, but if you get one earthquake off it should manage to kill, if not then take out pelipper and surf or try to setup if you can, then surf lucario and hurricane breloom. If you didn't die from infernape then earthquake lucario and hurricane breloom, roost as necessary

This can also be done by setting up on mienshoa with pelipper and using the relevant moves.


Recommended Team: Pelipper, Clefairy
Requirement/s: 6 level 100 pokemon

This is on par with difficulty as chuck, only volcarona is quite a pain to deal with aswell as ludicolo.
So start as pelipper and stockpile three times roosting when necessary throughout the whole battle, then surf ferrothorn, hurricane ludicolo, again he could kill you with ice beam just play it safe, surf or hurricane on volcarona ( You might miss, be careful) Hurricane on shiftry, torterra and finally virizion.

If you got a nasty boss crit then try to setup on either shiftry with pelipper again or clefairy, I guess you just got to hope for the best.


Recommended Team: Gliscor, Pelipper, Clefairy, (Yanmega/Weavile/Alakazam), the rest is your choice (Must be full though)
Requirement/s: Only level 100 pokemon in your team, 201 hours playtime
Recommended Items: , 1 revive and 1 hyper pot

This works but is a bit cheesy so just bare with me
First take out gliscor and earthquake on lucario until it dies as it should only take two, then roost to heal on hitmontop, It is impossible to die on hitmontop as he only uses endeavour so swords dance three times and acrobatics unti you get to poliwrath, this is where the cheese comes in because he will use circle throw which will ruin any setups, defeat poliwrath by doing damage at a time (Gliscor will most likely die) if he does do not worry as we will setup pelipper on pangoro, it will only use entrainment which does absolutely nothing to us, stockpile three times, hurricane the next two pokemon, now terrakion has stone edge which is most likely going to kill pelipper, if so something like weavile or yanmega would be useful to finish him off, if you dont have a pokemon to do so, take out clefairy and moonblast, if that still doesn't work, revive gliscor and hyper potion him to full, then acrobatics.

if you get crit at any point try to make it to hitmontop or pangoro to re-setup


Recommended Team: Gliscor, Clefairy, Pelipper, (Yanmega/Alakazam/Weavile/Honchkrow) The rest is your choice (Must be full tho)
Requirement/s: 1 level 100 pokemon, 150 hours playtime

Recommended items, 1 revive, Minimum of two hyperpotions( Just in case of a nasty boss crit)
This is a lot harder than the previous three so there is a large chance you don't do this first time (like me).
So first off bring out gliscor and swords dance three times while roosting to heal (Do this throughout the battle)
And earthquake all the way to golem, Golem has a large chance of hitting a very a killing stone-edge so be careful, but if you get past him it is earthquake until you beat brock however if you die, get to armaldo and bring out pelipper, then stockpile three times while roost healing and then surf can take the rest out, you are most likely able to get one it off on regirock however if you die, an alakazam would be your saviour as you would focus blast and destory regirock, however if you miss you will die, if you dont have an alakazam or yanmega or weavile or honchkrow to priority kill, then heal up gliscor and hyper potion and you should be good to go

Regirock could whipe your team so just be careful and have some median pokemon to allow soft switching and healing.

Recommended Team: Clefairy Or pelipper, The rest is your choice
Requirement/s: Only level 100 pokemon in your team
This is the easiest boss you will ever do, first take out clefairy and all corsola will use is flail which doesn't do much even if it crits, so 6*cosmic power and 6*calm mind and just sweep his team, honestly should have any problems as long as you softboil when necessary.
Take out Pelipper and stockpile three times then surf corsola, togekiss and typhlosion, then hurricane meganium and feraligatr, then surf tyranitar.

Togekiss is the only annoying pokemon due to air slash flinching us every other turn, but you will eventually get through him hopefully aslong as you roost when necessary, then the rest is a piece of pumpkin king pie.


Recommended Team: Gliscor, Pelipper, Clefairy, (Yanmega, Alakazam, Honchkrow)
Requirements/s: 6 level 100 pokemon

This is much harder than elm so make sure you play safe
First take out gliscor and Swords dance, make sure you roost as often as possible and try to kill hariyama with as much health as possible, acrobatics hariyama, acrobatics scraggy, acrobatics medicham, acrobatic throh, acrobatics sawk, then earthquake steelix, if you die on steelix like i did, then a pokemon like yanmega would finish it off easily, or alakazam or honchkrow, pretty much anything with a priority move or high speed, if not take out clefairy and you should be able to survive one hit and kill M. steelix.

If you get boss crit you can setup on medicham, Throh, Sawk.


Recommended Team: (Seaking) Gliscor, Clefable, Pelipper, (Rotom-W/H), (Weavile)
Requirement/s: Only level 100 pokemon, 201 hours playtime

This whole battle is so easy it would be above bruno and on par with elm if Seaking was in our party, we would agility 6 times to get our speed to full, and our SPATK because jolteon would thunderbolt us 6 times until we have full SPATK and full SPEED, then surf Jolteon and Sylveon, Sylveon will outlive one surf and then do half damage to us so surf again, Signal Beam Espeon and Umbreon, Umbreon probably wont die and will feint our Seaking, so get out Clefable and setup on umbreon and feint the rest, if thats not possible pelipper should be able to setup and sweep and if that still doesnt work Gliscor will most like kill umbreon, then revive clefable and full heal him to be able to take out glaceon. If you didn't die then lefeaon might feint as icebeam might not kill, if so do the same process, and if we still aren't dead then surf on glaceon and surf might not kill glaceon, if so do the same process.

To do this without Seaking it is a lot more difficult, first take out Gliscor and feint jolteon as soon as possible (Gliscor might die) If he doesn't swords dance and sweep

OR feint Jolteon, then send out Clefable, 6*cosmic power, 6*calm mind then sweep.

You kind of have to hope that you dont get nasty boss crit'd because it is very hard to setup on the other pokemon, umbreon and espeon you might be able to, but you will most probably fail.


Recommended Team: Clefable, (Alakazam, Rotom W/H), The rest is your choice.
Requirements/s: 6 level 100 pokemon, Johto champion
Recommended Items: several Ice Heals, Minimum of two revives

This isn't much harder it is just so hard to balance using ice heals and softboiling anyway
Send out your choice of pokemon (Mine was Rotom-Wash) to get rid of lapras then once your at mamoswine switch into Clefable (Try to do a soft switch by letting Rotom-Wash die or switch to a pokemon that will die easily.
Once done so setup on Mamoswine by 6*cosmic power and 6*calm mind then sweep (you will get frozen so make sure you ice heal and then softboil).

If you need a plan B alakazam will seriously destroy with focus blast, this whole team apart from weavile is pretty slow so you shouldn't have a problem aslong as you hit your focus blast.

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:


Recommended Team: Clefable, (Weavile), Pelipper, Gliscor
Requirement/s: 6 level 100 pokemon, can't use Goldeen, Seaking, Gastrodon, Shellos, Ferroseed, Ferrothorn, Snorlax, Chansey, Blissey
Recommended Items: Minimum 5 Hyper Potions, Minimum 3 Revives.

This is very difficult but aslong as you play to what you get you should do fine.

Team 1:
Set up on ursaring, 6* cosmic power first then 6* calm mind then sweep, you might need a hyper potion or two to survive, lugia might be a problem but shouldn't be that bad, aeroblast will do significant damage as long as it doesn't crit, softboil to heal.

Team: 2: Setup on mew with 6* cosmic power first then 6* calm mind, then sweep,might take a couple Hyper Potions, same rules apply as the other team, softboil to heal as necessary.

Team 3:
This is the most common team, but this is where weavile can come in and ice punch or ice punch to feint dragonite, its RNG whether you will outspeed or not
Get as much damage as possible on greninja until weavile feints, then takeout clefairy then setup 6* cosmic power first then 6* calm mind then sweep. You will most likely get crit and die, just revive clefairy and start again.


Recommended Team: Clefable, Pelipper, (Yanmega/Alakazam)
Requirement/s: 6 level 100 pokemon, 150 hours playtime

This boss is extremely annoying and I failed it the first time because of milotics mirror shot
Setting up on milotic is extremely annoying but the only way, it will mirror shot until you have no accuracy while 6* cosmic power first then 6* calm mind. Then when you try to kill it, it will be impossible, so you really just have to get lucky, but on the bright side once you kill her you can sweep the team, (If you can kill them) I got crit the first time I did this because I missed like all 15 shots of moonblast and he crit me so I failed, If you get crit anytime after milotic, Im sorry but you have lost.