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Map name: Sinnoh Safari Area Zone 2
Pokemon: Pidove
Reason: It's tier is too high for such poke. Also there are no other spawn places
Others: Please lower the tier or add some other spawn places, it's painful to catching it for Pokedex completion.

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Map name: Route 102 - Hoenn

Pokemon: Ralts

Reason: from first glances the spawn looks ok but ever since Halloween started, i averaged 80 super repels to get 1 Ralts to spawn. Despite how bloated route 212 North looks, it yields ALOT more Ralts and Kirlia, even Angel hill spawns more Ralts.


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Edit: I apologize for not sticking to the requested format earlier. Editing the correct format in after some thought.


Map Name: Cave of Justice

Pokemon: Absol

Request/Reason: I wish for Absol to be changed from tier 9 to tier 7 or tier 8 in this location. Reasoning listed below.


Additionally, the Halloween event is slowly approaching its end, and I feel as though 0 Halloween Absol have been caught in any locations other than Howling Woods. This doesn't seem right to me. Please make Absol easier to find in a location that isn't Howling Woods. I hate finding Bulbasaur and Pumpkaboo, and Houndour at night there. 😞


Absol is not a PvP Meta Pokemon, yet all of the Absol spawns are so bad that I find my self becoming demotivated and quit 1 hour in.


Meanwhile, Garchomp is Extremely Popular in PvP and Gible spawns are so good that I've gotten 7 gible in less than 100 encounters TWO DIFFERENT TIMES! In TWO different places! Unison Mountain Summit gave me 7 Gible in 97 encounters and Unison Mountain 1F Gave me 7 Gible in 105 encounters.


Every time I hunt for Absol, no matter where it is, It takes me around 200+ encounters just to find one. Sometimes I even go 400 encounters before finding one.


This is infuriating. I don't understand the reasoning for such harsh Absol Spawn rates. Not to mention that it requires MS nearly everywhere except Route 213, where it's obviously Tier 9.


This just doesn't seem fair.


To top it off, hunting for Absol in Howling Woods with ms only Yields Pumpkaboo and Bulbasaur for me. I get about 5 of each of those per 1 Absol.


This is very disheartening and I wish for change.


Edit: The only players even trying to hunt for Halloween Absol are the Dedicated Die Hard Absol Fans. But even the Dedicated Die Hard Absol Fans are getting fed up and are moving on to greener pastures. It's like the great migration of players moving from Retail World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy 14. lol

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