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Waiting on approval and insight by trade mod, this is my first auction, so I apologize to the both of you if this was rough. 

But if this auction is clean, at this time, ShadowRanger has won, this is with the added insight of another staff member. But we are still going to wait for confirmation. 

I apoligize again. 

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S.O : 6M . Min Raise : 100k Duration : 24 hours once auction is started (first bid).     Accepted payments : Reroll Tickets  : 700k each (max 5). Coin Capsules  : 400k ea

CURRENT BID: 6.1 MIllion IGN: Shadowranger PROOF:      ShadowRanger, if you are viewing this thread, please reply just confirming your bid!

Confirmed.   Looking forward to claiming it later in game if I win the bid.

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Hello everyone, 


According to the Trade Rules

  1. If the auction receives a bid during the last 15 minutes, the ending point is delayed to +15 minutes from that bid, until someone being the c.o. for 15minutes wins. This rule applies only in forum auctions.

    (Example: Auction ends on 17:00. If any user bids at 16:46, the auction will end when the clock turns 17:01 and not 17:00. If another user bids at 17:00, the auction will end when the clock turns 17:15 and not 17:01 and so on.)


That being said,

27 minutes ago, ShadowRanger said:


^ Thats the legit winner.


Feel Free To PM Me If You Have Any Doubts.

Discord : Moka#9205

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