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Name Change and Account Reset [CLOSED]


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Sorry I am very late I guess ... But please I wish u get this request on time ...

Name change request (gold).

Current user name = cnnblt.

Change to = Matsushi (if still not available then Matsu)

Meet all requirements clear record .

Take money from cnnblt account


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Hello everyone! This is the topic where you can request a Name Change or Account Reset.


We will reply with a like to your Post once the change/reset has been done.



Please take note of our requirements down below and further info listed here.





  • Minimum 150h
  • 300k Pokedollars payment
  • Registered more than 3 months ago
  • Clean infraction history (small PvP infractions may not count) - Includes ALL PRO scope chats
  • You may purchase this for a friend in case s/he hasn't done any infraction, and just 1 change per 6 months
  • Have to choose FREE NAMES (as in, not already taken) in case of a name change

The topic will close on Monday the 3rd of September

Name change request (gold server)

Current Username: Happyce

Change to: LanC3


I know i doen't meet the requirments of joined date, but already have 300 hour+ play time please let me change my name thanks^^

I've meet all the requirment except the joined date, but almost 3month.


Unable to rename, username is taken.
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Pure sadness

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