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In-Game chat rules.

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Regarding some of the rules listed, you will first be warned for the behavior in question, rather than punished immediately. However, disregarding warnings and repeating the behavior will lead to harsher actions taken. Not following our rules can and will be punished accordingly, as per our Punishment Policy. Excessive Rule breaks of those listed below, will be punished with a mute. As example swearing or heavy spam.​


1. No Foul Language or Profanity
  • Foul language or profanity in any form will not be tolerated, whether filtered or not. Similarly, avoiding the profanity filter will also lead to punishment.
2. English Only in All Official Chats, excluding Other Chat
  • In all official In-Game Chats, besides the Other Chat, you are only permitted to speak in English. However, feel free to make your own chat channel for speaking a non-English language. Here's a guide on how to make your own custom chat. Custom chats won't be moderated, but the Rules still apply in those channels. Any violation reported to us will be punished.
3. No Discussion of Infractions, Reports, or Applications
  • Do not discuss sanctions in any of the official chat channels, do so in the proper section of the forums: Discipline Appeals.
  • Do not discuss report-related topics in the chat. If you see someone violating the rules, make sure to report that player.
  • Do not discuss applications in the chat. This will reflect negatively on your application.
4. Links and Advertisement
  • Don't post any links in chat, with the exception of All Chat when it comes to advertising a livestream. (See All Chat Rules for more specifics.)
  • Advertising your personal channels, other Pokemon games* and services not related to PRO is strictly prohibited.
    • *This may not include Game Freak and Nintendo games
  • Do not advertise private chat channels in any of our official chats* with the exception of language channels
    • *If you are advertising a private channel to avoid moderation we may join said channel and moderate it
5. Avoid sensitive topics (Religion, Politics, Diseases)
  • Be careful when talking about delicate subjects such as religion, politics or diseases. Remember, you are not alone in the chat.
6. No Spamming
  • Spam in all forms is prohibited. Spam includes but is not limited to:
    • Excessive Letters, Symbols, Emojis, and Numbers
    • Sending multiple of the same message right after the other
    • Cutting up sentences into multiple messages when they can be placed in one sentence
7. No Mini-Modding.
  • Do not Mini-Mod in any of our channels, we encourage you to report any violations in our Report Center. You are allowed to tell a user kindly to stop rule breaking behavior.


All Channel

1. General Chat
  • All Chat is meant to be a General Chat. You can discuss multiple topics, as long as they are within the rules.
2. Price Checks & Rates
  • Price checks are to be asked here only.
  • Rates are not allowed in All Chat and must be asked in Battle Chat.
  • Alternatively, you may use our Gold and Silver Price Checking and Rates Sub-forums.
3. Trade Evolution Requests
4. Streams
  • Only Approved Streamers can post their stream link every 30 minutes. You can get approval for your stream in the Approved Streamers Megathread.

Trade Channel

1. Trade Rules
  • Before you start using Trade Chat, make sure you have read the Trade Rules.
2. Sales
  • You must not use any other chat for sales or buying.
  • Double and Rapid posting is prohibited. You must wait at least 1 minute AND have at least 5 posts in-between your trades. At Staffs discretion.
  • Keep your trades in one post at all times.
  • Off-topic posts are strictly prohibited.
3. Commenting
  • Trade Chat is used only for trade messages. Do not comment on other users' trades.
  • Do not write anything non-trade related in Trade Chat.
  • If you have concerns with a sale, you may privately message the seller.
Help Channel

1. Story-Related and General Questions
  • Help chat is only for story-related and General Questions.
  • Random and/or off-topic conversations are not allowed. You must use All Chat for those.
2. Price Checks and Rates
  • Price checks are to be asked in All Chat only.
  • Rates are to be asked in Battle Chat only.
  • Alternatively, you may use our Gold and Silver Price Checking and Rates Sub-forums.
3. Trolling
  • Trolling, i.e. purposely giving wrong information, is strictly prohibited & will be sanctioned harshly.
Battle Channel

1. PvP Rules
2. Strategy, Battles, and Rates
  • In this chat you can talk about PvP strategy and battles.
  • Chats around move-sets, desired abilities or natures, individual values and effort values are to be asked only in here.
  • Rates are to be asked only in here.
3. Taunting
  • Do not use this chat to taunt your opponents, this is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not contact your opponent during or after a PvP battle just to taunt them, this is strictly prohibited.

Other Channel

1. Other Languages
  • In Other Chat, you may speak in non-English languages. However, you may use English as well.
  • The General Chat Rules all continue to apply here.


Use the command /cgjoin [language] to join one of them.

  • French chat: french

  • German chat: deutsch or german

  • Indonesian chat: indonesia

  • Portuguese chat: portuguese

  • Brasil chat: brasil

  • Spanish chat: spanish

  • Polish chat: polish (only on certain servers though, not all)

  • Italian chat : italian, not all servers

  • Vietnamese chat: vietnam

  • Hungarian chat : Hungarian
If you know more chats, please Contact one of the Moderators to put them into this topic.
These chats may not be effected by the Official Chat Rules, however this doesn't mean that you can go against our Punishment Policy.
For example, harassing other players in these channels is still against the rules. Evidence from those chats will still apply on reports.

If you do have troubles understanding any of those rules you may check out "How to use our in-game chats according to our chat rules" as well.

Credits to Anduin, Qeight, BuyShinyNair, Fluffles.
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