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Revert repel trick

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Can we revert it to how it was previously?

It would be suuuuuper annoying now to have 30-40 sync Pokémon in your Pc just for the repel trick...

I mean, does everything has to be 100% like in the originals? ._.



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Of course I'm talking to myself, sometimes I have to talk with an intelligent person.





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I agree with this, this is a change that should've been asked beforehand before implemention as it difficults the process of hunting a pokemon. It gave the thrash mons i have in my PC a purpose, now they don't have one and im obligated to hunt for another copy of a sync i already have with the right level to just repel trick, which means i'll waste more resources that i should be using in repel tricking. Not a great change and i hope it can be reverted back with all due respect.



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+1, my two cents :


- I've hunted with repels for a long time, this change not only makes every sync you have unusable for any repel hunt, but also makes you lose time & resources catching new sync of specific levels..


- Imagine the difference between players that have hunted with repel trick a certain poke, and that poke happens to be WQ, fewer people will be able to repel trick and will abuse to get 3% -> less people that can contribute to 0.5%.


- The main argument for this change is : "We want to make the game closer to the OG game." But let's be real, PRO will never be like the OG games, example for breeding. You're just taking out something that has been used for a long time, and that's unfair for newer players that will discourage them from repel hunting.

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100% agree new not everything must be close to the original. These are my synchs i have spent a full day lvling and now i have to catch them all over again if i want to repel anything. Like some people if it ain't broken don't fix it.


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