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Sep 22, 2015
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This thread is designed for all the smaller updates and notices given to users.
Bigger changes involving in-game additions and client updates will remain in our Update Logs.
Please stay informed and we hope you continue to enjoy PRO!

Rank Color Codes and Hex Values
Developer - Red - #FF0000
Admin - Purple - #8934F8
Artist - Pink - #f611c9
Content Scripter - Yellow - #f1c40f
Mapper - Blue - #2267fa
Game Master - Green - #0ce91b
Trade Moderator - Dark Orange - #FF4500
Moderator - Orange - #e67e22
Community Coordinator - Light Blue - #09f4fd
Spawn Editor - Teal - #098a96
Contributor - Light Green - #63e284

- November 1st, 2019 to November 22th, 2019 -
News said:
Qeight - PVP Council Commencement - FAQ Inquiry
For more information regarding the commencement of the PVP Council, please follow this link to this thread.

Shaolan - Fail Ability/Nature Contest - Winners
Congratulations to the winners!

Nico360 - Halloween Ralts
Gybsgm - Togepi

Eaty - Server Maintenance Completed - Update
Servers up.
- Added Aurora Veil TM Seller in Snowpoint City House.

- Power-up Punch coded and TM Seller added in Veilstone City.

As well as more additions. Please follow this thread for more information.

Frucht - Toothless - Boss Update
Re-added tutorship of the move "Outrage" back to the Toothless boss.

Eaty & Shaolan- Battle Rework - Update
Server restart for battle fixes.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
Hello everyone,

Defeatist now works correctly and is therefore unbanned. For more information, please review the rules here.

Eaty & Shaolan - Battle Rework - Another Quick Update
For more information and what has been changed, please refer to this link here.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
Another quick update regarding our rules.
Seeing the recent battle update, I've removed Memento + Focus Sash from banned moves.

Eaty & Shaolan - Quick Update - #2
Some small changes on November 18th 9 PM GMT+0. For more information and what has been changed, please refer to this link here.

Also, added blue, pink and yellow PvP Clothes to the PvP Coin Shop.

Tigerous - Trading - PSA Announcement
Hi everyone,

If anyone feels like any Pokemon that is missing, please make sure to report so you would get it back in case it's rightfully yours or at least get what you paid for it in case it was originally a scammed Pokemon from its owner and was later sold to you. This is in the light of recent hack/scam cases.

Have a good time~

Shinohara - PSA
Hi everyone!

We would like to remind you that nowadays is really common to find scammers and bot within any forum platform (from the most famous to the not really known one).

Unfortunately, our forum is not an exception so please do always keep an eye out and remember to report to us staff members whenever you should see any of them.
Some can be easily recognized as they try to sell products such as hair/skin products, passports and many other things by using really long advertising posts, sometimes even translated with google translate.

Other times they will be recognizable as they will try to convince you under your posts to contact them on their email saying for example something like "Hi, I have the Pokemon you are interested in, please contact me on the following email: .... and then they will show you fake Pokemon and ask for money.

Remember to NEVER click on any link that those people send, as most of the time they can contain malware/virus and similar.

In addition to the people trying to sell you stuff for IRL money, being scam or not, remember as well that Real Money/ World Trading is strictly prohibited and all accounts involved will receive a permanent ban if done.

Thank you for your attention and we wish you a wonderful day / weekend.

Eaty - Halloween - End
Server maintenance in 4 hours to end the Halloween event and apply changes.
For more information, please refer to this thread here.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
Due to the recent changes, Last Resort is now removed from bannable moves.
For more information, please refer to this thread.

Tigerous - Lending - PSA Announcement
Hi everyone,

The lending trade is not meant to be for daycare, but it's just for giving a Pokemon that will return exactly as it is.
This means that even if the Pokemon is being trained by the day-carer it will return back untouched.
This is why you should make sure to make a normal trade when you're giving your Pokemon to be day-cared.

This announcement is due to the repeated cases of this type lately.
Have a good time.

Eaty - Alolan Outbreak - Start
The alolan outbreaks weekend starts in 20 minutes.

1. Both servers have random Alolan form spawns.
2. There will be three outbreaks for 18 hours each time.
3. The outbreaks can only be on maps with Route in their names.
4. All outbreaks are tier 8.

Check out #outbreaks-announcements to check the outbreaks.
To get tagged for outbreaks go to #bot-commands in our Discord and use ?rank Silver Outbreak or ?rank Gold Outbreak.

Eaty - PvE Coin Shop Mount Vote - Ended
Metagross won the PvE Coin Shop mount vote this month and will be added to the PvE Coin Shop with the next client update.
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May 10, 2018
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Recent Updates:

Shizeria - Lugia Mini-Boss
The issue with mini-boss Lugia has been fixed, and thus it is back. Lugia is also much tougher than before, so be prepared before challenging it!

Shinohara - Ladder Tournament Prizes
Hi everyone!
I would like to inform you that several changes have been made to the Ladder Tournament prizes.

From now on, we will announce the reward of the next ladder tournament at the start of the season and not anymore at the end. This was decided in order to create even greater competitions between players.
For example, we will announce the rewards of the Ladder Tournament of April, at the start of March's PVP Season.

Regarding the new rewards, from now on the winner of every tournament will be able to choose between three possible rewards that will change every month:

- One of two epic Pokémon, that can be offensive or defensive, with IV 31 22 27 30 25 26 spread as the winner most prefer, as well as nature and ability.
- - - The IVs of the rewarded Pokemon may receive minimum changes if they make the rewarded Pokemon more viable (e.g a Pokémon that may require low speed to be usable)

- A low tier(4 or less) Shiny Pokémon with the main Stat 31 IV, the others centered to 20. Nature and Ability chosen by the winner.

Also, after discussing it, we have decided that the Pokémon chosen, regardless if shiny or not, will be trade-locked and therefore it won't be tradeable.

# Froakie
# Croagunk
# Shiny Gastly

Thank you for reading and wish you a wonderful day !

Letrix - Forum Bugs
If you notice any bad/ outdated urls on the forum due to the new website, please report them here https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/forum-bugs.178/. Already fixed a few. Thanks.

Eyebeam - February Monthly Event
February monthly event! https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/love-is-fickle.118452/

Shaolan - Content Scripter Recruitment
We are currently looking for Content Scripters. If you are interested please read the Python API documentation and the application thread: http://docs.pokemonrevolution.net/

MagicGuard - Dig Spots
Dig Spots have been updated!

Prehax - Reworked Dig Spots and Spawn Changelog
Hello, we indeed reworked the Dig spots and want your feedback, suggestions & requests.
Please post them here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/dig-spot-rework-suggestions-feedback-requests.121027/
We already have adjusted one cruel aspect of it and from now on the empty chance is at 0%

02/09/2019 Spawn-changelog: https://tinyurl.com/PROSpawnChangelog

IMPORTANT(!!!) - Rarity update, please read the changelog :p
IMPORTANT(!!!) - Eumi Island currently has no form chances besides their spawns happy hunting o/

Xylos - Name Changes
All successfully requested name changes should be applied. Thanks for the patience.
If you have any issues regarding your name (wrong name, name didn't got changed, money was not charged etc.), please let it us know with a post in our General Complaint Area. https://www.pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/general-complaint-area.38/
If you have any problems occurring with your name with regards of your guild, please wait for the next server maintenance or crash and see if it is still present. If yes, please write a General Complaint and explain the issue.

General Complaint Area: https://www.pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/general-complaint-area.38/

Prehax - Spawn Fixes
-Route 211 - Dig spots are fixed and updated now
-Mt. Mortar - rare spawn is now fixed as well


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Jul 26, 2018
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Walrosskastanie - Client update
Server will be restarted due to a server and client update in 10 minutes.
Windows users only need to (re)start their clients while Android and Mac users have to redownload the client.

Changelog: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/update-logs.3149/post-665553
Download: https://pokemonrevolution.net/download

All updates are (also) available on Void.cat but they currently have issue.

PreHax - Spawn Fixes
- Eumi Island now has chances for valentines forms as well

YuiFelwood - PvE Shop update
- Electrode and Shiny Electrode mount are now available in the PvE Coin Shop!

PreHax - Spawn Fixes
- The rare membership only Pokemon in dig spots still flees for everyone without active MS however it now drops a Sitrus berry.

Qeight - Rules
Hello trainers,
With the recent Chat Rule changes, a lot of confusion built up within our community about what the rules actually mean. That is the reason why we decided to make a guide and explain every single one of our Chat rules. We really hope this helps clearing up any confusion you may have with them.

How to use our in-game chats according to our chat rules:

MagicGuard - Item Recycler revamp
- Item recycler reworked and now accepts elemental Gems.

Cames - Scripter recruitment
Just a small reminder:
The Content Scripter Recruitment is still open. I will reply to all applies within the next 5 days.
If you are interested please read the Python API documentation and the application thread:

Logan - Trade Rules
How to make a legitimate/valid auction according to Trade Rules: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/how-to-make-a-legitimate-valid-auction-according-to-trade-rules.120901/
Please, read it. Will help you understand how rules and T-Mods work @everyone
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Jul 26, 2018
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MagicGuard - Boss update
Changelog 18 - 2 - 2019:
- Tigerous added to Eumi Island Theme Park 2 as a source of Eumi Tokens.
- Brock reworked.
- Minor changes to held items and movesets.
- Cooldown checker for reworked bosses added to Celadon Office 2, as a temporary solution.

Changes to Hard mode:
- Randomizer disabled.
- In return, I've killed immunity ability abuse for good. Reworked bosses will not use moves if your Pokemon carries an
immunity ability targeting them. Seaking is dead. DEAD.

MagicGuard - Boss update
Changelog 19 - 2 - 2019:
- George reworked. Life Orbs are no longer in his reward pool, because frankly he's incredibly easy, even on Hard - this reward will be added back to a different boss.
- Pumpkin King reworked. - only one difficulty, now has third-time-reward.
- Suspicious Bot:
# Changelog
# ---
# Doubled PvE coin yield.
# Cinccino -> Moveset change.
# Chansey -> Snorlax.
# Latios -> Item change.
# Jirachi -> Moveset change. Nature change.
# Zekrom -> Item change. Moveset change.
# Reshiram -> Item change.

Walrosskastanie - Client update
Changelog 19.02.2019:
Optional client update. Windows users only have to (re)start their clients as usual:
- PVP timer shows the time now.
- Hovering the moves in battle shows a move description now.
- Pokemon card should not open randomly anymore if you closed it without the X.
- Pokemon card is closable with clicking on the Pokemon in your team again.
- Hovering items from Pokemon in your box should show the correct item description now.
- Unown forms and forms/shinies in trainer battles do not trigger the run away notifcation anymore.

Shizera - Side quest update
Hello people~

Officer Jenny in Viridian City and Pewter City has been reworked and updated according to our current spawns. Here are the changes:
-You can no longer abandon quest. However, you are no longer limited to one quest at a time.
-The list of quests are now colored, according to their current state.
-The Rattata quest now gives you TM96 - Thief upon accepting the bounty, to accomodate for the lack of Pokemon knowing Covet/Thief in the vicinity. Its reward has also slightly been raised.
-Officer Jenny in Pewter city now asks for Silcoon instead of Seedot, to go along with Headbutt spawn changes.

Qeight - Rules
We have updated our Chat rules regarding private channels:
4. Links and Advertisement
- Don't post any links in chat, with the exception of All Chat when it comes to advertising a livestream. (See All Chat Rules for more specifics.)
- Advertising your personal channels, other Pokemon games* and services not related to PRO is strictly prohibited.
*This may not include Game Freak and Nintendo games
- Do not advertise private chat channels in any of our official chats* with the exception of language channels
*If you are advertising a private channel to avoid moderation we may join said channel and moderate it

If you still have questions, concerns, doubts or want this change explained feel free to use our Complaint Area.
I have also updated our "How to use our in-game chats according to our chat rules"'s guide with those changes:

Eyebeam - Event
Raffle for Love Is Fickle event winners will happen on Friday, February 22nd, around 19:00 CET/12:00 CST! Good luck to all the participants!
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May 10, 2018
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PurpleMauth - Discord Moderator Recruitment
Hello @everyone! From this point forward, our server will have ongoing open recruitment for Discord Moderators! Are you familiar with our server and have an interest in helping maintain and shape it? Then being a Discord Moderator is the role for you! Some things to consider:
- A (mostly) clean punishment in history in Discord and in-game are beneficial.
- Being a recognized, active user is a definite plus. (Not an active user? Become one! Say hi in chat and get to know some people!)
- A positive attitude and willingness to help others is a must!
Do you meet these qualifications? If so, simply fill out the attached application at any time to be considered for the position.


Eaty - Changelog 21.02.2019
Optional client update. Windows users only have to (re)start their clients as usual:
- Pokemon in team and box have shiny sprites now.
- Badges in Trainer Card have a tooltip now.
- Android comfort feature: On many non-dragable fields it will show the tooltips now if you click on it and hold it without actually clicking.
^(World Map, move descriptions in-fight and in Pokemon card, Pokedex graph, Pokedex areas, Held items and more, items in inventory excluded)
- You can read the text on the buttons in Coin Shop again.
- Added a few things for the upcoming world quest.

I recommend to download the client if you want to be a part of the world quest as it will make things more comfortable.
@everyone @Nenkai - Just cause you seem to like tags!

Downloads: https://pokemonrevolution.net/download

MagicGuard - A Manifesto
For too long, "rare" Pokemon have suffered under the yoke of humans. They are hunted, captured, and harassed at every turn. Those called "legendary" scarce ever escape their first battle free, and even those that do are returned to this realm by a mysterious force, to be captured again. We will put an end to this. We shall grant all Pokemon the banality of being common! There must be no difference in human reaction between the sight of a powerful Salamence and a lowly Weedle! We intend to launch a massive cloning project and release these so-called "rares" into the wild, so that they may enjoy the same, relatively peaceful existence as other Pokemon. But to do this, we must have a sufficient base of genetic material. We do not have enough...
This slip of paper was found in Vermilion City. Anyone with information as to its origins should contact me.

Yes, there are those who would oppose us. Those who represent the capitalistic interests of this so - called "economy." Using Pokémon as nothing but tools for monetary gain. But we will vanquish them. Trainers' desire to be the master of legendary Pokémon is greater than their desire for money. Offer those that would help in the Acquisition a chance to see those they forsook. These sacrifices must be made to ensure the welfare of future generations of Pokémon.
Prehax - Headbutt Update
Headbutt update: The following locations now have Headbutts as well.
-Safari Zone Exclusive
-Twinleaf Town
-New Bark Town
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Jul 26, 2018
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MagicGuard - Birth Island
Birth Island and World Quest system implemented.
22-2-2019 Full Patch Notes:
-Birth Island is now open.
-Can be accessed via the Mysterious Captain in Vermilion City​
-Requires payment of a Mysterious Ticket.​
-Allows the capture of second and third members of legendary trios, as well as the other Lati twin, provided the respective quests​
have been done (approximately 50% chance of legendary).​
-All non-legendary Pokemon that can appear will appear with their hidden ability if they have one.​
-World Quest system implemented.
-Currently only has one quest - the Cult's Menagerie​
-All players on the server must work together to complete the World Quest.​
-Once complete, all players with more than 1% participation will be given a Mysterious Ticket.​
-All players with more than 12% participation (extremely difficult) will be given a second Mysterious Ticket.​
-Cult's Menagerie has a 0.5% chance of being activated every hour.​
-Once activated, the first player that talks to the Mysterious Cultist will trigger the quest's initialization.​
-The cultist will request 40000-45000 total IVs of one tier 8-9 Pokemon.​
-This represents approximately 500 Pokemon total, that the server must find.​
-All Pokemon given to the cultist are lost permanently.​
-The deadline is 24 hours. Failure to satisfy the Cult by the next day results in no rewards whatsoever.​
-Activated world quests on both Silver and Gold.

MagicGuard - Birth Island
Deactivated for a bit ^

Eaty - Birth Island
The World Quest will be activated the first time on February 23th 1 PM GMT+1 (that's pretty much in 24 hours from now on).
Also, keep in mind after the first start the quest can be activated randomly all the time with a 0,5%, so the quest won't be a one-time thing.
You will see an icon in your client as soon as it started and get a server wide message.

MagicGuard - NPC Update
Bugged Max Revives can now be traded for Revival Herb at Celadon Department Store 1F.

Eyebeam - Event
And it's over! Congrats to all the winners and huge thanks to everyone who participated, here are the raffle results:
1. Vday form poke of choice - LeeroyKenjins(Gold)
2. IV Reroll Ticket - Touringphreak(Silver)
3. Coin Capsule - Bunnystar(Silver)
4. Small MS Medallion - Ingmarm(Gold)
5. Vday form poke of choice - Raika (Silver)
6. Coin Capsule - xKrono (Silver)
7. IV Reroll Ticket - Renan2k (Gold)
8. Small MS Medallion - Robiox63 (Gold)
9. Coin Capsule - Charcuterie (Gold)
10. IV Reroll Ticket - Yasmin (Gold)
11. Vday form poke of choice - Soydark (Silver)
12. Small MS Medallion - Thatkid (Silver)

Shinohara - Valentine Form Event
A reminder that the Valentine Event has been extended to March 1st. Enjoy hunting!

MagicGuard - World Quest Update
IV requirement for future World Quests doubled, threshold halved percentage-wise. This is to give more users an opportunity to participate.

Eaty said:
Also, for future references. We added something to force save users data for Content Scripters.
This way your character will be saved right after you get rewarded from a World Quest and you will not lose anything if the server crashes.
Shaolan - Forums - Role Update
Donators and PRO Members will receive their roles properly in forum again. This includes older donations as well and will be automatically updated every hour.
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May 10, 2018
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Eaty - World Quest Updates
The World Quest was kinda messy last weekend and we apologize for that, especially on Silver server as Gold went smoothly as far as we can tell. We tested it as much as possible but it seems that a few bugs/scenarios only happen with many users. So if you want to help testing future quests to avoid this from happening, feel free to join our test discord: https://discord.gg/ZKwfH69

This was our first World Quest, so please be nice with us.

We fixed all problems and will announce another round for the same World Quest on this weekend.
- Content Scripters can force save users now.
- Users that were rewarded are saved instantly.
- Users that entered Birth Island are saved instantly.
- Users that caught the Pokemon on Birth Island are saved instantly.
- All other bugs within the quest are fixed.
- All MS-only spawns are removed from the quest.
- IV requirement was doubled and halved percentage wise for the reward. This is to give more users an opportunity to participate.

Next quest will be on this Saturday, 4 PM GMT+1/10 AM GMT-5/7 AM GMT-8.

As for users that lost the Pokemon/ticket due to the server crash right after the event ended:
I am really sorry about this and I know you are probably frustrated about it. We have no way to check who got a ticket and who didn't and therefore cannot refund it, but we are going to think about some kind of global reward for all players to compensate for it. And this won't happen in future events anymore.
We are not sure what we are going to do yet but we are open for suggestions. If you have a cool idea for a weekend event, feel free to PM me about it. I cannot promise we are going to do it but I'll definitely read it and keep it in mind when we discuss the event.

Eaty - Bug Fix
The bug where a team is dead on battle start in Ranked PVP should be fixed with the next server crash/restart.

PurpleMauth - Meme Event
#meme-event will finish in 24 hours! This is your last chance to submit a meme and vote on the existing ones. Friendly reminder that once you've posted a meme, that's your only submission. You may vote on as many memes as you like. Best of luck!

PurpleMauth - Meme Event Winners
The meme event has officially closed!

The top rated memes were submitted by SirNovic - TheArchitect, Battery, waleed1301, Camilovic, and Fallenshadow! All of you will receive the Memer role! However, there can only be one true winner of the ultimate prize. The winner of the coveted Meme God role is none other than... Casual Dunsparce-TheDrive!

Congratulations and thanks again for everyone who participated. See you in a few months for the next meme event!

Prehax - Pinkan Island Level Range
Please vote: "What levelrange should Pinkan Island have?" https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/what-levelrange-should-pinkan-island-have.122104/

Shizeria - New Officer Jenny NPCs
Hello people~ New Officer Jenny NPCs have made their appearance in Kanto, bringing a total of 10 new mini-quests that follow the same format as the first two Officer Jenny NPCs. These quests are designed for new players, so don't expect too much out of them if you have already completed the Kanto region.

Madboielle - February 2019 PvP Results
PvP season results, February 2019. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/pvp-season-results-february-2019.122261/
Credits to Qeight for making the post.

Juliph - February 2019 Monthly Recap
Hey everyone! Here's the February 2019 Monthly Recap. Please be advised accordingly. Hope you all have a great day!
Recap: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/february-2019-monthly-recap.122263/

Shinohara - Ladder Tournament Winners
Congratulations to the winners of the 17th Ladder Tournament
1st: Humberto
2nd: Gunners
3rd: Hugo5943
Thanks to everyone that participated, we hope to see the same participation in the next ladder tournament!

Eaty - Crash Issues
The crashes and problems were due to a bug in our script language. This should be fixed now.

To apologize for this trouble today and last week, we decided to make the Safaris open for everyone tomorrow, free of charge. All Safari spawns will stay there, all MS spawns in Safari will be catchable without MS and you can vote for 8 pokes you'll be able to catch in Safari. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh Safari will get 2 additional spawns for tomorrow.

The vote will end in four hours! Have a nice day. VOTE HERE: https://www.strawpoll.me/17532675

Juliph - Bug Catching Contest Event
Hi there. We, the staff team are now hosting a brand new event for the month of March, called the Bug Catching Contest Event. For more information and to learn how you can join, please refer to the link below. Have a wonderful day!

MagicGuard - Cult Accountant
To clear up confusion regarding the amount you've contributed, the cult has deployed their accountant to Vermilion City. He'll tell you how much you've done for the cult this quest.

Eaty - Safari Day Voting Results
Results: Rotom Snivy Larvesta Forakie Gible Solosis Pancham Pawniard Tepig

Prehax - Free Safari Day Changes
Hello everyone, for the Free Safari Day the following changes were made:
- All MS Pokemon including Kanto's Safari Exclusive are available for non MS players
- It's free
- The voted Pokemon are all implemented and are Tier8
- The voted Pokemon exchanged a low tier Pokemon for an even better chance to get them

The following Pokemon can be found:
Kanto Safari
- Solosis
- Pancham
Johto Safari
- Pawniard
- Gible
Hoenn Safari
- Larvesta
- Froakie
Sinnoh Safari
- Rotom
- Snivy

Enjoy hunting ^^

PS: Eumi Island spawns are back to normal
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May 10, 2018
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Eaty - Free Safari Week
Sorry for the trouble, many things were changed. Let's hope this is enough for now. The free Safari day is a free Safari week now. The event will end next Sunday 11:59 PM GMT+1. I know it's not ideal this weekend and we apologize for this. We are thankful for your patience.

Xylos - All Reworked Bosses
Hey, we have updated all reworked bosses in our official PRO Wiki: http://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Bosses

You can find there all useful information regarding Bosses. Teams, move sets, locations etc.
The only thing we lack at the moment are rewards. If you are aware of any rewards which are not listed on the Bosses specific wiki-page, feel free to let it me know (if possible with screenshot) or create a Wiki account and edit specific pages by yourself - it is very easy. Any other improvements/suggestions are also always welcome.

Thanks to Keita, ShinyCelebi, Pedrawr, and Xirtrix for editing and working with me on the specific pages and thanks to the Content Scripter team for providing much information and doing the boss rework in general! ^^

Qeight - Illigitimate Rank Boosting
Rule explanation: "Illegitimate Rank Boosting" - How we enforce this rule for transparency sake

Shinohara - 18th Ladder Tournament
Hi everyone! The registration for the 18th Ladder Tournament is now open.
If you are eligible, don't forget to register! https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/18th-ladder-tournament.122591/ Have a wonderful day !

MagicGuard - More Boss Reworks
Bugsy, Bruno, and Dragon Shrine's Lance have been reworked. As always, please let me know if anything unusual happens.

Letrix - Game Rules
Game rule 7 has been changed as its previous iteration did not clearly mention what we meant to prohibit from the game. If there are questions or concerns, please open a topic in the private complaint forum. Regards.

7. Helping a user hide their illegally gained belongings (Pokemon, Items, Money, etc) is forbidden.
This includes not reporting a user who you know has cheated or abused bugs.

7. Not reporting incriminating evidence, helping a user evade a ban, and hiding illegally gained belongings are all strictly forbidden.
This includes, but is not limited to:
Not reporting a user who you know has cheated or abused bugs.
Sharing accounts with a user who is permanently banned.
Trading stolen, botted or illegitimately gained Pokemon, items, money, etc whilst knowing of their origin.
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May 10, 2018
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Noxious - Ladder Tournament Rewards
Hey. Following Reward Pokemon for the First Place on next season's Ladder Tournament were decided on: Non-Shiny Gligar or Magnemite (HP Fire), with 31 22 27 30 25 26 IV spread. Nature and ability can be chosen by the winner. Regarding the Magnemite, IVs determine the Hidden Power of it. or Shiny Wingull, with main stat being 31 IVs and all other IVs centered at 20. Nature and ability can be chosen by the winner. Good Luck in this month's PvP season.

Eaty - PvP Update
Just a small information for all PvPer in PRO. We officially started to rework the battle code in PRO from scratch today. It might take 1-2 months to be finished - no guarantee - from this point onwards. Our goal is to make all moves, abilities, items and forms (Megas included) work in-fight. When we reached the point where we rework the Battle UI we'll also announce and reward the winners from the Battle UI contest. Everything we currently use in PRO related to battles will be completely trashed and never be touched again. Also, current move animations probably won't work anymore after the rework. We'll add the important animations such as Substitute but the rest will be added sometime later. Have a nice day!

Noxious - Ladder Tournament Rewards
Hey guys. We decided to change the rewards of the Ladder Tournament and we changed the process to the following:

First Place
Tradeable non-shiny High Tier Pokemon Reward with following IVs: 31 22 27 30 25 26
1x Reroll Ticket
Untradeable shiny Low Tier Pokemon Reward with IVs centered at 20. One stat can be 31 IVs
1x Reroll Ticket

Second Place
1x 60-day Membership
1x Reroll Ticket

Third Place
1x 30-day Membership

The First Place gets to pick a Pokemon from the following list. The list will be updated by Tournament Hosts, but as always we are open for new additions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NTY6AB6FWjD-eoRYopcURn1fTtDXBtexBMVVFy93ukw/edit

I hope that you like the new rewards and we wish you good luck in future Tournaments as well as climbing up the ladder.
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Former Staff
May 10, 2018
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Eaty - Mass Test
Hello guys! We're changing lots of stuff client wise in PRO, with that comes many different bugs. We want to work on these things with you guys so we'd like some help on testing for bugs. Of course, you'll be rewarded. Below are some details on the event.

Shizeria - Item Recycler
Some of you may have noticed already, but the Item Recycler no longer gives Nuggets and other similar items when recycling items one at a time, just like it was before Gems were added. The Recycler was not intended to give these items on single item recycles, and this opened up money exploits.

MagicGuard - Bell Exchanger
Bell exchanger no longer disappears after one exchange. The requirement that you have not already encountered a legendary dog still applies.
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