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Spawn Suggestions | Feedback | Changes 2021


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Spawn Suggestions | Feedback | Changes 2021 

Hello everybody,


I strongly encourage everybody to post their feedback, suggestions or even requests in this thread. I will look through every single post and try to make things happen for you.

The idea of this thread is to give us more inspirations and a wider view on what the community wants in terms of changes and additions.


I can't make everything possible because I have to find the sweet spot of what is good, what is bad, what is too generous and what is too hard. I strongly suggest you read through this guide (click here) to get better understanding on what kind of feedback I am looking for.

The spawns can only be as good as the feedback is, hence I suggest you really think about it before you post something.


You can of course request whatever Pokémon you want as spawn but keep in mind certain Pokémon should stay exclusive to certain areas, quests & bosses given that those give these activities their value.


It will be favorable if you use this format for your feedback, suggestions and requests:


Map name:

We are looking forward to read what you guys will come up with.


Do NOT post feedback about the following things:


  • Self-harming moves, annoying moves (Hypnosis, Counter, ...)
  • Headbutts, Digspots, Excavation sites, Boss rewards, NPC rewards
    • Those are Scripter duties and I am not able to help you with that
  • Anything related to Event spawns, form chances or rarities
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  • Your appeal will be replied to as soon as the case handling staff member is available. We are all just volunteers with real life responsibilities, other interests and limited free time. Spamming your appeal will not yield a faster reply. Bumps every 24 hours will not(!) increase your chances for a faster reply.


  • Do not contact staff members for private support. Share your question on the forum due to it being of use for others. Please use the proper forum as well. Unsolicited messages will be deleted. Thanks.
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24 minutes ago, Qeight said:

Map Name: Lake of Rage

 Pokémon: Snivy

 Reason: In the current location that it is, the spawn turns out to be quite annoying and far away.

 Other: If I had repellent better since it is very difficult to get that pokemon

 / I say this (in case you can)


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Map name : Wayward Cave
Pokemon : Bunnelby
Reason : it's commun to use 100 repels per bunnelby.
Other : it cost a lot of money and it's really annoying to wait a pokemon every 100 repels.

Map name : Isolated forest
Pokemon : Solosis
Reason: It's really commun to use 70-80 repels per solosis due to a ton of low tiers pokemons in the same zone

The number of repels is not a joke, i tested in a large scale

I suggest to make these spawns more balanced

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Map name: Pinkan island meadow

Pokemon: ralts

Reason: Main reason is the timing constraint. it is only morning. i have a full forum post made just a few hours ago which i will link here.

It contains arguments from other players supporting this as well.


All we ask is increase in the timing. Not for it to become low tier and cause mass hunting and ruining of the prices.

Currently pink ralts prices are more than shiny ralts because no one wants to sell and theyre impossible to hunt.

The amount of positives in less than a day on my post should be enough to prove this is a real problem.


thank you.




update- a player said that there are too many spawns in that map which is why it has been divided time wise. A better solution would be to divide the area into 3- the part on the left next to the cave, the initial part next to the boss and lastly a part after the bridge in the south. Current spawn is 7 low tiers and 6 high tiers which does seem oversaturated.


It also seems completely unfair to have pancham, a tier 8 available all day while ralts is tier 8 morning only, making it thrice as rare as pancham, which shows in the price. Epic pink pancham was 5m. I found another trash ralts for sale today and said he will only accept offers above 10m for a calm trash ralts. Its just absurd for a trash pink to cost more than a shiny. no other poke follows this trend, which is why this needs to be fixed.

thank you.


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Map name: Cinnabar Mansion 3
Pokemon: Charmander
Reason: There are far too many low-tier Pokemon in the area, making it harder to come across a Charmander.
Other: Becomes very annoying & tedious to come across hundreds of low-tier Pokemon before even a single Charmander pops up.  
            Charmander isn't even repellable. How am I supposed to hunt for a shiny Charmander with these conditions? 🙃

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Map name: Route 217 
Pokemon: furfrou 
Reason: currently you can only hunt it during morning only and its t9 so you maybe will see 1/2 per hunt or sometimes even zero, also the thing ive noticed every time I've attempted to hunt is that I'm always the only person there because if I had to guess a reason why thats the case is that its just too hard to hunt 

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Not a specific spawn change, but I'd really appreciate if we had a spawn in future for mons which are good in pvp which are not tier 7 - 9.

Like for Starly back in days.

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Of course I'm talking to myself, sometimes I have to talk with an intelligent person.





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Map Name: Vermillion City Graveyard/Lost Tower F4

Pokemon: Golett

Reason: Difficult to find a Golett as it can only be found in two locations (excluding the Easter map), in Vermillion City Graveyard and Lost Tower F4. Both locations have the Pokemon with a rarity of 8.

Other: Within about 3 hours of searching at Vermillion City Graveyard, I've found 3 Goletts. It's extremely difficult to find one with the proper nature, IV's and ability due to its rarity, all while being unable to do the repel trick. Although many Gen 5 pokemon and higher seem to be mostly within the 7-9 rarities, there are some that seem to be easier to grind for based on their popularity (at least in my opinion). Pokemon such as Drilbur and Sandile are both around the same rarities as Golett but have areas in which you can use the repel trick.


Make Vermillion City Graveyard or Lost Tower F4 a repel trick area for Golett: Even if you keep the rarity the same, the repel trick will save time from constantly running away from Pokemon.

Decrease the rarity level of Golett: Although information surrounding rates and their rarities are unknown to me, lowering the rarity of Golett at least by 1 or 2 might make it easier to run into.
Add Golett to a Consecutive win reward for a boss character: Probably the most difficult, would be to add a ghost type trainer that has rarer ghost Pokemon. This might include Golett, Phantump (which is also extremely rare) and another ghost type.

General Spawn rates/rarities:

Although I'm still unsure about how spawn rates are chosen, I feel as though sometimes, more popular pokemon are given an upperhand when it comes to catching. Pokemon such as Gible, Scyther, Excadrill, among many others, are always up for sale because they look cool, are easier to find thanks to the repel trick and can be found in multiple locations. On the otherhand you have pokemon like Shelmet being a rarity 9 Pokemon in 3 different areas. Any rarity 9 Pokemon are bound to never be used in pve or pvp as it becomes near-impossible to find one.

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