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  1. i accidentally killed the cresselia from the event, and i tried taling to nikola, but he wont battle me. So is the pokemon totally lost to me?
  2. Hey! I gave a Pokemon to Ro98 for EV service, We both forgot to take screen shot , I have received the poke back. But, we got disturbed when he think he didn't pay .. But i think i have paid, It will be a great help if u guys can check trade history! The poke was a Scraggy. Thanks !
  3. Sneasle level 100 to lv 99, server gold poke id is 34618344
  4. I somehow went through the Onix at the Mt Coronet Center in the Sinnoh region a year ago and I can't get back since my last pokecenter visited was the celestic town one. The last badge I got was the forest badge. Please get me out of there. https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2020/15/5/1586493958-aled-ptn.jpg
  5. Dear staff today I want to try using a reycler item, but the npc says if he is busy, I ask other players, and he says that it is a bug, so please be very, please fix the bug
  6. Hallo zusammen, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Gilde, wenn möglich mit vielen Deutschen Mitglieder/in. Wie es immer so ist macht es natürlich viel mehr Spaß wenn man nicht alleine Spielen muss. ^^ Ich heiße Marcel, bin 26 Jahre alt und bin bei etwas über 46 Std. Spielzeit auf dem Gold Server 8 Orden. Hatte ne längere Pause und wollte mal wider anfangen zu zocken. TS3 und Discord verfügbar. LG Prophit/Marcel
  7. i buy a lvl service for my pokemon from Dictator999 but she wong give back my pokemon my nick name on pokemon is jstanley server gold pls help me-
  8. Hello i beat the lvl 25 liga in breezy falls and each gives me 300 tokken at the end i realized i just got 600 tokkens but i beat all 5 of them idk if this is a bug but pls can anyone answer me. Also i am not sure the boss has 3 days cooldown and we need to beat him 3x times in a row for special reward? The cooldown was 6h last time and the liga was 5 days now the liga has 24h so can someone confirm that pls.
  9. Adrcw


    gildia o katalog wykluczone poszukuje członkostwa o dołączenie proszę pisać pod nik Adrcw serwer gold
  10. Warunki musisz umieć porozumiewac się po polsku
  11. Looking for a guild (prefer for greek guild) i start playing again
  12. I couldn't find froakie once i entered first i caught one but waste one then i havent encountered any one froakie even with waste one though i couldn't encounter any froakie but in that place i only get corosola wooper and other but no froakie plzzz help me
  13. Hi! I recently transfrerred to gold. If my shops could be moved to the gold subforums as well that would be amazing! Shop: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/143528-url Shiny/Event Shop: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/139814-url Thank you!
  14. busco gremio soy activo en el juego
  15. Amalgamation _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION We are an old guild trying to revive it to its former glory! (This is where you come into the picture!) The main goal is to have a lot of active members, that socialise and helps each other out. We are looking for people that want to make a difference in the game, not just in the guild, but also in the community. Although we do have some PvP experience, this is a social guild, with focus on getting to know new people, and learn new things! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN AMALGAMATION? We have some very experienced players, ready to help you, at any moment. We are willing to teach, if you are willing to learn! We have a discord channel, for you to keep in touch with everyone in the guild. We are reviving the guild once again, and this means YOU have a chance to become a part of something big and play a role in a new adventure! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN - Be friendly and have humor. - Be atleast 16 y/o, however under certain circumstances, exceptions can be made. - Zero hours played requirement! We do however prefer that you at least know how to catch a pokemon. - Discord is not a must, but it does play a big part in the guild, and helps get to know each other. HOW TO JOIN? Find us in-game! we're usually to be found on Gold servers help chat, or contact Ztaziz#6302 on discord for more information.
  16. i did awake nezuko 4-5 days ago, now i went mt. coronet 4f there is no gengar. Help plz
  17. Hi guys ! Firstly I hope y’all have a nice day while reading this post. Currently, my main account is on Silver but my gold account still got in the PvP ladder, however, until now it still not recieve the PvP reward. Is there any problem of giving reward to the account that not complete the first 4 gyms ? Otherwise can you guys re-check it for me and update me if there is some way I can earn my reward. Thank you all ! P/s I tried to return to Gold 2 days before the PvP season ends, but the dashboard was under maintenance so :/
  18. I change server from gold to silver to buy a pokemon and came back and now i can't enter guild island
  19. Hello TV Latios Option has not arrived home exit latios None Can you help https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/75116-url
  20. Hi, When I talk to Link, the NPC gives an error (see screenshot). I've tried to relog/restart multiple times.
  21. masinmanc #7350 CO-FOUNDER & GUILD LEADER BLACKSWORD priorities have always been and we will always remain an open resource to unlesso couraethe PRO community & follow the TRAINER-FIRST approach. Proud to have been known for all of the EPIC events that we've hosted & have yet to come, we have rapidly grown into a now known threat and competitor on other guilds on the ladder. September 2020 - Our first time being ladder ranked & we finished 7th overall. WE DON'T make demands, DON'T force desired outcomes, DON'T threaten members with ultimatums. Instead.. We want to offer you a hand, introduce you to our community, encourage you to belong, and be surrounded by trainers who genuinely enjoy offering their help, advice and assistance. Join us & become part of this journey to the top - reached without force. mSKELL #0001 CO-FOUNDER & DESIGNER OFFICERS IGN Ryxnmarc . . . . . . . . . DISCORD SeekNDstroy99#1891 IGN Ashwee . . . . . . . . . . . DISCORD Ashwee#2283 IGN Amanpokemontrai . . DISCORD Aman Ak#5495 IGN Wierdoo123. . . . . . . . DISCORD Nemesis#4266 RULES & REQUIREMENTS Our Goal for each trainer is to reach a min. PvP Rating of 50 pts EVERY member to reach a PvP rating milestone will be rewarded - 1 per season We do not tolerate toxic players or hateful language. Required to be an active member in game and on discord Discord is how we communicate as a guild and therefore a requirement Only allow ALT accounts to join if PRIMARY account is joined MEMBER APPLICTION We have the patience to help teach those who have the desire & willingness to learn Reply to this thread with your answers to the following questions: *PRIMARY IGN: Discord: (include #0000) How old are you? Level of PvP Experience? Your PvP Rating last season: Hours of Game Play?(on trainer card) Is ALT's? GUILD BENEFITS The #1 thing that stands out is that ALL of our members are genuine non-toxic trainers We have the patience & willingness to help anyone interested in learning Available to Both Members & Guests - Experienced Trainer or Not.. Guild Members Real-time Training, Battle-Breakdown & Analysis Advisors sharpen decision making Strategy & Prediction Live: Lengendary Quests & Walkthroughs.. VIA Voicecall, ScreenShare OR Zoom VIEW REWARDS DISCORD INVITES https://discord.gg/B9yCHgS https://invite.mskell.net] Gold/Silver guests are WELCOME EVENT ARTWORK
  22. hello moderators....I accidentally lost my entei as it couldn't be caught due to my storage being full...I rebattled Nikola and clicked the respawn button but when I returned to the route 25 cave,entei was not there...can u pls bring my entei back?this is the link of the image for proof.. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/482467118860992522/707943328838320138/Screenshot_20200507-184349.png
  23. Delevel request In-game name: Joseph101 Server: Gold I accidentally evolve my pokemon before it learned the move slack off, please help.
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