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Both Server Contest (No more now cz I didnt got participants)

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Hi there,
I am very happy to announce that I on the behalf of blacksword guild will be hosting a showdown tournament but this will not be like the simple tournament anyways it will be brand new format hosted for both servers that is both silver and gold players can participate

Firstly I will specify the prizes and participation fees and we will move forward to the outstanding format and rules of the tournament. Also we “Blacksword” are hosting a fun bulbasaur hunt  feel  free to participate in that also it has no participation fees come join our discord

Firstly this tournament will be hosted on gen 7 ubers and all the rules of proclient are applicable to the tournament in addition u can’t use any poke outside of proclient but there is a glitch which i will be explaining better after  I specify the rules

So the prizes are as follows:

1st prize : 1cc + 300k
2nd prize : 1cc + 200k
3rd prize : 1cc + 100k
4th prize : 1cc

Participation fees : 25k for all except guild members who have to pay 20k
Guild members : Blacksword in gold and Blue wings in silver

Registrations open till October 6, 2020 9pm(GMT + 5:30)

Join the contest server to register for the tournament

Now coming to the rules:
There will be actually four tournaments side by side all named Contest 1, Contest 2, Contest 3, and Contest 4 each having two rounds preliminary round and match round. Match round will be best of 3 round while preliminary round best of 1 also match round will be 6v6 as normal for contests
Ppl can participate in two rounds at max and all rounds will be single elimination

Now preliminary round rules:

·         You can’t use any holdable item for preliminary round

·         You can’t use moves that are base powered 70 or 70+ and no use of supereffective moves

·         No recoil moves allowed

·         No mega mons  allowed for preliminary round ,no use of z moves

·         Seismic toss will be considered as 60 base power

·         Use of moves like substitute ,belly drum, leech seed or any trapping move like magma storm whirlpool etc is banned

·         Multiple hit moves are allowed but without skill link ability poke

·         Each contest has its own criteria of choosing mons like Contest 1 chooses  defensive pokes means nature that prefers def or spdef , Contest 2 chooses offensive mons (nature prefers atk), Contest 3 chooses offensive mons( nature that prefers spatk), Contest 4 chooses speedive mons (nature that prefers spd)

·         Also criteria of attackive defensive or speedive poke is +80 base stat like you can’t choose adamant blissey or some nature that prefers atk  in attackive contest having a base atk of 10 but You can use it in contest 1 because it has spdef 135 and can put it bold too as it specifies only that You should have a nature that prefers def or spdef

·         All preliminary rounds to be done with shiny pokes

·         U have to give screenshot of poke on your side so that i can ensure that your poke don’t have any item or moves with base power 70+ and right nature. Anything wrong I found will result in simple disqualification. I am very strict about rules except that shiny poke rule

·         Preliminary round is based on points only so I will let u know the point system also the points will be counted for 10 turns

Points  system

Status condition points

·         +2 for imposing burn condition on offensive poke that prefers atk  but -2 if it have guts

·         +2 for imposing poison on defensive

·         +2 for imposing paralysis on speedive

·         Sleep can’t be imposed intentionally it will result in disqualification one can still use self sleeping moves like rest or if a poke is slept by effect spore it will not be intentional

·         If a pokemon is confused then +5 if it hits itself and -3 if it hits opponent poke

·         No points allotted for frozen condition also you can’t hit a poke that is frozen until it persists. Any intentional hit if you have status move and still hitting it will result in disqualification but if you don’t have status move then every hit will deduct 1/8th of your current points till frozen condition persists but no deduction for the turn the poke is no longer frozen also you cant boost your stats till the opponent poke is frozen. But to be fair with both, the person who had his poke frozen should have to use status move or if it don’t have any status move then the hit your poke does to opponent poke at the turn your poke is no longer frozen will deduct 1/4th of your current points. The wasted turns will not be counted in 10 turns I mentioned before

Some other points

·         Taunt on a poke with atleast two status moves will earn +1

·         -3 for using hex after status condition imparted by you

·         -5 for using completely ineffective move

·         +1 for attack avoid, -1 for attack miss but for protect attack avoid is +0.5 but it doesn’t mean attack miss

·         +0.5 for healing moves but can use only 3 times, healing move include pain split, softboiled, slack off, recover, wish, rest etc

·         Wish is a healing move but don’t give any points rather if You use it with protect, protect will give 0.5 point as stated above but no points for wish

Weather points

Healing move like moonlight, synthesis, morning sun heals extra in sun give extra +0.2 points for using in sun condition while -0.2 in any other weather condition

·         Fire type moves give +0.2 in sun and water moves give -0.2 in sun and vice- versa

·         Ice type move is 0.2 in hail

·         You get +0.1 each turn opponent encounters damage due to weather condition

·         Priority move during psychic terrain give -0.1 points



Damage dealt points : (% of hp lost) –( power of move/4)
Ability damage : % of hp lost by abilities like rough skin or iron barbs etc
Damage dealt by status condition points : +40 for fully paralyzed condition
                                                                             % hp lost by poison each turn
                                                                             +12.5 for damage by burn condition each turn

Points calculated per turn : Damage dealt points + Status condition points + Status condition damage + Ability damage + 5( for removing useful abilities like iron barbs or magic guard) + Weather condition points + Extra points(like taunt points or healing move points etc)

Note : Magic guard is useful if the poke is affected by a status conditions same as if there are only special attacking moves with the opponent the ability of iron barbs is not useful

The people who wins the preliminary round will move further to the easier one match round

Match round rules :
It will be a 6v6 round and only mega pokes of wave 1 are allowed
All rules of proclient pvp are applicable


After the matches round the winners of all 4 contests will fight in Grand festival where there will be Preliminary round again and there will be two winners and two losers who will still fight for their respective positions but this time in these matches they will be best of 5 and you can use mega pokes not coded in pro yet like Mega salamence, Mega Blaziken, Mega swampert, Mega charizard X but the poke which are not coded in pro or not allowed for pvp are not allowed like Mega Mewtwo or Mega Diance or Mega gengar. Top of all aegislash with king’s shield will be allowed for this round only

For any doubt pm yashashwi200#2560




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