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Staff rewards in PvP Ranked


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hello everyone :CharYay:


I would like to give you my opinion about usable staff rewards in PvP.


First of all, i'd like to say that i totally agree on people working for the game development being rewarded. I think that any work deserves salary and rewarding staff members only increases their motivation, which greatly impact on the quality of the game development.


However, i notice that generated and usable pokemon are more frequent in ranked, because of that, it greatly impact players win conditions. Indeed, having a 30+ legendary with a hidden power of your choice makes match most of the time unfair.


I think that staff members should be rewarded but not given an advantage unlike offered rewards to a winner of a tournament. Everyone has access to tournaments, staff included, which makes legit the tournament reward usage in ranked.


To rebalance rankeds i think of nerfing characteristics or banning pokemon considered as staff reward would be a good solution to consider.

Finally, i'd like to know everyone's opinion about rebalancing the staff reward usage in ranked. :RowletHeart:

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@stavd Please, i beg you, its Staff not Stuff.


some legends are overpowered indeed but still with rerolls and ability capsules here still changeable to get good ones too, if someone gets lucky on a godly legendary that wont get banned either so why should they ban something they work hard for

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That's funny. I never lost/win a game because of a staff pokemon. Well, I'm talking for me. I've seen someone using a Shiny godly Heatran. It doesn't make a difference for me if that was trash or godly. Venusaur needs a growth to kill it anyway. Golem still KOs it being godly or not. Garchomp still survives its HP Ice, being godly or not. It doesn't really make a difference, unless you wanna rely on your opponents pokemon being completely trash so you can win with stab neutral move.

I always build my teams and calculate moves damage based on their max stats, so I don't have this problem.

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