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New Region and beyond [2019]

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Oct 23, 2014
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Hello trainers!

There are several major projects for content in doing that I feel you should know about. I will note some of them down before someone leaks it the wrong way.

- New Region
New region is a custom approach. We call it a mini-region. But it's actually very huge. It is called Astrella, and it's done mapping wise. Region will feature a variety of spawns (gen 7 area), new content, quests, events, trade city and much more. It will be ready once script-work is done for it and once gen 7+ is fully operational, will not release it before that. Reason for a custom area is a simple one. We are unable to map anything past Unova graphic wise without having it improvised 99% and waste much time into art. The MMO setting commands a new region, so it's being delivered. With it, we will have whole game spawned with old and new Pokemon, closer to being complete. The region is currently in hands of scripters. Once they are done, I will spawn it, so you can catch some of the new Pokemon when we receive a full gen 7 update.

- Unova
Unova is planned and is slowly being mapped. Once it is done and ready, the whole game will be respawned from scratch due to distribution of the Pokemon around PRO world. We are also looking for mapping manpower to complete the task so that mapping side is done and ready for people to script on.

- Orange Islands
The Orange Islands are also being mapped and planned. Not much to say about this one.

** Note that plans may change any time. But what I said above is a current plan and it's being worked on. I want to have all mapping done before the schedule so that people can start working on the maps script wise etc. Thank you
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