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  1. First of all I would like to send a warm greeting from Venezuela. I know it might be a bit annoying to be able to provide a suggestion when there are busy people trying to solve and maintain stability in the server .. but I think it facilitates the work both in the area (staff) and avoids the annoyance for other players. in chat-trade. a waiting time 60sec or a 1min. to perform writing release. I hope my idea fills the interest of others, I appreciate that you can read it.
  2. the repel trick is very bad. a lot of repel and dont found 1 murkrow can you make something with that repel trick ?
  3. Suggestion for Akatsuki clothing. Hello friends, I believe that you do not have all the Akatsuki movement sprite, since this is the print of my Guild, I decided to make the complement of the costume of Deidara to put in the image and I will leave this one here for you. These Sprites were based on the Boss De Hoenn but modified to incorporate movement in the game, it was made with unique intention and to add new clothes to the wall of our Guild Magikarp the greater Brazilian guild uniting all the Servers with more than 300 members.
  4. Hello, I was doing some stats, and when i looked at my datas i noticed something weird. In Cerulean Cave 1F, PKM are supposed to spawns lv 60 to 64, except on the 200 pkm (in my datas) i found there, none were lv 64: I first think, maybe it's the area, so i did the same with Dragons Shrine: But same issue: PKM are supposed to spawn lv 60-64 according to the BOT Reborn, but none are lv 64. So, i checked Dragons Den (because i was lazy to move xD, and this area have different level range): (i didn't put the PKM with a totally different level range, wouldn't enter in 1 pictur
  5. Is it possible to have a donator tag/bar under the name like in the screenshot attached? Like is it possible to change the text where it says "community coordinator" for me? Like if I can put something there? And also the boxes that say staff member etc, is it possible for me to have such a box there saying "donator"?
  6. The Attack Snarl is especially for stall monsters a great addition. So I ask to implement this attack into the game by tutor/tm! Thanks in advance
  7. My suggestiin is simple..I just thought to put some anime clothes like boku no hero or something else..Like you guys add deadpool,its not anime but i think its good idea for the funs ik that you wont angry but i liked it Also if someone call me weabo..i just think that its good
  8. Why has magby been removed from vulcan island? you can only catch him in the mt. stark without ms right now. It is possible to have more spawns in the future?
  9. Hi I want to make a complaint about litwick spawn rate . Im 5 days in burned tower and i have found like 8 litwicks ( tier 8 ) while i have found like 30 chatots meditites (tier 9 ) .Idk if thats just my bad luck .Just wanted to let u know .if u could make a bit easier would be perfect Ty for ur time Urs trully Pepsi
  10. Presumably this cooldow is like every other cooldown in PRO,and starts when the boss is interacted with. The old cooldown of 12 days was for weekend warriors, so you could do your bosses at any point over two days, and the.two weeks later irrelevant of when you did them prior you could do them over the weekend again. A cooldown of 7 days removes all this flexibility. Now if I do bosses at 18;30 on Sunday, then next week I can't start till after that time, and if I start this week at 19:00 suddenly I'm even further restricted. Having 6 or 6.5days means that I can boss every Sunday wit
  11. i need surrender command for pvp incase theyre stalling dont wanna waste time the only way to surrender alr is to discconect. like why disconnecting bans u for 10min for pvp it makes the opponent can pvp again faster and urself can too
  12. Their should be a time limit that you must be in a guild for a certain amount of time for your rating to be put into the total guild rating.(like 5-10 days) Alot if guilds at the end of the season try to buy players and get other guilds to join them to get to top. It should only count the true members that actually stay in the guild for some time which will make it more fair in my opinion.
  13. Hello, I would like to inform myself and suggest the possibility of adding the TM or TM tutor of the move curse, which was in the game in gen 2. Due to several pokemons could only learn by TM (Can be found on smogon and SD), an example that i believe to be the main one is Hitmonlee, since that now the unburden ability has been re-worked (great work with that i must say) which made it possible to use new pokemons in pvp ranked. The point is, one of hitmonlee's builds is to use curse + mental herb, making it gain speed for ability and boost for move, providing a good niche for increased poke
  14. please add a digway on Route 211 to lead in Mt. Coronet summit as well because we have some difuculty to go there so please make this short cut
  15. Hi, I would suggest adding a shortcut to the dig spots on Mt. Coronet Summit or increasing the rewards at those dig spots. At the moment the way is hardly worth it, if you use repel, the costs for the repel for the way are higher than what you get there. I would prefer the shortcut. I hope that it is possible and that other players also find it helpful. Thank You. Possible place for the shortcut:
  16. You heart me right, wouldn't it be cool to have a poliweird mask... thats all
  17. I've been trying to enjoy the different map themes while playing but seems impossible since battle theme interrupts on every encounter, so, i'd like to suggest the creation of an option to mute battle music so the map theme keeps playing on the background of the battle.
  18. I wanted to suggest this because I get tired of bringing one pokemon in my team every time that lets me climb waterfalls, if there are locations more related to diving and waterfalls in the new regions you should create a "scuba dive kit" for diving and a "water jetpack" or "water boots" for climbing those. For example an annoying thing that led to this suggestion, is the boss Terminator, I can't bring my full boss team to counter him because I need a pokemon for climbing the waterfall, this is just an example but for the future regions, this problem should be kept in mind. Another alte
  19. Currently there is no way to teach zoroark its Event exclusive move "Sludge Bomb" but other mons like Gengar and the legendaries can learn their Event exclusive moves(thru tutors). Can there be a tutor dedicated to teach Event exclusive moves to normal pokemons be added? or allow zoroark to learn sludge bomb thru tms?
  20. i hope you will add in consumable shop the dig tool as u have done with headbutt & flash like that we will not need to have a mone with dig move ...
  21. Basically, a FLASH version of the tree axe and pickaxe. Flash isn't really a "Necessity" like Cut and Rock Smash are, which means implementing it won't make a controversial difference, so there shouldn't be a problem to have them available on the Coin shop, you could go further beyond by adding Scuba Diving Gear but no need to rush it lest we get people demanding Jet Packs Pros: -Players no longer have to carry a sentient flash light = Happy. -PRO Devs can have more resources to keep the servers running = Happy (Less Miserable). Cons: -I'm not even kidding, I can't think of any.
  22. Hello! I'm posting here as I'm curious to know if Swirlix has been properly removed from MS only on route 201. I have been hunting for 4+ hours and haven't yet found any whereas one of my friends with MS hunted for 5 minutes and found both Swirlix and Spritzee. I'm aware that this could just be due to RNG but I wanted to ask and make sure that non MS Swirlix has been properly implemented first before I continue hunting any further. Thank you for your time. :)
  23. Just a few notes about Amity Square 1.) I spent at least six hours there hunting Drifloon a couple days ago (10 total), didn't see a single Buneary. Its t6 so I feel like it isn't just luck. Unless different patches have different spawns there. 2.) Why is drifloon so hard to find? I only encountered like 5 in 10 hours, its like a t9. I also didnt see a single Pachirisu, which is also t8. 3.) According to the Reborn bot, Kricketune has two different spawns in the same location. If Drifloon is meant to be one of the most difficult hunts, thats fair. But I was literally tearing my
  24. So as you all know the wonderful and unforgettable Vulcan Island has returned. Nonetheless I couldn't be more excited. Rushing to Kalijodo Lake to encounter "one" Froakie after 8 hours of hunting. Also rushing to Vulcan Forest to only give myself false hope of encountering a Chespin after 5 hours. (Which I never encountered) Not sure if I wanna try my luck with Fennekin at this rate. Tbh, I only use OT mons so I know patience is a virtue. Me personally I enjoy the thrill of a hunt but these spawn rates are somewhat ridiculous. Especially if you are trying to hunt an hidden ability one. Even wi
  25. Hi there, I know this was suggested by @Theminho and credits to him for that,but the suggestion was ignored so i'd thought i'd post it again with more details on how I think it should be. So basically the idea would be to sell back exclusive pvp items to the shop.I really don't think there's any downside to it. For example,you would be able to buy an item exclusive to the PvP Shop (that item has to be only available through the pvp shop and non tradable so you dont farm pvp coins like this) and then be able to sell it back for like,half amount,or even the same amount. Another examp
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