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Necro's All Coded OU Tournament, Join Now!

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Jul 29, 2016
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Welcome to Necro's All Coded OU Tournament
Hosted by Necro On: P O K E M O N S H O W D O W N https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/
I've decided to host another tournament and from the poll I posted a month ago, people wanted to do a OU Tournament.

It will be PRO Rules but I'm allowing moves that are not coded or bugged in the game. https://tinyurl.com/PROBroken, like Substitute, Unburden ability, etc. Tournament is Silver Server only
Note: I can accept Gold Server people but the only way I can give a prize is Coin Capsules, if you're fine with that then feel free to join.

No Megas
Every move that's not coded or bugged in PRO are Allowed
Every ability that's not coded or bugged in PRO are Allowed
Speed Boost Blaziken, Arena Trap & Shadow Tag still Not Allowed

How to join: I'm setting a fee to prevent people from joining and not battling first round. Entry fee will be 20,000 Pokedollars
Kiiawe (my alt) will collect in Vermilion City for Silver
Necro will collect in Lavender Town for Gold

Prizes: I have 1 million for the prize pool, depending how many are going to join it will increase !
Start Time: I will collect fees for the rest of the week, Sign up's close on Friday May 3rd and Tournament will start May 4th

If neither of you have battled in the given time, one of you will move on. If you have tried contacting someone and they aren't answering, send me proof and you will automatically move on. Prize Pool: I have 1 million at the moment so depending how many join, I will up the prize!!

Hope you decide to join (:

Type in #tourney-sign-up if you're joining.

I'm in Ign: Showdown:

My Discord: https://discord.gg/z9ueYCJ
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