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A Reason to Smile : Banned Mawile


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+1 I agree mega mawile is just devastating and as for stall it will always oppose as an issue to any hyper offensive runners but there are still other counters to the game, the current meta is not balanced and I think mega mawile will just unbalance it more.

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C’mon bro we need less banned pokemon, this is one of the most anticipated pokes.  Honestly it’s no wonder why the PVP meta rarely ever seems to feel any different because anything they introduce something that may actually make help make a difference in the meta people complain about it being too overpowered. You realize that we are running out of options as far as Gen 7 pokes to add to the game right? I would already say that it’s probably safe to assume that Mega-Metagross & Mega-Lucario are going to be banned, I don’t see Diancie on there and neither Rayquaza nor Mewtwo are even catchable. Honestly it when you get psyched for something to new to get released - then find out most of its useless. 


Here’s my take on this. If you’re going to ban everything in whats supposed to be our OU format, looks more like its a UU/PU format, that immediately makes you wonder what is even going to be the difference between what we have now and the new UU format they’re releasing soon?  Enjoy using the same old top 20 mons that have hardly ever changed much, at least in the past year that I’ve been playing.


So If you want to ban all of the cool new stuff in OU then I say, fine do that ban em everything, but if that happens can you please implement an "Anything Goes" Format. That would be the best way for us to use all of the pokes that are just wasting away in everyones PC pretty much useless at the moment. 

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9 minutes ago, mskell said:

  Ignore them these people only want teams stall and that there is no pokemon that can destroy that barrier that is why it is what is currently in pvp only stalls



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+1 , please ban mega mawile, and also mega Sableye and leave my poor mega Metagross out of this so that we can have a good time ~~sweeping noobs~~ in PvP . 

Jokes apart I agree to Gen. Mega mawile is insanely strong and deserves a ban


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