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Farewell friends


Junior Trainer
Mar 27, 2016
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The sky’s the limit, you are right!
I wish you the best in your life, you deserve it.
You are one of the best people I’ve ever known, thank you for everything.


Former Staff
Former Staff
Oct 2, 2016
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Hello, back around 3 years ago there when your adventure started. Little did we know how it would turn out to be such a wild ride it was about to be. From all the memes, cases, joy, annoyances, you've always been a great company, if not the best, and although I've left a year ago from PRO, I still remember having the feeling about being that lucky to have someone that would be so hard to say goodbye to, but fortunately, you guys never part aways, which never let the friendships we created to be over.​

To increase this text body's size, I will start typing the great memories we had together, which unfortunately I might leave something out since the number of stories is far too big for me to be capable to remember. To the small group, we had when the November crash happened to reply in General support, to the IRC chats and memes, to your, and quite frankly amazing, apprenticeship, to your first staff being in a CC account and traveling through maps with you and start doing some Complain subforum topics with you, to your help training the Taco Memer we love, to our CC conversations in the chat with mine and Reikou's feud, to the apo that sucks, to the journey training the rest of the apps you've entered with, to that one topic we all cheered for a guy that was depressing and I used to re-read to cheer me up to see how nice people could be, to the ton of help in workshops and apps the months afterward, to the time we passed over social media settings and messages, to the time you wanted to help me with the Community Manager rank, to the Discord you were fundamental into building, to the League games (THAT WE WILL PLAY MORE OFF) that we just laugh non-stop, to the sheer amount of memes that appeared, to the apo that still sucks, to becoming the best CC lead I could dream off helping to grow the group, to the new and awesome events we started making, to the still more General Support posts, to the apo that, wow still, sucks, to the time Sinnoh came and we had so many more memes and work (and the freaking timeless nights over there), to the videos and the confusion from the youtube channel, TO THE FREAKING BUDDY MEME YOU AND ARI TORMENTED ME WITH, to the many feuds in our chats with the many topics that arrised every 30 minutes, to the LONG admin request lists yours helped going through, to xapoman sucking, to the Halloween and Christmas events we managed to pull through thanks to the lovely team, to the moral support you gave me when my life went down in such a short time, and to finish, to apo sucking and to all the stories that happened thanks to you, a big THANK YOU.​

Without you, my staffship could have been a really painful experience on far too many occasions. And I am sorry for such a big text but you did a big nice one for me and I felt I should also write one back due to that and to honor your friendship and work. Furthermore, my apologies for the poor typing, not used to write in English anymore xD
I am glad you are choosing your path, remember to being the person that you want to be and not the person that people tell you are suppose to be. And I hope you do remember that I am here for you and you still are holding around 1-year time worth of league games to do with us :D

(for all the good cute pics we've seen)

Epsy is my fav Mexican and South American (giving her a whole continent to increase value, sugar gets north and Antartica)​
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Former Staff
Former Staff
Apr 29, 2019
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Good luck with your future endeavours, Thanks for the huge amount of time you put into this game.


Staff member
May 10, 2018
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Nice memories together. Hope u have a great life and good luck my friend. :RowletHeart:


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PRO Member
Aug 5, 2017
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Thanks for everything.
I remember when I first found this game I was going through something extremely heavy. This wonderful community and it's people helped me with it and helped me find my purpose. I thank you for that, and I thank you for allowing me to serve you as admin for 2 years. I have learned a lot in my time here and have met many wonderful people. Thank you for allowing me to blossom and learn who I am, and find what I am good at and lead me on a path. I'm an introvert by nature so this won't be very wordy I'm sorry it's not my strong suit. I have a few thanks for some special people.

Shout out to the old members of RUKittenMe when gold server was a thing;
It's been a while but you guys gave me reasons to keep playing and improve myself as a person. Honestly we were a great guild and had many great times.

-Shout out to Team Magma:
Thanks for giving me a home and allowing me to be myself. I'd list you all off one by one, but that would probably be the whole guild. A

Thanks for being a good friend and mentor. I appreciate you.

best wife no contest gg ez

Macr7 (haha i use your old name)
thanks for being a great friend and still send me cat pics uwu

The Discord Staff, and former discord staff
you guys are amazing :) I loved working with you and being on a team with you, keep that awesome energy.
For the younger discord staff, make us old folk proud :)

discord leaders
YOU ALL SMELL. JK. One of the best teams I've worked with. I will miss all of you dearly. We've accomplished so much, the sky's the limit.
Sam, gionerd, and purplepurple I've really enjoyed working with you guys closely and seeing what you've become. I want to write more but I suck at writing.


apo sux

To the staff and formers i've worked with;
Even if we've had our differences, I've enjoyed our time together!

Tim happy birthday!

There's so many more, I feel super overwhelmed xD I love you tho.

And that's about it for me. If I didn't mention you specifically I will probably contact you before I vanish like Shaui's do. Thanks again, and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours :)
PS Apo sux, Gio smells, Cherubi is best mon, and slow mode is evil.


Rookie Trainer
Feb 26, 2018
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You were one of the sweetest person i knew. Thank you for guiding me during some dark times. Please do keep talking with us and making cringy jokes. We all love you :RowletHeart:


Staff member
Sep 22, 2015
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South Flordia, United States
A gladiator party for a fellow friend from all staff members old and new.

May I hope your future endeavors blossom into beautiful petals. We'll miss you dearly.