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Sep 22, 2015
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South Florida, United States
Eaty - Halloween 2019 Giveaway Event Winnerst
Results of the winners are provided below. Congratulations to the planers who won!
Mini MS:
1. Vavitony - Silver
2. Ruistd - Gold
3. Kajetaniak - Silver
4. Avexion - Silver
5. Animarah - Silver
6. Jkaayy - Silver (?)
7. Tisyo - Silver
8. SacredRed - Silver
9. Azendak123 - Gold
10. Pocarica - Silver
11. Pyroth - Silver
12. Swish - Silver
13. SoulWolfdwagon - Silver
14. DrakeFlame - Gold
15. Jiamel - Gold
16. Penny - Silver
17. Feliximanuel - Gold
18. Rabidedx - Gold
19. Sevenfold17 - Silver
20. BlazeLeiton - Silver
21. iammeetdp - Silver
22. Felixlalala - Gold
23. brunor862 - Gold
24. Fiendking - Silver
25. Kboww - Gold
26. kangkilung - Gold
27. Pikachuonbush - Silver
28. Eypomate - Silver
29. Akshay97 - Silver
30. wolffangkuroe - Silver

Reroll Tickets:
1. jorgemape - Silver
2. zypaex - Gold
3. Ckzkiz - Silver
4. Schattenpalkia - Silver
5. Tr33f - Silver
6. Fylans - Gold

Discord Nitro:
1. Xurion - Silver
2. NgcLethalBacon - Gold

Comrader - Discord Emote Event - Winners
Hello again!

The winners of the emote event are:
Xmas Scara
Magic Bounce Xatu

To claim your mini membership, please contact Qeight with your Ingame name and Server.

Congratulations to the winners!

Shinohara - Name Change | Server Transfer | Account Reset Services - Closed
The Service Thread (Username Change, Account Reset, Server Transfer) is officially closed! (closed at 17.00 GM)
In the next days, all the requests will be processed.

Please be patient in the while, you will get tagged on the forum when it will be done

Have a wonderful day!

Tigerous - Discord - PSA Announcement
Please make sure to know that the sales being made in #trades-and-prices-silver and #trades-and-prices-gold should only be added with instant prices for the Pokemon and in first place these channels should be secondary to making a thread on forums (Do not host an auction through these channels based on Discord PMs for offers).

When an auction is made on forums its easier for us to moderate it and help in trading in fact, not every discord name or evidence is reliable. Also please make sure to take full evidence for your trade agreements even when you're trading with friends.

This makes it easier for us to help you in case you report to recover your Pokemon faster.
Good day~

Mercurius - PVP Season Results - October 2019
You can review them by visiting this forum post here.

Eaty - PVP Season Conclusion - Maintenance
Maintenance and PvP season ended! Pink chance changed back to 1/1500 everyone!

Tradable PvE Coin Shop items this month:
- Akatsuki Robe
- Peach Diva Dress (female only)
- Red Punk Jacket (male only)
- Magic Carpet

Halloween Event also ends in two weeks, but we are already working on Christmas, so there's no need to be sad!

MagicGuard - Halloween Event - A Mini-boss Approaches!
Horon, Thief of Souls has been added to Dark Valley.

This mini-boss serves as the reset point for Dark Realm (for those of you who left it) and also serves to restore Darkrai if you have failed to catch it for any reason.

It also allows for you to obtain the Halloween Rapidash Mount. You must defeat him without having any of your Pokemon faint.

Good luck!

Shinohara - Scary Story Contest - Closed
Scary Story Contest winner will be announced in the next days. Thanks to everyone who've participated!

Shinohara - 26th Ladder Tournament - Open
Hi everyone!
The registration for the 26th Ladder Tournament is now open. If you are eligible, don't forget to register here!
Have a wonderful day!

Shaolan - Fail Ability/Nature Contest - Winners
Congratulations to the winners!

Snormaxxx - Froakie (ID: 40042409)

Pocalist - Froakie (ID: 30135059)

The last contest (week) started now!

Eaty - Christmas Event - Sprite Poll
You can vote at the poll posted here! For more information regarding the Christmas sprite, please review our wiki post regarding them here!

Nikola - Website Outage - November 7th
We are aware of website being down. This is due to lack of memory and it's being looked at. Currently, the site is online with normal users being unable to upload any attachment on the forums. (use direct link images instead).

This may be enabled once issues is sorted out with our host and larger capacity drive has been installed. The site can go down again any moment, but we are aware of the issues.

Thank you.

Tempa - Mapper Recruitment
Hi there everyone,

We’re currently looking for more Mappers. With that, we’ll be holding an Open Recruitment.
For more information, please check out the forum thread here!

We’re looking forward to reading your applications and I wish everyone the best of luck.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Qeight - Discord - Report Phishing Links
If you are receiving any Discord links in private messages, please report them to any Discord Moderator or directly to me in PMs.

Don't click on anything, just report their discord ID with a screenshot.

Qeight - Discord - Reactions
Nitro Boosters, Contributors, Top 50, Discord Member+ (on a trial basis) can now use Reactions.
Any misuse or abuse will result in sanctions or the removal of those permissions again.


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Sep 22, 2015
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South Florida, United States
Qeight - PVP Council Commencement - FAQ Inquiry
For more information regarding the commencement of the PVP Council, please follow this link to this thread.

Shaolan - Fail Ability/Nature Contest - Winners
Congratulations to the winners!

Nico360 - Halloween Ralts
Gybsgm - Togepi

Eaty - Server Maintenance Completed - Update
Servers up.
- Added Aurora Veil TM Seller in Snowpoint City House.

- Power-up Punch coded and TM Seller added in Veilstone City.

As well as more additions. Please follow this thread for more information.

Frucht - Toothless - Boss Update
Re-added tutorship of the move "Outrage" back to the Toothless boss.

Eaty & Shaolan- Battle Rework - Update
Server restart for battle fixes.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
Hello everyone,

Defeatist now works correctly and is therefore unbanned. For more information, please review the rules here.

Eaty & Shaolan - Battle Rework - Another Quick Update
For more information and what has been changed, please refer to this link here.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
Another quick update regarding our rules.
Seeing the recent battle update, I've removed Memento + Focus Sash from banned moves.

Eaty & Shaolan - Quick Update - #2
Some small changes on November 18th 9 PM GMT+0. For more information and what has been changed, please refer to this link here.

Also, added blue, pink and yellow PvP Clothes to the PvP Coin Shop.

Tigerous - Trading - PSA Announcement
Hi everyone,

If anyone feels like any Pokemon that is missing, please make sure to report so you would get it back in case it's rightfully yours or at least get what you paid for it in case it was originally a scammed Pokemon from its owner and was later sold to you. This is in the light of recent hack/scam cases.

Have a good time~

Shinohara - PSA
Hi everyone!

We would like to remind you that nowadays is really common to find scammers and bot within any forum platform (from the most famous to the not really known one).

Unfortunately, our forum is not an exception so please do always keep an eye out and remember to report to us staff members whenever you should see any of them.
Some can be easily recognized as they try to sell products such as hair/skin products, passports and many other things by using really long advertising posts, sometimes even translated with google translate.

Other times they will be recognizable as they will try to convince you under your posts to contact them on their email saying for example something like "Hi, I have the Pokemon you are interested in, please contact me on the following email: .... and then they will show you fake Pokemon and ask for money.

Remember to NEVER click on any link that those people send, as most of the time they can contain malware/virus and similar.

In addition to the people trying to sell you stuff for IRL money, being scam or not, remember as well that Real Money/ World Trading is strictly prohibited and all accounts involved will receive a permanent ban if done.

Thank you for your attention and we wish you a wonderful day / weekend.

Eaty - Halloween - End
Server maintenance in 4 hours to end the Halloween event and apply changes.
For more information, please refer to this thread here.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
Due to the recent changes, Last Resort is now removed from bannable moves.
For more information, please refer to this thread.

Tigerous - Lending - PSA Announcement
Hi everyone,

The lending trade is not meant to be for daycare, but it's just for giving a Pokemon that will return exactly as it is.
This means that even if the Pokemon is being trained by the day-carer it will return back untouched.
This is why you should make sure to make a normal trade when you're giving your Pokemon to be day-cared.

This announcement is due to the repeated cases of this type lately.
Have a good time.

Eaty - Alolan Outbreak - Start
The alolan outbreaks weekend starts in 20 minutes.

1. Both servers have random Alolan form spawns.
2. There will be three outbreaks for 18 hours each time.
3. The outbreaks can only be on maps with Route in their names.
4. All outbreaks are tier 8.

Check out #outbreaks-announcements to check the outbreaks.
To get tagged for outbreaks go to #bot-commands in our Discord and use ?rank Silver Outbreak or ?rank Gold Outbreak.

Eaty - PvE Coin Shop Mount Vote - Ended
Metagross won the PvE Coin Shop mount vote this month and will be added to the PvE Coin Shop with the next client update.


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Sep 22, 2015
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South Florida, United States
Qeight - Discord - PSA
If you are receiving any Discord links in private messages, please report them to any Discord Moderator or directly to me in PMs.
Don't click on anything, just report their discord ID with a screenshot.

AlCedo - Move Tutoring Update
Alolan Raichu can now learn Focus Blast.

MagicGuard - Legendary Obtainment Quests - Update
Legendary hour requirements slashed across the board.

Mew: 225 -> 100
Celebi: 275 -> 150
Raikou, Entei, Suicune: 450 -> 200
Jirachi: 100 since entering Hoenn -> 200
Heatran: 150 since entering Sinnoh -> 200

Eaty - ??
It's coming

Shinohara - Update Regarding Requests
The requests are closed, this is a thread for the ones who had requested it before the closure.
To everyone that had requested a service in the rename, server transfer, reset account make sure to check this.
For the one that had their requests rejected, or in pause due to lending trade etc, please make sure to check the given directions

LightningVector - Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
The Discord Team is thankful for having all of you amazing users here on this lovely server and we are proud to be part of this community.
Be sure to be grateful too, to all those you appreciate in your life! Family, friends, pets, and any thing or other person you appreciate and are thankful for having.

Never forget to give your thanks!

Shinohara - Update Regarding Requests - Part II
Given all the transfer requests received recently, even after the service was closed, we have decided to open once again the Server Transfer Thread.
THIS IS ONLY FOR SERVER TRANSFER since we do appreciate people playing with each other and many people want to move to play with their friends and we want to encourage that.

All the requirements, except the 100k payment, have been removed in order to make it accessible to everyone and we do hope that you like and appreciate it.
The thread will stay open until the 12th December 2019 23.59 GMT.

MagicGuard - Recruitment - Content Scripters & Testers
Both Tester and Content Scripter applications are open until December 15th

Go apply!

Mercurius - PVP Season Results - November 2019
For the results, please refer to this link to the thread here.

Eaty - November 30 - Update
For more information regarding the update on November 30, please refer here.
The Christmas Event Part I officially started now and Pokemon can be found themed!

Firling - Christmas Update - Info
Hi, Part I of the Christmas Event is now live!
You'll find a sailor to the Evergreen Island in Vermilion City!
Here's a list of the different content you'll find on the Island:

  • Christmas Chris:
    Battle him every day and earn up to 24 different presents against random teams!
    He trains very hard every day to improve and is the owner of a generous Delibird, who carries a special present each time you meet him.
    Missing out on these battles is not recommended!
  • Xmas Contest Hunt:
    Submit the best Pokemon to get a reward!
    You can submit any Pokemon that has an Xmas form.
    There will be 3 editions of the contest event, meaning that there will be 3 winners for each server.

  • Underground Battle:
    Beat all the trainers to win some Xmas Currency!
    You can enter the Underground 3 times per day.
The Xmas Currency can be spent in the Xmas shop!

PreHax - Spawn Update
- Larvitar, Togepi & Ralts Repel tricks are back
- I won't be removing Repel tricks during event times anymore as my vision for spawns doesn't align with the majority of the community
- Zangoose is now available at Pinkan Island
- The Xmas Event maps are the best to hunt Xmas forms, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


Aspheric - Evergreen Island - Map Overview
As many people have been having trouble navigating the Evergreen Island maps I have gone ahead and made a quick map overview of the main maps and where everything leads in hopes of helping everyone out.

Firling - Christmas Update - Christmas Currency
You can talk to the Professor Langdon in Evergreen Pokecenter to learn about your current Christmas Tokens.

AlCedo - Item Restoration - Halloween

The first wave of item restoration is done.
Please talk to the Item Finder in Vermilion City (Mummy) to get back your items.

Senrosia - 26th Ladder Tournament - Winners
The 23rd Ladder Tournament has officially ended.
The winners are the following:


The next Ladder Tournament will be announced soon.
Have a wonderful day!

AlCedo - Christmas Event - Update
A shortcut has been added to Evergreen Island Village to make accessing from the Shore much faster.

Eaty - Guild Ladder Update + General Updates
Starting this season, you need to be in a guild for at least seven days for your rating to count in the guild ladder.

I've also added Metagross and Pyroar mounts to PvE Coin Shop. There also the additon of the Heatran Mount to PvP Coin Shop as well.

Don't not forgot to also suggests mounts for the next Shop Suggestion Thread here.

Frucht - ??

Aspheric - Evergreen Island - Update
I've added a Mailbox to the Evergreen Island Village. Sorry for overlooking that.

Frucht - Boss Update - Christmas Chris
Christmas Chris now resets at midnight server time. Also have done some minor scaling changes.

Aspheric - Evergreen Update - Yet Another Update
A new area of the Evergreen Island Crystal Cave is now accessible. It leads to Evergreen Waterway where even more spawns can be found.

AlCedo - Event Move Tutor - Added
An Event Tutor who teaches Haze has been added to Evergreen Village House 5.

Frucht - Quack to Meet Ya
Captain Quack Jack came to visit the Celadon Game Corner and wants to play a game of cards with you!
To get free coins, talk to the Gifter above.
Warning: This NPC is currently undergoing mass testing, you will not be able to earn or lose any money yet.
Please use this opportunity to report any bug or simply feedback to me (@Chris.#7430) via Discord DM!

MagicGuard - Alolan Raichu - Update
Alolan Raichu can now use the Pre-Evolution Move Tutor.

Tigerous - Account Transfer PSA
The offers done pending on a server transfer will be considered void.
For example you're from Gold and requested a transfer to Silver, you won't be able to offer for stuff from Silver server unless you already successful transferred there. (and vise versa of course).
This is just to eliminate confusion.

Shinohara - 27th Ladder Tournament - Registration
Hi everyone!
Registrations for the 27th Ladder Tournament are now open. If you are eligible, don't forget to register!
Remember to register yourself on the thread as it's pretty much more comfortable.

Tempa - Evergreen Island - NPC Changes
Short information: You can find the Sailor to Evergreen Island here now!

Frucht - Quack to Meet Ya - Update
Quack Jack will temporarily be near the Evergreen Village Pokecenter.
The gifter below him will give you free coins.

Update: Slightly decreased house edge in Quack Jack.

Shinohara - Server Transfer - Update
Server Transfer are currently completed until the last existing page:

I would like to remind that it will stays open until December 12th, 2019 23:59 GMT.
If you are looking for a transfer and have yet to request it, remember to do it as the service is offered only for this limited amount of time!

PreHax - Spawn Update
I've fixed the Lotad Spawn in Safari Area 2, so good luck catchers!

Frucht - Quack to Meet Ya - Testing Phrase Conclusion
The Quack Jack testing phase is over. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Firling - Xmas Contest Event - Update
The first edition of the Xmas Contest Event has ended yesterday.
Here's the 2 winners of this first edition:
- Gold : Maurogrmp, with a total of 201 points
- Silver : Nunuclear, with a total of 208 points

The second edition has started yesterday too.
Good luck and have fun!

Comrader - Emote Event - Start

#emote-event is back for another round. Which emotes do you wish to be added onto this server? You players will choose.
Read pinned messages in the stated channel of our Public Discord Server for more information.

Goodluck to everyone.
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Sep 22, 2015
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Eaty - PVE Mount Voting & Extras
The second monthly PvE Shop Mount vote is available and we ask that you vote for what you want!

Also, there will be two more PvP Shop Mounts next client update.

Oh and Happy Holidays!

Tempa - Applications Closed
Content Scripter, Tester and Mapper applications are now closed. Thanks for everyone's interest, expect responses in near future.

Eaty - PVE Mount - Voting Conclusion
Altaria won the monthly PvE Shop Mount vote.

Frucht - ??
The community goal was reached! I wonder what Christmas Chris has to say...

It will take some time till the cave entrance is cleared. You will get an update during the next days.

BadW0lf - Christmas Update
Trevor has been battling in the underground everyday as well as fighting Christmas Chris everyday. And now he has more Christmas Coins then he knows what to do with. So he is hosting a hide and seek event to give some away! You can find him in Evergreen Village House 6! He also wanted me to pass this on to you. On his way back to the village, he talked to people that are clearing a new path, and they said this path should be cleared on the 24th!

Qeight - Discord - PSA
There is no such thing as "No Spoiler"- rule on this discord, any previous statements made about this are invalid or false. I advice you to turn off your computer, and don't use the internet if you don't want to be spoiled about a certain movie that just came out.

We are NOT going to restrict people from talking about things just because others didn't see a particular movie yet.

Comrader - Emote Event - End

Another emote event has come to an end! The top 3 are...
Potato 2.0

Please contact Qeight with your in-game name and server to claim your 7 day XP Boost item.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Frucht - ??
Something weird is happening in the Islands near Evergreen Waterway.
You sense immense powers colliding.
Maybe one of the village's elders can give an insight as to what is happening?
Aspheric: Mappers note: Let the goat guide you

Shaolan - Move Rework
The move Dual Chop is now fixed. Should work properly now.

Qeight - PVP Rules - Update
We have updated our PvP Rules:
- Kyurem has been unbanned

For more information, please refer here.

Aspheric - Notice about Nikola Boss
Kyurem can now be obtained by defeating Nikola for all those who lost their chance to catch it.

Firling - Kyurem Update
Kyurem's Form Changer has been added to Evergreen Island Village!

Eaty - Dashboard Inquiry - Translation
We are currently looking for someone to make a small PRO logo for our new dashboard. (can be "PRO" in a cool looking font).
If someone provides a logo we want to use we will reward it with an item of his/her choice. This includes staff-only items. It needs to be a clean logo, best format would be .svg. PM me in Discord with your logo.

It's the small logo on the top left side:

Eaty - Dashboard Inquiry - Translations
Hello, we are looking for a few quality checkers for our Dashboard for our Greek translation.
Please PM Theminho#8742 on Discord with a short introduction in Greek.

Logan - Inquiry Closed
Thanks to all greeks that messaged me. I expected way less.
Job has be done today so our developers can deliver some content, so everyone who was not picked for the one or the other reason, we will have similar stuff in the future.
Cheers and happy new year to all!

Senrosia - 27th Ladder Tournament - Results
The 27th Ladder Tournament has officially ended. The winners are the following:


The next Ladder Tournament will be announced soon.
Have a wonderful day!


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Sep 22, 2015
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South Florida, United States
Eaty - Guilds - PVP Rating
As already announced a while ago ratings from users that weren't part of a guild for at least 7 days when the season ends won't count to their guild rating. The Reborn Bot is not up2date with the guild rating right now, this will be changed today.

This is the actual guild ladder right now (Only top 10 are part of the guild ladder):

Reborn Bot shows the correct guild ladder now.

Eaty & The Whole Staff Team - Happy New Years
Happy new year from the whole team. PvP Season has ended and Tradable PvE Coin Shop items this month: Dark Diva Dress (Female-only), Pyroar Mount, S Pyroar Mount and TZ Clothes (Male-only).

Also, a small sneak peek for the upcoming Altaria Mount. This is not the final version!

Shinohara - PRO Awards 2019
Hello everyone!

The 2020 is just started (for almost everyone) and, as one of our traditions, we would like to celebrate it and the entire 2019 by hosting our yearly PRO AWARDS !

You will have the chance to vote for players and Staff Members in different categories. Those with the most votes will receive rewards as well as one person who submitted the full voting table. Make sure to read the rules, which are written in RED and this year they are more strict than the last year in order to avoid trolls.


After discussing it within Management Team, it was decided to add the Tester category in the PRO Awards 2019. We would appreciate if you would go back and edit your votes and add/vote for the "Best Tester" category as well. Feel free to adjust and vote for your Best Tester as well in the link provided.

Qeight - PVP Season Results - December 2019
PVP Season Results, December 2019

Our apologies for the delay on them being released!

Shaolan - General Updates
- Weak Armor now raises Speed by two stages.
- Pokemon cannot be frozen in sunlight anymore.
- Burn Up should work properly now.
- Guild permission bug has been fixed. Officers and Leaders should be able to always kick, promote and invite now.

These fixes will be active after the next server restart/crash. Burn Up stays banned till then. We will make an announcement when it's unbanned.

Eaty - Christmas Event - Update
The Christmas event will be removed within the next few days.

Shaolan - Most Used - December 2019
Most Used Pokemon, December 2019

Eaty - Mounts
Added Venusaur and Whiscash Mounts to Coin Shop.

Eaty - Looking for QA
We are currently looking for a few quality checker to check the translations for our dashboard.
This should take around 30-120 minutes for everyone participating.
We need quality checkers for German (PM @Walrosskastanie), Italian (PM @Salt), PortugueseBR (PM @NaNo u ).
Please write a few sentences in the language you want to help with via Discord PM. It will take 1-2 hours.
Sorry for all tags recently but this one was needed.

Shinohara - 28th Ladder Tournament - Registration
Registrations for the 28th Ladder Tournament are now open. If you are eligible, don't forget to register!

Remember to register yourself on the thread rather than DM as it's pretty much more comfortable for us and the tournament in general.

BadW0lf - Dive Update
Using the move Dive outside of battle no longer requires happiness.

Aspheric - Notice about Vermilion City
Due to Vermilion City being modified and slightly remade it is possible that some players might find themselves in walls and unable to move.

If this happens to you, you can either DM @Sax Aspheric or make a post in General Support and a staff member will help you:

Mercurius - Update for Burn Up
PVP Rules are also updated as according to the update regarding Burn Up addition.

BadW0lf - Move Tutors - Update
Anyone who has left over Xmas Coins, or missed out on the Event Move Tutor for Wish, They traveled from Evergreen Island all the way to Eumi Island Town. Feel free to spend your coins or teach your pokemon here now!

Eaty and Shaolan - Dashboard
Forum, Website and Registration are now back online and properly working again. Forum has been moved on a new and better server. The system used for sending and receiving e-mails, like for password and email change, should now works better and you should now always receive the email without any issue and in a shorter time The release of the new dashboard is planned for tomorrow and we will make an announce as soon as it will be released.

The new dashboard has a few additional features:
- You are able to server transfer for free once every 30 days, every additional server transfer costs 100 coins.
- You are able to rename your account for 500 coins. The high price is intended.
- Ladders are back (Solo Ranked PvP, Guild Ranked PvP, Friendly PvP Matches, In-game Money, Most Time In-game, Player% by Country).
- Privacy settings to hide your in-game money and country from ladders.
- You are able to see your whole infraction history now, not only the last entry.
- You are able to link your Discord and in-game accounts now.

DASHBOARD LOGO: We decided to take @Killmeslow's logo. Please PM me with the item of your choice!

Every participant (@Kasbarino, @Len, @hiro, @Trizzy, @The Misused Thumb, @CHOLKI, @FumiX, @Gforce, @Himanshu990, @Sp4rda, @15 yEaRs, @jiyose, @WarlockEX, @Fat_Panda, @Warden, @kotzf, @salvorok, @jakeyy129) will get a Mini MS, please PM me with your username and server!

Servers are up, new Dashboard is online. @everyone

If you find any translation errors, please join https://discord.gg/3aGrku and report it to the needed translator.
Internet Explorer is not supported yet. Have fun. :)

Qeight - Ranked PVP Rules - Update
January 9th, 2020
- Rule 2. has been updated

Better clarification on what is banned

BadW0lf - Berry Farmers
The berry farmer at Lake of Rage just got back from traveling afar. And on his travels, he learned how to grow Leppa Berries! you should go check his farm out!
He even hired Aspheric for the remodel of his farm.

Logan - Game Rule Update
Game Rule Number 2 will be rephrased as below. You can find Game Rules here:

2. Each person is allowed a maximum of four owned accounts.
This includes but is not limited to:
- Exploiting more than 4 allowed accounts in order to gain mass profit or frequently gaining large amounts of income.
- If someone has quit PRO and gave their account to you, take anything you want at once and stop using it only if you already own 4 accounts. Be aware doing this may trigger a ban in which you will need to appeal and provide proper evidence of the account being given to you.

(For Example: Having the password of more than 4 accounts you received by people who are inactive in order to fight bosses, doing PvE quests to receive rewards, or progressing during a Special Event in order to receive one time rewards such as Reroll Tickets, etc...)

You may only have one account per email address.

Eaty - Soon
Soon :)

Mercurius - Discord - PSA
Hello everyone that @Here, my apologies for the ping, but this is a security reminder.

If someone DMs you stating that they are offering you a "free Discord Nitro" and asking you to scan a Discord QR code, I would like to tell you that they are trying to steal access to your account.

If any players see someone who does this in this server, we recommend that you please DM a picture of this to our Discord Team.

With that, I do hope you guys enjoy playing safely.

Shinohara - PRO Awards
Just a little bump for the PRO Awards 2019 since we miss 15 days to the end of it !
If you have yet to participate and want a chance to win a Shiny Klink, that's your chance!

BadW0lf - Digway Update
The digway on Route 22 now leads both to Indigo Plateau and now Mt. Silver Exterior.
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