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Finished -- How to beat Hoenn E4--


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Mar 29, 2016
Hello and welcome to the Hoenn Elite Four guide. Hopefully this will help you if you are struggeling with it. Good luck!


Recommended Pokémon
(can use Pokémon from previous regions)


lvl 85+
Adamant/Jolly recommended, anything works though!
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang


lvl 85+
Timid/Modest recommended, anything works though!
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Dark Pulse


lvl 85+
Bold/Calm recommended, anything works though!
Calm Mind

Honorable Mentions

Starter Pokémon from every Region

How to get mentioned moves

TM 26 Earthquake - Viridian City Gym - $6,000 - Special Offer: 5 for $24,000
TM 80 Shadow Ball - Lilycove Department Store 3F $4,000
TM 24 Thunderbolt - Mauville City Game Corner - $5,000
TM 86 Sludge Bomb - Dewford Town - $5,000 - Special Offer: 5 for $20,000
TM 54 Calm Mind - Mossdeep City Gym - $2,000 - Special Offer: 5 for $8,000
TM 41 Softboiled - Goldenrod Mart - $3,000
TM 85 Flamethrower - Mauville City Game Corner - $5,000

Recommended Healing Items

10 Hyper Potions
15 Leppa Berries
7 Max Potions
7 Full Restores
10 Revives
10 Full Heals

Elite Four

Sidney - Dark-types

Set up with Gyarados or Clefable, with two Dragon Dances or two Calm Minds, respectively. Heal up if necessary and start to sweep.

Phoebe - Ghost-types

Set up with Gyarados, two Dragon Dances and you will be able to sweep. Heal up if necessary. Attack with Earthquake against Chandelure or else you risk getting burned.

Glacia - Ice-types

Set up with Gyarados, two Dragon Dances sweep the whole team. You risk getting frozen against Glalie, though. Healing up against it is necessary. You need a somewhat fast Fire-type for Mega Abomasnow in the end. A safer play is sweeping with Snorlax, Thick Fat prefered as this grants a resistance to Ice-type attacks.

Drake - Dragon-type

Set up with Gyarados or Clefable, two Dragon Dances or Calm Minds, respectively. You can sweep from this point forward. Kingdra can be problematic for Gyarados, you might need a Fairy-type to deal with it better if you Gyarados gets critted. Dragalge can be problematic for Clefable if it is faster or Clefable gets critted. Gyarados is able to revenge kill it with Earthquake, though.



Gyarados is able to set up easily on Skarmory, three Dragon Dances are enough. Watch out for Aggron's Sturdy, Cradily's and Armaldo's Ancient Power. If Gyarados is able to kill all 5 previous Pokémon, Mega Metagross should die to a +3 Earthquake. Snorlax is able to beat Aggron, Cradily and Armaldo, if they are able to kill the Gyarados. Heal up the Gyarados with Snorlax on the field and try to Intimidate the Mega Metagross so it won't deal as much damage as before. Snorlax should always be able to tank at least two hits from it, and even more when it has lower attack thanks to Gyarados' Intimidate.

Hope you were able to beat Hoenn's E4 with this Guide. If you have any questions feel free to state them in the comments below. Special thanks to @ShinyCelebi who helped me with this.​
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