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Contributor Role Rework

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Aug 7, 2017
Mt. Moon
How to contribute as normal player

  • Be a part of the community. The by far best way to contribute to PRO and help to make it more enjoyable is simply to play it. Promote the game by word-of-mouth in your circle of friends or over the internet. Being a user and advocate, helps spread the word about our game, which has no marketing budget and can therefore only rely on its community to become more mainstream.

  • Donate. PRO is an online fan made free-2-play Pokémon MMORPG by fans for fans, but it can still benefit from user donations for many things. Donations towards PRO are going towards server maintenance and its future development. All staff members and developers are unpaid fans and volunteers. Donations can be made via coin purchases in-game.
Please note that this alone does not grant the contributor role!

Official Contributor for PRO
Contributors are active and outstanding players that contribute to the PRO community in a consistent and meaningful way.
They count either as Moderation Contributors, Content Contributors or a manually chosen category.

  1. Moderation
    • Discord Moderator
      • Description
        • Discord Moderators have the authority to delete messages deemed inappropriate or break the rules of that discussion space.
        • Discord Moderators generally try to keep users on topic and keep the discord free of personal insults and derogatory comments.
      • Requirements
        • At least two months as Discord Moderator.
        • At least 200 hours play time.
        • At least MEE6 level 20 in discord.
      • Requirements to keep the role
        • Around one hour per day is required.
      • Support on PRO's part
        • Access to Discord Staffs channel in PRO discord where you can ask for support.
        • Can apply as Moderators outside the recruitment period - once monthly, the first time after 3 months.

  2. Content
    • Forum Assistance
      • Description
        • Forum Assistance Contributors write high quality guides and/or help in the General Support subforum.
        • These guides can be about quest walkthroughs, game mechanics and Pokemon knowledge.
          Translating guides or making non-english guides also count to this category as long as they credit the original creators!
      • Requirements
        • At least 200 hours play time.
        • At least 10 guides or 100 posts in General Support.
        • All guides presented in the application have to be in high quality.
        • The posts in General Support have to be correct and with sources.
      • Requirements to keep the role
        1. At least one big or three small guides per month are required.
        2. Around one hour per day in General Support is required.
      • Support on PRO's part
        • Access to a channel with Community Coordinators in PRO discord where needed guides are listed.
        • Can request a normal account with progress that is permanently trade banned for guides.
        • Can apply as Community Coordinator outside the recruitment period - once monthly, the first time after 3 months.

    • Streamer/YouTuber
      • Description
        • Streamers/YouTubers deliver video content about PRO and PRO relevant topics.
        • These can be Let's Plays, guides, trailers, PVP or promotional videos.
      • Requirements
        • At least 10 YouTube videos or regular streaming for at least 2 months.
        • The content has to be child-friendly, this includes the titles.
        • PVP videos and Let's Plays have to be with commentary.
      • Requirements to keep the role
        • At least one video or stream weekly.
      • Support on PRO's part
        • Can request a normal account with spawned Pokemon.
          1. The account will be permanently trade and mute banned.
          2. You are not allowed to link the Pokemon via pm.
          3. The videos have to be uploaded on PRO's YouTube channel.
            This counts only for videos with spawned Pokemon.
          4. Six Pokemon can be requested monthly.
          5. You can only request obtainable Pokemon.
          6. The Pokemon will have an average of 26 IVs per stat.
        • PRO YouTube Bot will post your videos automatically in PRO's video-streams channel.

    • Developer
      • Description
        • Developers can do very versatile work. It can go from small tools to discord bots and overlays.
        • Any external tool that does not violate the rules is included in this category.
      • Requirements
        • Created content has to be accessible for all PRO players.
        • The content has to be about PRO or PRO relevant topics.
        • At least one external tool has to be presented in the application.
      • Requirements to keep the role
        • Created content has to be maintenanced.

  3. Others
    • Other roles
      • Description
        • Other roles can be pretty much everything that staff members seems worthy to be rewarded with the Contributor role.
        • This can be for users that report a lot to make it a safer and cleaner environment, content testers, PROwiki authors and more.
      • Requirements
        • There are no specified requirements as they will be discussed and chosen manually.
      • Requirements to keep the role
        • This will also be discussed and chosen manually.
      • Support on PRO's part
        • Content Tester: You will get an account that will be deleted afterwards to test the new content.
        • PROwiki: You will get a PROwiki account and access to needed data.
        • Rest: Will be discussed and chosen manually.


  1. Contributors are role models and have to behave accordingly.
    • Toxicity leads to immediate role removal.
    • Successfully reported Contributors will lose their role, coins and can not apply for 2 months.
  2. Contributor should maintain a fair share of behaviour - even outside of the game.
    • Sharing your opinion is fine, but harassment without bases leads to immediate role removal!
  3. Contributors have to keep a log of their activity in the Contributor Activity post that will be reviewed monthly.
    • Inactivity will be warned the first time and the role will be removed the second time.
    • Inactivity due to real life can be reported and won't be warned.
  4. Rule violations will be punished harder than for normal users.
  5. Rewards will be paid out monthly on the 1st of the month.
    • Make sure to post it in time if you want to be paid out.
    • Do not pm admins for payouts, use the Contributor Reward post.
  6. Staff members can not be Contributor while being staff.


  1. Every Contributor will get the Contributor role in forum and discord.
  2. Every Contributor will get access to the Contributor forum.
  3. Every Contributor has to make a log in the Contributor Activity log post. You have to post everything you have done with links or screenshots.
    The logs will be reviewed monthly and you will get coins matching to your work. These can be between 0 and 150 coins.
    You can request to pay the coins out on your account in-game or save them up to 600 coins and request an item of your choice.
    This includes PVP clothes, PVP mounts and the Fox Mask. You have to request the payouts in the Contributor Reward requests post. They will be done once monthly.

You want to apply? Please PM Nebulas with the following application!
You have to send the application to Nebulas
, not to anyone else!

  • What's your username?
  • Please link your trainer card!
  • What's your contributor type?
  • What is your main server?
  • What did you do so far (with sources)?
  • Why do you want to be a contributor?
  • What do you plan to do from now on?

  • What's your username? My username is Eaty!
  • Please link your trainer card!
  • What's your contributor type? I am a discord moderator for three months!
  • What is your main server? I play on red server!
  • What did you do so far (with sources)? I am very active and moderate 1 hour every day.
    Please check my command log for this. My Mee6 rank is 33/11882 and I am level 35 (06.04.2018).
  • Why do you want to be a contributor? I want to help the game and this keeps me motivated!
  • What do you plan to do from now on? I want to learn more as discord moderator and apply as moderator in PROStaff!

Please note that the more information you give us about you and your plans the more likely we are willing to give you the contributor role!

All Contributor were removed due to the rework! If you want to be Contributor again you are free to apply!
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