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Photo Biography Of Pokemon Revolution Online


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Aug 8, 2016
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Ilex Forest.
Hello everyone. I know there are some threads like this, but in all honestly I wanted to make another one. The community surrounding PRO is one of the most amazing, and accepting gaming communities I have ever been apart of. (I came back from almost a year and a half hiatus that says something!) So please post ANY photo's you have from your experiences on PRO. From a pokemon you caught with a story on why it was meaningful. To a guild/player meet-up that stood out to you. Even memes created with your PRO friends! I really wanna see/hear all of the different experiences on PRO.

!(Make sure all photos follow the forum rules I don't want anyone getting in trouble.)!

Here's some of my old photos/memes; little may remember or even get them, but I'm hoping they make some of you laugh.

I hope everyone shares my love for PRO. I look forward to seeing/hearing all of your experiences!