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Halloween spawn info dump

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Just a quick dump of information:


Event maps:

Dark Valley L
Necropolis L W
Uncanny Path L
Howling Woods L
Unison Mountain East Summit L
Unison Mountain 2F L
Unison Mountain 1F L
Unison Mountain South Summit L
Unison Mountain 3F L
Angel Hill L
Ghoul Swamp L W
Murky Town W
Sweetsland L

L = Land

W = Water


Following changes were made:

These maps received some tweaks here and there:

Dark Valley


Uncanny Path

Unison Mountain 1F

Unison Mountain South Summit

Angel Hill







Repeltricks for the following were removed:






They will be added back after the event at some point.

Also new event Pokemon have the best available tier chance on event maps (at least the ones on the maps above). Their form chance is 1/50.

NO not ALL Repeltricks were removed, NO this wasn't intentionally not announced (I was sleeping), NO this wasn't supposed to be a mess like this, those were supposed to be removed prior to the event start. For anything else, feel free to tag me. I respond when I can.

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