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Outlaw609's 6 year anniversary giveaway extravaganza! (Silver Server)

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Last minute reminders, (to anyone who sees this anyway), :

     -Please don't spam trade requests, just send me one pm, you will be send a trade request when it is your turn

     -Again, please be patient, I can only do one trade at a time

     -I'm writing down names, so trying to get served a second time isn't a good idea

     -That being said, please do not try logging in on all of your alt accounts to get multiples, that's just greedy!


That should be about it! See you guys in a few hours!!

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The event is officially concluded! A big thanks to all who participated, it went way smoother than I thought it would-only one crash! XD


I took a ss in the Pokémon Center, you all are the best! ❤️





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