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Mappers Recruitment


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Pokemon Revolution Online is looking for fun hardworking individuals with a sense of creativity. We are looking for individuals who are goal oriented, task driven and want to contribute to this beloved

game for an extended period of time. Mapping can be fun, if you decide to have fun with it. It is what you make it.


What is the role of a Mapper?

Together with Content Scripters, Artists, Developers, and Admins; Mappers represent that part of the staff called Content Staff, who have access and are in charge of the creation and editing of the content of the game.

In specific, a mapper is an individual who creates the maps for the game, which are commonly known to be used for story, events, etc. Some examples of map can be Pallet Town, Pinkan Island or Eumi Island.

Mappers create maps through the use of an editor and the use of tiles. The Mapper Team should always monitor the community's interests as well as the staff's channels in order to know what needs to be mapped, as well as the Mapping Bugs forum in the Bug Resolution in order to find and fix the mapping errors reported by the community.



  • Needed Traits:
    • Mapper needs to have a sense of space and overall map look.
    • Creative
    • Attention to detail
    • Motivated
    • Learns from mistakes
    • Is willing to learn
    • Works well with a team and is a team player
  • Tasks include:
    • Creation of maps, whether its from a known region like Unova, Custom Regions created from zero and not present in the original games, seasonal maps or other staff ideas.
    • Fixing errors the community finds
    • Revamping maps, which means give a new and improved form, structure and appearance to a map.
    • Maps have to fit the PRO style, which mean that the map has to look natural. lively, eye-friendly and relaxing.




Basic Notes & Examples of Bad/Good Maps:


What is a bad map and what you shouldn't be doing if you plan on applying for a mapper;

Example of Bad Map:





Example of a good map for us


First Map Example



Second Example 




  • I have posted an example of how to map and, an map which is detailed of how a map should be made



  • Present a valid showcase of your works done by another editor such as tiled. Tiled is open source free map editor commonly used by mappers worldwide. Making one map in it will be enough to evaluate your skill. Make sure to provide indoors for any map you did.

  • Check the Mapping Guide/Tips/Advices made from our Mappers https://tinyurl.com/PROMappingGuide
  • Use the mapping section on Pokemon Revolution’s Discord to keep yourself updated, ask advices and opinions directly to the official Mappers.


Links to practice:

https://www.mediafire.com/file/3afzew8jx8me069/PROEditor.zip/file --- Practice Editor

https://tinyurl.com/PROMappingGuide --- Official Guide created by our Official Mappers

https://youtu.be/VRNqf1qfU7g --- Great step-by-step video guide on how to use the editor and create your own maps


You can present your work under the private forums. No one but you and staff will be able to see it. Please stick with the one thread only. If I see your map is going somewhere I might offer guidance in your thread. If I feel that your map can't be improved because it's fundamentally wrong then I will note it down too.






  • Being at least 18 years old.
    • Note: You will need to show your ID Card, however it will be visible only to the game owners and to no one else.
  • Fair activity
  • Creative

  • Able to dedicate some hours to PRO mapping per day after/if promoted. Especially in the beginning.

  • Healthy game record.

  • Adequate English



To apply, please answer to these questions in your application. Do also show some example maps you’ve made.



  • Provide Discord ID - You MUST attend discord because that is how we communicate
  • Explain your personal experience through the game and note down if you were banned and why.
  • Provide Trainers Card take in-game
  • Little About Yourself
  • Are you connected with any staff and how?
  • How did you hear about this thread?



Submit your work and application HERE: -> MAPPER APPLICATION SUBMISSION <-

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