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GUILD ISLAND - I finally did it

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I approve and comment out of my own free will.


A lot of things about the Guild Island are counterproductive as Iriz already mentioned. The good PvPers try to group up into 3big guilds to gain access, leaving the rest in the dust and discouraging from PvP even further (probably also limiting those players in the top 3 from queueing up as most want to avoid battling agaisnt each other).

Those PVPers then gain access to an Island full of PvE content, hunting area and Boss, which most of them probably have little to no interest in, since they just buy their PvPmons from other people, that actually enjoy hunting, collecting, selling, making money etc. The game has a lot more to offer than just PvP, so forcing content behind a PvP-wall is very discouraging for players such as myself.

In my opinion there are already enough and good enough incentives to PvP, just also negative aspects stopping people from doing so. Counteract the problems that are keeping people from PvPing (which is a different topic) and make the content availble for more than an elite few, its what keeps the game engaging for everyone.



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Ooo, I do like the idea of using the Mysterious Tickets for guild island, considering that many people don't do World quest anymore since they have all the legendary pokes that they need/want and its not exactly worth for them to invest time and money into participating in the WQs; which in turn makes it harder for other people to reach to server iv goal.


However, I think basing it solely of off the mysterious tickets is a bit too hunting-centric. Some people are just bad at hunting, and the pvp guilds who don't focus on hunting pokemon as much might not enjoy this solution.

Rather I propose a slightly different solution. Have the WQ quest master give 2 different rewards (you chose one of the following), 1 being the mysterious ticket as usual, and the other- a brand new "guild ticket" that could be used to access the guild island.

This brand new guild ticket can be obtained 2 ways

-bought with pvp coins (I don't know what price)



Just food for thought



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First , I saw too much that PvE players are always disavantaged in comparaison with PvP players. It s simply a joke and it s totally false. You can get more possibility to have reroll ticket (which are more PvP oriented than PvE in my opinion ) when you play PvE than PvP player (40 bosses means 1m and enough pve coins for a reroll ticket)

If you have win rate of 75% and each game during 15 minutes you need 50 hours for having one reroll ticket.

So, please stop to say that PVP players have a lot advantages, i can advice to these complainers to make a lot of PvP battle and you will see that PVP is for fun and not for making a lof of money or anything else and don t argue me that top25 players get a good rewards, it s only 25 players for each server.

PvP is actually not broken, and totally unbalanced with PvE content.


Regarding to the guild island, the PvP seems to be more interesting now because i see a lot of players more active in PvP now than before. It s good for PvP in my opinion

Watch the rating of each guild in guildladder before the update of guild island and watch now. You will see that PvP is more active now.


Then i don t really understand the aim of this guild island, i don t know in which aim guild island are created. Reward for guild or for PvP players ? For me it s two things totally different and you should seperate these 2 things, you can t reward for both.

If i take an example of PvP players who makes a lot of battles and have 300 ratings and he s not member in guild top 3 ladder, he can t acess to the guild island, it seems not fair for this guy.

So it s strange, would you like reward indivual PvP or guild ? It s totally different.

If you wish PvP more active again, I think you should reward players individually.

For example if you have 100+ rating and none guild you can acess area1 ; if you have 200+rating you can acess area2 and so on.


Then i saw that all good PvP players are grouped are in top3 guild it s simply false ! The 3rd guild in Silver (which are more active in PvP than Gold) is around 12-13k ratings. If you have 100 members in the guild it s 120-130 rating per member, it s not really hard to do. Everyone can do it easily.


I can assure you that we are not all beasts in PvP. Personnaly i m member of top3 guild in silver and i can assure you i m not a beast in PvP sincerly.

Actually why top3 guild finish top3 ? Because they have an policy pvp oriented, that s all, and we are not all good PvP players.

In trinity, when you need help because you re not a beast in PvP you can stream game and mates give advices in teambuilding or during the game.

So please don t try ro argue that all good pvp players are in top3 guild, a lot of good pvp players are out of top3 guild


Best regards

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At first glance this suggestion hits all the right stuff that "players" want, and when i read it i actually agreed. But when i really thought about it theres no soul in it. The soul being how Pve guilds would gain access to guild island.


Creating a Ladder for Pve content would be hard and time consuming for the devs to make. If they did then we just have the same problem we do now. As in the 3-4 pve guilds get a lead with getting members that are very active then a snowball effect happens. Guilds might start paying their players to do more pve content or start paying players to join if they have a high pve rank for 7days to boost their guild. At least with pvp ladder rankings you actaully have to win to have a high rank. with pve ranks it would be as simple as doing 20 bosses and trainers tower.


The best way in my eyes to even make it possible to is to make it a Pve Coin paywall that a guild has to pay off to gain access for a month. Lets say 3000 pve coins = 1 month. With each guild member able to pay that sum off together. All this would do is make pve coins marketable kinda. players could buy peoples pve coins by letting them join their guild and "help" pay off the island. There also might have to be a min amount of pve coins being paid by each guildy to be able to be able to qualify on going to the island, this solves the people just joining when you have the island to get on it. Its not a perfect plan but the only suggested plan that i see on this thread, {sorry if i didn't see your suggested way of making it work feel free to yell at me if im wrong}


Just to be clear im now a solo player for the time being and don't benefit anything from this whether this be pvp or pve. so in conclusion great idea, sad execution

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As One of two leader of the Empire I really don't know how I feel towards this idea as I come back to it a few months later with lots of new perspective about the topic. I really feel like the plan of giving "PVE" guild a route to the island has just too many logistical problems. The extremely sad thing I have come to find running a top guild is that have a sneaking suspicion not be a jerk but I really willing to put myself out there and say I dont think their are really any "pve" guilds that are actually better at PVE.


Before you guys freak out let me back up my statements with a way that PVE guild would the most fairly enter the island which is simply to add everyone's PVE points for the season net even if they spend them through the system in game and the guilds with the three highest lets call them PVE points gets in.


Assuming you get points equal to the rewards given so like 5 PVE points from bosses 5 from excas and so on.


Reality kinda hit me when i realized that even if things are done this way we have some of the best pvers in the game in our guild currently and they also play pvp just because they love the game. Its a break from pve for them or whatever our community has a lot of different types of players that really rely on each other to make each other shine. After speaking to other guild leaders I realized a lot of guild have such players as well who are literally the most influental players in the game rn or have been both in pvp but pve as well so in the end do i see a guild who isnt winning guild through pvp get it through pve... yes but it think its extremely possible that if that happens the guilds that get it will be one of the only 5 guild to get guild island that didnt get it that season playing pvp getting it through pve creating only further disparity in gaps between top guilds.



Here is a list of the current/past guilds that have been to the island in silver which i think is the more pvp competitive server so possibly this all could be very different in gold maybe that server has more pve than pvp idk i will be interested to hear what other guild leaders from that server have to say but for now heres a list of the guilds that made the island in silver i think im missing one or two but you will get the gist the list isnt long.







No mercy


Now whats scary is that means if we open it up to where we also tally guilds pve points and let every guild compete its going to be the same over again or get the point where the main guilds will just be pushed harder towards constant burn out every season.


Lets face it the idea that "PVE" guilds even really exist is also just sorta not true to some degree players who claim to be a "PVE" guild are just saying they dont PVP and would like to do a lot of things other than pvp IE, focus on trade or making in game money mainly. This game offers not true objective and its up to each guild to decide what they would like to focus on but I find it highly unlikely that their is guild giving slaving away in the night that has a ton of PVE players that i wouldnt see around considering the top 7 or 8 guild make up the majority of the games active players.


The most common thing i see is a what I have dubbed a "collectors" guild or a guild of players who like shinys and or large expensive Mons and collecting sets of pink Mon etc and those guild would not score any points for such things so this whole system that is sorta made to be directed at these guilds doesn't really have a way of functioning correctly cause in the end I think the guilds that arent targeted to win the PVE top 3 will do so just because its part of the process to get good mons to PVP.


I do believe out there their is a guild that is hard grinding the game for pve only content but I think the chance that they stand up to one of the 5 best PVP guilds in the end is very unlikey so it should be looked at how to give equal access to the island fairly.


In the end if a guild was truly a "PVE" guild they could come up with an exorbitant amount if ig currency to pay to enter the island as a guild for the entire guild maybe a year depending on how much is chosen to be the price or even every season this is the most fair way to do this because it gives equal access to the island for guilds that want to try and reach it through a different means and contribute to running off the money ig to create the need for new money.


I would love to believe in a world where players can join any guild they want because they want to be a part of the guilds community not just cause it has guild island. The game is making it so players must join a top guild to even have a chance at the island and think its just time you gave everyone a way to access the island realistically so players are not forced to join specific guilds in order to get into the island. It promotes to many problems like guilds becoming more inclusive and a breeding ground for survival of the fittest mindsets which will inevitably lead to toxicity and other problematic issues that could literally destroy the very fabric of the fragile ecosystem that the game is built on. I will be honest its very realistic that many players only join top guilds to get guild island and that it needs to stop as it not healthy.


This should be the most important discussion on the table at any given time to people as they play the game is what do you think is a healthy ecosystem of power for guilds at the top to have and why? I think its important to understand that the dynamic should be rewarding for guilds to win but not damning for guilds to lose. SO how do you make that possible its by setting the number that guilds pay dependent on how the guilds pve points for its guilds size. The more PVE/PVP rating a guild per a player the less the island should cost that month. Everyone wins that way as well both the game profits and the players do too.

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