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Halloween Spawn WISHLIST [Please vote]

What Pokemon would you like to hunt during the Halloween event?  

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  1. 1. What Pokemon would you like to hunt during the Halloween event?

    • Snivy
    • Oshawott
    • Tepig
    • Lillipup
    • Purrloin
    • Phantump
    • Zorua
    • Larvesta
    • Rotom
    • Pancham

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Hey there,


so for this years Halloween event I choose a different kind of approach to how I wanna do things and how the spawns should look like.

You can vote on up to 3 Pokemon and the Top 3 will guaranteed receive a spawn during the event. The rarity, location, helditem, level and daytime is totally up to my discretion.


If your desired Pokemon is not on the list, do not hesitate to comment and suggest it, I haven't done the spawns yet so everything is possible and do-able (be realistic please, with that being said no Gen7 stuff duh).


Note: There is no ETA for the Event so please don't bother asking me, I don't know it myself. I just do spawns


May your desired Pokemon get a spawn :P

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