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Trade Moderator
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Trade Rules:

  • 1. Use the appropriate subforum when trading and only use Trade Chat when looking for trades in-game.
  • 2. Each player may only have one active post in each sub-forum.
  • 3. Scamming, misleading or deceiving other players is prohibited and will be aggressively sanctioned.
  • 4. When a deal has been agreed upon, by both parties, you can not go back on it. A deal is done once both price and location of the trade are agreed upon, or an insta price is met
  • 5. Trades outside of PRO are prohibited and not to be discussed.
  • 6. Users can sell their Pokemon at whatever price they'd like, within reason. Do not harass users over their sales.
  • 7. Do not comment off-topic on other people's posts and do not comment on Trade Chat.
  • 8. In Trade Chat, do not spam unnecessary letters, numbers, symbols to get attention. Any form of spam in the channel will result in a mute.
  • 9. When advertising a sale, make it clear for what you are selling/ buying.
  • 10. You are allowed to bump your trade post once every 24 hours and, in-game, you can repost your trade once per minute. Any faster may result in a mute.
    • NOTE: Your forum trade posts will be automatically locked if they haven't been posted to for 14 days.
  • 11. Fake Offering/Selling/Bidding with no intention to buy/sell is prohibited.
  • 12. In auctions, the auctioneer should announce the rules of the auction and the item(s)/pokemon(s) being auctioned, call and acknowledging bids made, and announce the winner, said rules should be respected. (i.e. If you withdraw your auction due to 'low offers' without stating that beforehand in said auction's rules, you will be punished.)
  • 13. Regarding insta/fixed prices for Pokémon/Items on the trade forums, the user who bids the insta first will be the winner. Any bids made after this point for the same mon will be voided, and the seller must respect the sale to the first player who met the insta price.
  • 14. If a Pokemon was sold unfairly to any user other than the original winner it will be forcefully moved to the rightful owner of the auction, whatsoever.
  • 15. In cases concerning account hack's all the gained goods will be removed/seized if found on your account.Trade agreements will be considered as void in such cases.

Types of trades forums in PRO:

  • Selling Pokemon - (A forum for selling your Pokemon).
    • You can use this forum to sell your Pokemon.
    • Do not sell more than 5 Pokemon per thread.
    • You can auction your Pokemon but you must specify the auction rules and timer.
    • To sell 6+ Pokemon, use the Personal Shops subforum instead.
  • Buying Pokemon - (Looking to buy a Pokemon? This is the forum for you).
    • Use this forum to advertise that you're looking to buy a Pokemon.
    • Be specific to help sellers identify your posts.
  • Shiny and Special Pokemon - (A forum exclusively for selling Shiny Pokemon and Special Variant Pokemon).
    • Use this forum to sell Shiny, Xmas, Halloween, Pinkan and Clone Pokemon.
    • You can create a Shiny/ Special Variant shop here.
  • Service Shops - (A forum for advertising your Pokemon Daycares, Renting or Pokédex services).
    • This forum is used for creating and advertising your various shops.
    • Do not use this subforum as an alternate place for Personal Shops.
  • Pokemon Shops - (Have lots of Pokemon to sell? This is the place for you)!
    • If you are selling/ auctioning 6 or more Pokemon, use this forum.
    • Do not sell Shiny Pokemon or Special Variant Pokemon here.
    • Do not sell Dex service, Rental Pokemon or Daycare services here.
    • You can add items as long as they are being sold with 6 or more Pokemon.
  • Rate/Price Checks - (Looking for a rate or price check? Try here)!
    • Use this forum to get ratings from other users on your Pokemon.
    • You can also get price checks for your Pokemon and/or ingame items here.
  • Coins & Items - (A forum for buying and selling items or coins).
    • Use this forum to sell Shop Coins and ingame items.
    • Create your own personalised shop for Coins and Items here.
    • Do not sell Pokemon here.

Trade Terminology:

  • WTS, WTB and WTT - Want to Sell, Want to Buy and Want to Trade, respectively. Each indicate what the user's intentions are with their trade post.
  • BO and CO - Best Offer and Current Offer. Both indicate what the current highest offer is on an auction.
  • Insta - Instant price. This indicates that the seller will sell at this price, ignoring other offers.
  • LFM - Looking for more. Self explanatory; the seller is looking for a higher offer.

  • Fake Offering - Making troll/ joke offers on an auction that you can't live up to.
  • Fake Selling - Agreeing to sell a Pokemon but going back on the deal.
  • Fake Buying - Agreeing to buy a Pokemon but going back on the deal.
  • Scamming - Breaking an agreement after a trade has happened to make a quick profit.
  • Misleading/ Deceiving - Giving another user false information to trick them.

Contacting a Moderator:

  • If you have completed the objective of your thread, or want a topic to be closed. Please edit the topic title to include something along the lines of "Can be closed," "Sold," "Please lock," etc. This will make it easier for Moderators to identify topics that can be locked.

  • If your topic was locked, and you want it re-opened, you can contact a Moderator via PM with a request to unlock the specified topic.

  • Please read the Important Information thread and know the risks of certain trades. If you end up needing to make a report, don't do it by spamming the user's thread or by writing it in Trade Chat. Instead, be patient and make a report in the Report Center. A Moderator will be able to look into it as soon as they're available.

Credits to:
Flik & Rekkuza- Established the first Trade Rules thread.
Khlover & Arkos- Held the threads and updated them whilst they were active Moderators.
Letrix- Revamped the trade forums along with the Trade Rules and Important Information.
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