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[Tool] PRO BetterHunt - Enhanced Hunting Statistic

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First of all: Great improvement to BetterFarm. I like it that I don't have to select an area anymore. 😄

But is it normal, that the programm shows the alolan forms instead of the normal ones? 




Edit: Sometimes the programm doesn't know that the fight has already ended and if I encounter the same pkmn again, it doesn't count it again. When I get another pkmn, it will count it as it should.


Edit2: Is it possible to make a button to delete a pkmn which isn't on that map to keep the stats on point? 

Sometimes I forget to disable the programm when I go to PC and back and when I encounter a pkmn which isnt on that route, it makes the stats not perfect 😅

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First of all I'd like to say that this is a pretty neat plugin! 

I have something I'd like to report. I am on the default gui scale and my resolution is 1366x768. I have no problem in recording the encounters of some of the bigger pokemon, however, I haven't been able to record any of the smaller ones like skitty even though I've had multiple encounters with them. I've tried to change my resoluton to 1280x600 too. Hope you can bring a fix to this at some point of provide a solution if I'm doing something wrong.



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Great but i run on a 2k monitor and the program wont recognize pokemon unless i literally turn gui scale all the way down.  Love your program, hope you make great strides with it.

My profile picture was created by yui on Pro official discord. Hit her up for quality art :D


Pink lilligant recolor by me, add it when PRO?

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does someone already tried this using mac ? if it does work, any suggestion what app should I use like VM, boot camp etc... ^^


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