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👑KING crown shop ......... by pokemonKING44. add 31/30 new mons

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  welcome to KING CROWN shop


 my discord id -  pokemonKING44#9341

accept item cc , rc , iv rr , nature rr

this is sellable pokemon train + untrain

total 47 pokemon in current 





 image.png.d9ebc0d52dc1be2eb028c28a0d766aa5.png image.png.aef2befd7aad1974a72f64d521455a19.pngimage.png.29dabcfe6de7d315a42f0d9ec7e2de38.png













thx you for visiting my shop







i hope you enjoy my shop































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Nice shop 👍



Dig my artwork? Want to see more? Check out my discord server...

1))  DISCORD SERVER   🢂  Open Invite     2))  GUILD BENEFITS   🢂  View Thread   3))  GUILD SHOP STORE   🢂  Soon       

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On 4/15/2021 at 3:00 PM, PokemonKING44 said:

KING SHOP it is new in gold server  . i hope you enjoy by this new shop . 

sorry for iso i forgot to write a 1 thing  item accept .

cc 420k 

iv rr 700k

rc 7.5k

another as like pro trade market price  .


blissey  500k ...

clefable 300k...

carbink 150k..


salamance 200k..


mandibuzz 150k..

kingdra timid 300k..

cloyser 250k..

pelliper 500k..


noiverin 200k..

greninja 200k ..

toxicroak 500k..

kingdra modest 300k..

volcorana 250k...

swampert 200k..

polygon z 250k..

amibipom 250k ..

metagross 300k..


PROClient 15_04_2021 5_13_44 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_13_56 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_14_01 PM (2).png


PROClient 15_04_2021 5_14_30 PM (2).png


PROClient 15_04_2021 5_15_03 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_15_08 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_15_19 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_15_33 PM (2).png


PROClient 15_04_2021 5_17_02 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_17_13 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_17_27 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_17_50 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_18_03 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_18_15 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_18_24 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_18_39 PM (2).png

PROClient 15_04_2021 5_18_50 PM (2).png

Buy volcarona

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  • PokemonKING44 changed the title to 👑KING crown shop ......... by pokemonKING44.
  • PokemonKING44 changed the title to 👑KING crown shop ......... by pokemonKING44. add 31/30 new mons

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