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  1. 7.11.2018 changes Halloween event changes All Routes - Bulbasaur's level was decreased to remove all self-harming moves Ever Grande City - Squirtle spawn has been added Route 215 - Bulbasaur now spawns all day Cinnabar Mansion 3 - Charmander is now significantly easier to get Safari Area 2 - Bulbasaur is now significantly easier to get Rarity concerns 4.11.2018 changes Halloween event changes The event will run till 30. November The spawn rarity might change overtime, Admins were asked to monitor the amount of Halloween themed starters No more spawns will be added for
  2. Hey guys, I spent the past couple hours in the exclusive zone, was hoping to find a decent marill there since its a t4 spawn according to the discord bot and wiki. After a couple hours I'd found a chansey (t8), two scythers (t8), an umbreon (t9), and two tynamos (t9). I hadn't found a single marill. I was hunting in grass, as marill is a tier lower there. I know two hours is a pretty small sample size, but I found it really weird that I got multiple much rarer pokemon without a single sighting of a marill. My friend told me she had never seen one there, and she spent far more time
  3. in 2 days of farming i got only 1 treeko in petalburg forest , can you adjust the spawn please ! :)
  4. you can remove it pls the ms or lower it the tier pls of cottonee or more spawn
  5. Hi i'm a person that realy love to hunt pokemons with repels so i ONLY encounter the pokemon i'm hunting while using repels, sadly this is not possible for all pokemons. Inkay is one of them. Inkay currently spawns at 2 places route 213 and moon B1f. My suggestion would be if its possible to make one of these spawns usable with repel trick. Maby making the tier at moon b1f higher to t8 instead of t7 and making it able to use repel trick Or adding repel trick for inkay at route 213 and maby removing Absol / and or Shellos here? absol only spanws at night here i think its a spot where not
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