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Christmas Event 2018

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Hello! This year's Christmas event will be a bit shorter, but the focus is very much on your needs and fun.
First a little reminder; To fully enjoy the event, you must have already defeated the Hoenn E4 and not be locked in any region!

Let's go to the first part of the event; Our hunting event!
After the defeats of the last three years, the Grinch decided to challenge Santa Claus directly.
Santa is very skeptical of the Grinch, but can only reach out to him on such a solemn occasion.
The Grinch suggested a contest. He learned about a little elf who had to go through a lot this year.
He lost his parents and is completely alone now. Of course, the Grinch thought that this year should end even more terrible.
He challenged Santa to go in search of the best possible gift while the Grinch sought the worst gift possible.
However, the elf would only receive the best or worst gift. But is that really all that Grinch is up to?

Both are looking for the best/worst possible Pokemon now. Santa Claus and the Grinch compare their presents every advent.
There will be six winners on each server, and it's possible to help out both at the same time! The big hunt starts with the first advent!


is looking for the best possible Pokemon!
2nd advent:
(Guaranteed HA, timid)
3rd advent:
(Guaranteed HA, adamant)
4th advent:
(Guaranteed HA, adamant)

is looking for the worst possible Pokemon!

2nd advent:
(Guaranteed timid)

3rd advent:
(Guranteed timid)
4th advent:
(Guaranteed adamant)

The best Pokemon will be announced via system message.

Pokemon that can be submitted:

(Rarer Pokemon give more points; Santa Claus only accepts good natures; The Grinch gives bonus points for no natures!)
Calculations to be announced after the first week!


Let's go to the second part; Nope, TBA!
(We give you a bit time to find out more yourself before we announce more!)


Do Pokemon we submit have to be caught on event maps?
No, you can submit every Pokemon that was caught after the event started.

What do I need to participate in the Christmas events?
You need to have access to Lilycove City in Hoenn to participate.

Can I help Santa Claus and the Grinch?
Yes, you can submit Pokemon for both.
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