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So I'd say I'm a relatively new player (~60 hours) and recently had to update the client with the latest patch. I was curious why a relatively well-designed game doesn't have a way to auto-update or patch itself when there's a new update? It seems rather outdated that it doesn't have such a function; many other MMO games at this point already has such a mechanic that we never really had to think about it and it seems additionally tedious that we have to Delete our current client and redownload just to patch.


I had a chance to look through the suggested threads that popped up when I typed in the thread title and the ones that popped-up date back to 2015/2016, so please correct me if I'm missing some information. The answer that was given for that was players not being tech-savvy to disable firewall for the updater, so I understand this was done before? I feel that's not really enough of a reason to dismiss the idea entirely, cause when players have technical issues to games, I often see tech help or an entire tech section to help with that sort of thing. Besides, if it's just disabling firewall for the updater, I don't think it's such a complicated process that non-tech-savvy players wouldn't be able to navigate their computer to do that, especially if they get help. I'm speaking for myself though, but still.


Actually, at the time of writing, while I just finished redownloading my client, Antivirus stopped it from being opened properly. I had the option to run the client anyways, but it seems even this current system of redownloading the client could have hiccups of their own. Besides, if auto-update does not work, then you can STILL delete and redownload; the option still exists; it's not a zero-sum solution which one way of updating the game negates the other.


It's not like it's unfeasible either since existing MMO's do that already, and it'll be significant quality-of-life improvement. I hope this idea gets revisited and implemented in the future; I am already invested in playing and it would suck if the game is behind-with-the-times of sorts with this detail.


Thanks for reading my essay of a forum post :)

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