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epic pvpable lucario 27/27 all ivs 18+

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22 hours ago, STING100 said:

there were too many screenshots thats why i didnt posted here but i have taken them for the saafety purposes thank 


Sting100 - you have already been warned, with each bid you must upload the evidence to support it. Please also do not bump your post unnecessarily with time remaining. If you want to drop an update on remaining time with each bid, you're welcome to do this.


Before taking any further action read the Auction Rules very carefully. If you ignore this second warning and continue to handle this auction poorly more severe action will be taken.


Also remember, you received your first bid here at Friday 11th at 8:23AM GMT/UTC+0 meaning this auction ends in 1hr and 50 minutes from my post now.


PRO Rules | How To Report | Punishment Policy | Discord


Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.


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Staffs pls look over the bidders have taken their bids back at the last moment they wasted my 2days pls look one is Anisstad and the another one is Jerizz actually they both bidded Jerizz won the auction but I saw that he unfriended me and ran away and atlast I said that Anisstad u r the winner with 400k he also did the same pls look over it I have screenshots I can share their bids

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