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Problem with the trainers ( Team magma - Aqua ) in MT.Pyre - Hoenn region


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I have a problem with the trainers of the magma and aqua team,

I have already faced most of the trainers, however, each time I go to have my pokémon treated at the pokémon center in lilycove or even get out of the mt. Pyre, I have all the trainers that are reset,

As you can see on the first image I have the 1st trainer but not the second, but once I have faced the 1st the second appears as its at each faith, moreover the trainer of the Mt brings me 0xp and 0 money,

So I would like to know if it is a bug or normal in the game ?


thank you in advance.



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Hello, @freezygeek


This is the way it's actually meant to be, you must complete this part of the story without leaving the Area. Unfortunately I understand it's a little difficult though, you can always borrow some Pokémon from other players to help you, here is the trade zone subforum so you can check out some rental shops. Aswell as this, make sure to stock up on healing items, this will be useful.

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